Imaginary Republicans


Last week, racist Arizona Republican congressman Paul Gosar tweeted out an animé video of violence being committed against his colleague, Democratic female representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The animé also included some violent stuff happening to President Joe Biden. Just as Republicans loved to say during the Trump presidency (sic), Where did the nice nonwhite lady hurt you?

Yesterday, the House voted to censure Gosar. But first, his Republican colleagues got an opportunity to defend Gosar. Matt Gaetz equated being upset at the violence in the cartoon to what Wile E. Coyote attempts to do to the Road Runner. Gaetz said, “Next week we might be indicting the Wile E. Coyote for an explosive ordinance against the Road Runner.”

First off, Matt-boo…nobody should ever listen to you for what’s OK and not OK. You show your colleagues on the House floor photos of girls you slept with by enticing them with candy from your van, you’re currently under investigation for sex trafficking a minor, you’re a racist stupid cult-worshipping fuck who spreads lies and conspiracy theories, dresses poorly, and has ridiculous hair that looks like it has to be combed over an oil pan.

But, Gosar has NOT been indicted, so maybe somebody should tell Matt the differences between “censure” and “indictment.” Maybe some nice FBI agents can inform him while arresting him when their investigation is completed. Or, maybe Gaetz does know and it was a faux pas because “indictment” has been on his mind lately.

Also, I hate to break it to Matt but Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner aren’t real people, so your comparison is almost as stupid as your hair (my God, man…what are you putting in that shit, axle grease?). But it does make sense he thinks Wile E. Coyote is real as other Republicans are feuding with Muppets.

Gosar never did apologize for the animé and defended it saying he used anime to connect with young people. Hey, that’s a good idea when you want to entice teenagers into the KKK, use anime. Gosar pulled the video the same day he tweeted it. After he was censured yesterday, he tweeted it again.

He’s lucky he’s a congressman and not in the real world. If you put funny little cartoons about killing your coworker on her desk, you would probably lose your job for harassment. You probably wouldn’t have a bunch of your colleagues defending you with Wile E. Coyote comparisons.

Gosar is only the 24th person to be censured by Congress, the first in over a decade, and he lost two committee assignments. Basically, he’s as worthless as Marjorie Taylor Green, a person even Oscar the Grouch wouldn’t wanna be seen with. Green wasn’t censured but did lose her committee assignments which she said would give her more time for trolling with racist bullshit and conspiracy theories. It warms one’s heart to see a person reconnect with their Nazi base.

Personally, I believe every member of Congress who supported the insurrection, tries to prevent it from being investigated, and continues to spread lies that Trump won, should be censured. And maybe like Gaetz mentioned, indicted.

At the very least, they should all have to spend one night in a jail cell with a horny Snuffleupagus.

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    #RemovePaulGosar … #IndictPaulGosar – censure wasn’t enough!! … “Gosar never did apologize for the video and defended it saying he used anime to connect with young people. Hey, that’s a good idea when you want to entice teenagers into the KKK, use anime. Gosar pulled the video the same day he tweeted it. After he was censured yesterday, he tweeted it again.”

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  2. Congresspeople seem to be “above the law” as soon as they get elected. Is this really the way America wants to represent its governing bodies to the rest of the world? It was bad enough Trump made the USA the lsughingstock of the world. Now Republicans are telling us it’s okay to be assholes.
    The self-appointed “leaders of the free world” cannot control themselves! What are we, the non-Americans of the world, supposed to think?
    And, believe it or not, there “are” more non-Americans in the world than there are Americans!

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