Vaccine Passports


This anti-vaccine nonsense has gotta stop. Facts and science have proven the antivax nonsense is just that, nonsense. At this point, if you’re still pushing the anti-vaccine crap, it’s out of tribal and partisan politics, narcissism, and being stubborn. I know it’s hard to admit when you’re wrong. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth…but that goes away when you accept responsibility. When you admit you were wrong, you get to reclaim some credibility.

For now, most of the people warning against vaccines are the same people who told us back in February, 2020, this pandemic wouldn’t kill more people than the flu and would pale in comparison to the H1N1 pandemic that occurred during the Obama administration. They were wrong but they never owned being wrong. Instead, they just moved on to the next bullshit talking point.

Vaccines are not a money-back guarantee, especially since they’re mostly free. I say “mostly” because we are paying for them but when you walk into a clinic or pharmacy, you are not paying out of pocket. Sure, this is socialism but hey…the vaccines are also proving that works. Getting a vaccine is not a guarantee you won’t catch the coronavirus. What the vaccine does is give you antibodies for the virus. Most people who catch covid after being vaccinated experience very light symptoms if any at all. The fact is, over 90 percent of those hospitalized are unvaccinated.

The unvaccinated are also screaming about vaccine passports. The idea here is that you need proof you have been vaccinated to enter establishments and events. The alternative to most of these requirements is that you have proof of a negative covid test from within the past 72 hours. From personal experience, the swab up your nose is much more violating than the needle in your arm for the vaccine.

The needle is tiny. I turned my head both times and had to ask the nurse administrating the shot if she was done. That’s how little I felt. Yeah, you feel soreness later, but you don’t feel much from the needle. It’s really small. I should point out, I HATE HATE HATE needles. I’m a baby with shots. I’m also a baby with the swab going up my nose and I dreaded it. And you know something, I had every right to dread it. It was horrible. When you see the swab, you are terrified. The swab is also extremely long. It’s not like your household Q-tip. This swam is about as long as those sticks they use to get leaves and crocodiles out of swimming pools, and they use this one to brush your brain.

You have a choice in getting the vaccine but you may not have a choice in a swab going up your nasal cavity to tickle your brain.

The passports are a great idea. It tells me the venue I’m entering is safe. an added bonus is knowing there will be fewer MAGAts in there. When I was asked for my vaccination card at Yankee Stadium, I didn’t feel like I was being suppressed by the SS. And, if you don’t have a card, you can still get in. You just might have to sit with some MAGAts.

The people screaming about these so-called passports are comparing it to Nazi Germany’s restrictions against Jews and how they were marked for travel. Once again, white conservatives are using the oppression and persecution of others to make a case for their imaginary persecutions. The people with the most privilege cry that they have the least.

You’re not being suppressed because of your religion, race, political views, sex, or sexual orientation. You are not being oppressed the way you have always supported the oppression of others.

Antivaxxers say vaccine passports violate their freedom. They scream they should have the same rights as the vaccinated to enter establishments. But here’s the thing, fuckers: None of us would have any of these freedoms if there weren’t vaccines for the coronavirus. We would still be in lockdown. And you have the same right as anyone else to get vaccinated. When you are denied the vaccine, that’s when you can cry about your freedom.

Antivaxxers want to enjoy the fruits of the labor put in by those who wore face masks and received vaccinations. Just get the vaccination and you can go to Starbucks, Dunkins, Walmart, Cheesecake Factory, etc, etc.

The antivaxxers are doing all they can to prolong the pandemic. It is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. I think what the antivaxxers are doing is anti-American. I think it’s a sin. It’s a sin to be willing to kill people for your tribal politics and narcissism.

I don’t believe in Heaven but if you’re doing all you can to prolong a pandemic that kills people, I think you should burn.

Creative note: I forgot to mention the concept for this cartoon was in my last batch of roughs. And, it’s part of the reason why I went ahead and drew this cartoon. I was afraid another cartoonist might be “influenced” by it so I better get my finished cartoon of it out there.

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  1. Here’s the delusional rant a childhood friend, son of medical doctors, educated professional (bankruptcy attorney) and plague rat’s response to his sister begging for people to get vaccinated:

    Nope – I will not choose fear over liberty. What is right around the corner is a plan to force Americans to take the vaccinations or be deprived of any travel or assembly. Americans have been duped and they are drinking it down like Coca-Cola.

    Covid is being used to manipulate and control people to condition them to line up for a “vaccination” for whatever the government or for that matter for even terrorist want us to fear.

    This is absolutely about manipulation, not safety…not saving lives. This goes so far beyond what it appears on its face.

    Better be glad that there are still some of us out there that care about liberty and freedom. We will probably save your bacon.

    Don’t see it? Be glad there were some patriots back about 1776 that were willing to challenge the status quo and “Do it for the Crown and County” or we would be saluting the Union Jack rather than the Stars and Stripes. Those Patriots would be called “Conspiracy Theorist” today.

    Tell me everything you know about the Vaccines without googling it. It you can’t explain it and describe it… may want take pause. It is what we don’t know that kills us.

    When this mandatory vaccination scheme transcends the Covid issue and is used to force other vaccinations or rules on people, some people will wake up.

    Thousands of lives are lost everyday to drinking and driving, tobacco, texting and driving and abortion. ISN’T IT THE SAME “MADNESS” YOU DESCRIBED TO NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THAT BEFORE WE TEAR OFF ON A TANGENT TO FORCE VACCINATIONS ON PEOPLE WHEN THIS PANDEMIC IS TRANSITORY IN NATURE. Do something about that before restricting my freedom and liberty.

    Come to the aid of your country”? That is what I am doing. I am looking at the forest. I have seen the trees.

    This is a case of people doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. Bad bad bad….bad path we are going down here.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    PLEASE STOP!! … “This anti-vaccine nonsense has gotta stop. Facts and science have proven the antivax nonsense is just that, nonsense. At this point, if you’re still pushing the anti-vaccine crap, it’s out of tribal and partisan politics, narcissism, and being stubborn. I know it’s hard to admit when you’re wrong.”


  3. I just got a part-time job again a few weeks ago, and this whole thing has brought out anxiety I didn’t know I had, almost worse than what I was experiencing before burnout and quitting last year. I am home doing a self-quarantine (still haven’t gotten word about my results yet) for the week and spending today researching work from home opportunities. My neighbor got it–even after the jabs–and was being responsible once she found out, but I was near her and her kids a few days before I learned she’d quarantined (and I’ve got some congestion, dizziness… but at least the nausea is gone). I felt I’d better quarantine because I’m working around kids again… and the fact that my area is a pretty big chunk of Dump country (people still got flags, placards, and signs warning against commies up on fences for crying out loud), and the numbers of exposed and infected have gone up the past few weeks, right before school’s supposed to start (great).

    I’ve been getting more worried about working because some kids have to be told repeatedly to leave their masks on or stop touching their face, all that stuff. I don’t even like ’em blowing their nose at the table (pollen allergies are pretty bad right now), I tell ’em when they’re sniffling to go to the bathroom, blow it all out, wash their hands and come back. I bought extra reusable masks so I could always have clean ones and wash them more often. I have boxes of gloves under my sink and I’m gonna start wearing them at work, no matter how strange it may seem to the kids. I highly suspect that in 5 months I’m gonna quit and I just hope I’ve got enough online work and paychecks going for me to make that possible. Though with my age and such I’m sure I’ll be okay to some extent, it’s the idea that I’m doing all I can to minimize problems for complete strangers and others can’t be bothered to do the bare minimum, and for FREE!

    Two vaccines were free. A Covid test cost me $70 AFTER some miniscule help from insurance. A casket, sappy music, and flower arrangement will cost a helluva lot more.


  4. One of the vocal folks in our community in Oregon posted this. I just don’t know how to answer these posts because they sound very very convincing. Well other than if a mask is like a chain link fence keeping out a mosquito, what’s up with doctors and nurses wearing them for centuries? “One of the persist questions about the COVID-19 pandemic for public health authorities, policymakers and the public has been whether the vaccines stop transmission. I don’t personally understand why this has been a point of discussion at all, as we have known from the very beginning, and as stated by the drug manufacturers themselves, that the mRNA injection is not a vaccine. In other words it will not prevent reception or transmission of the SARS virus. It is a genetic manipulation which was hoped to produce a higher resistance to the SARS virus.
    New Center for Disease Control and Prevention data show that in breakthrough cases of the highly transmissible delta variant, the answer is a definite no. The experimental mRNA injection does not stop transmission or reception.
    The newly released report showing that vaccinated people can still be superspreaders drove the recent decision by the CDC to once again recommend masks for vaccinated people indoors where case counts are high or substantial. And to protect those who are susceptible or unvaccinated.
    Perhaps more alarmingly, the
    CDC study shows three-fourths of people infected in the Provincetown Massachusetts coronavirus outbreak were vaccinated. Of the five who died, four were fully vaccinated. This information flies in the face of what was hoped for, i.e. that the injection would prevent serious illness and death from SARS virus.
    Along with the alarmingly high death count and serious life-changing injury count among the vaccinated worldwide there are concerns that these people are now super spreaders. Many are also concerned that the vaccinated will experience deteriorating health and death within the next two years.
    My own studies lead me to believe that a generally healthy person who is vaccinated will reject the mRNA deviation to their DNA, but those who have compromised health and who are more susceptible to the SARS virus anyway, will suffer from it.
    We also know from multiple masking studies done over the last year that masks are as good at preventing the transmission and reception of viruses as a chain-link fence is good at preventing mosquitoes. While it may be a nice gesture of concern, it is completely ineffective. And, putting masks on young children is tantamount to child abuse as it starves their growing brains of much needed oxygen.
    What is useful however, is keeping our bodies healthy and using the supplements to a healthy diet and lifestyle which are known and proven to be prophylactic as well as cures for any and all sorts of SARS viruses. This will also be true for those who have been injected but are generally in good health.”


  5. Clay, there is a piece on Linked In by a Ph.D who in a banner says something like. I called Kevin McCarthy and asked him for advice for my blood pressure. The staff member responded that the Congressman is not a doctor and cannot give medical advice. The Ph.D responded then he should not be giving advice about vaccines either. Keith


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