Anti-Vaxxer Paradise


I’ll write a blog for this cartoon later today. It’s the first of the month (in case you’re a Republican, May), and I need to get to my post office and I’d like to do it before noon.

Other than that, both of my proofers, Hilary and Laura, had very strong reactions to today’s cartoon. I acknowledge, this is terrible.

Now for the blog:

I got an Uber to my post office and made it within a minute of the window closing. As it turned out, I didn’t need it but you never know. Sometimes I have package or the mail ladies have put someone else’s mail into my box. Anyway, I decided to stop at a bar to write this and get some food afterward. As I got to the bar, I discovered stools were back at the bar.

See, over the past year, there has been no sitting at bars in Virginia. What this means is, you sit at a table away from the bar and you’re supposed to be six feet apart from other people. If you want to meet a bunch of covid deniers, go to a bar.

Bars have been forced to comply with state covid rules. Of course, they hate that. Covid has hurt their business just as it’s hurt everyone else’s business. But bars have taken it personally. I can see why they want to be covid deniers since they have often been hotspots.

As I came into this bar, I asked about the seats at the bar, and the bartender told me it was OK now. These stools are not six feet apart and I know that rule is still in effect. I asked about this and she said, “Yeah, but we don’t care.”

That’s it right there. They don’t care. They don’t care about quarantines, social distance, or face masks and they’re all forms of oppression being inflicted by a Marxist government and the entire experience is worse than the Holocaust…if you listen to these people. On top of all that, they’re anti-vaxxers.

People have different reasons to oppose the vaccine. When I ask someone while I’m out in public (which is not often) if they’ve have or plan to get vaccinated, my question is usually met with resistance. I try not to challenge them and explain that I’m just taking a personal poll. I haven’t talked to anyone in person who is afraid of microchips in the vaccine and is waging a political war against it. Every one of the individuals I have talked to is  afraid or suspicious of the vaccine while also not identifying him/herself as anti-vaxxers.

I was talking to a young lady earlier this week who told me she was afraid because she heard covid vaccines can make some people sterile. There is no research supporting that but she believes it anyway. Others are suspicious because the vaccines are new and they don’t believe they’ve been tested enough. They don’t want to be guinea pigs. Add to that, the recent worries of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine giving blood clots as a rare side effect. Other people are just resistant to any vaccinations.

Covid cases in this country are going down and we may be at 60% immunity nationwide from vaccinations and people who have already contracted covid. Now, as the Biden administration is trying to convince more Americans to become vaccinated, the numbers of people getting vaccines are dropping. I’m looking forward to next week when I receive my second injection and I can see if the lines are just as long as they were three weeks ago when I got my first.

Leave it to the United States to make fear and politicization of vaccination to the coronavirus a first-world privilege. The people who complain the most about the pandemic robbing their liberties are the same assholes who don’t want to help in getting rid of the virus. While we’re refusing to vaccinate despite the availability of vaccines, thanks to having an adult president who tackles problems instead of gaslighting them, India is on fire.

These anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers politicizing the virus and acting like the pandemic is an assault on their liberties remind me of Libertarians.

Despite wanting a nation of zero regulations, no taxes, and no government authority whatsoever, you don’t see Libertarians moving to live in the mayhem that’s Somalia. Somalia is a libertarian paradise. Maybe none of them wants to wear puffy pirate shirts. Who knows. And you don’t see these anti-vaxxers moving to India to relish an environment of no face masks or vaccine shaming.

In India, only about two percent of the nation has been vaccinated. Its President, Nerandra Modi, is presenting a smiling face of denial about the pandemic while his nation has entered a second phase. In fact, the pandemic has not affected his proclivity for hugging.

Each day since April 22, India has recorded more than 300,000 new cases. On most days, India is recording more new cases than half the world, which Modi and Donald Trump probably both believe is flat. New Delhi, the capital, is now running out of wood for cremations and hospitals are full and lacking oxygen. Modi’s government is rejecting responsibility for failing to recognize that new variants were coming, and is blaming India’s state governments. Where have we heard that one before?

As our first relief checks had Trump’s signature, a vaccine passport in India has Modi’s face. These cretins want credit for the good stuff but none for the bad. We should be calling the coronavirus the “Trump Virus” in the United States, and in India, it should be the “Modi Virus.”

In India, the rate of vaccinations declined as the nation believed it was out of the woods. Over 300 million of India’s population are illiterate while the Trump cultist population of the United States is willfully ignorant. India had the vaccines. They exported over 66 billion to help other nations. Now, they need vaccines to be imported.

We can not ignore the pandemic. We can’t afford to politicize this. We can’t afford not to get vaccinated. We can’t afford to let our guards down. And, we can’t afford to sit at the bars.

Speaking of, I decided to sit at the bar as there was no one else here other than a couple of goobers at the gambling machines. Shortly after starting this column, the bar filled up and I was surrounded by mask-less bikers who were ignoring the six-foot rule. I am still not comfortable with that. I don’t believe we can be comfortable with that. I left the bar for a corner table far away from everyone, but they keep getting closer. I haven’t even ordered food yet but I may have to bail.

We can’t afford to let our guard down but when this pandemic is over and we can finally sit close to each other, I’m still going to want most of you fuckers to stay the fuck away from me.

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Vaxxin’ Action


I think putting guns in the hands of children will be as effective against school shootings as they would be against measles.

Stupid people and their dogma are killing children in this nation. Gun nuts and anti-vaxxers.

Refusing to vaccinate your child is bad enough for your child, but you’re spreading diseases to the rest of society. Riding on hoaxes, anti-vaxxers have created a public health crisis that’s led to over 700 reported cases of measles in 22 states. One person who has contributed to spreading the hoax that vaccinations are more harmful to children than the diseases is Donald Trump.

Trump, who is now saying that parents “have to get the shots,” previously helped spread the anti-vaxxers’ fears through Twitter. In 2012, the future president of the United States tweeted, “Massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for big increase in autism.” As we know now, he wasn’t done being an idiot and making the world more dangerous. In 2014, he tweeted, “Healthy young child goes to doctor, gets pumped with massive shot of many vaccines, doesn’t feel good and changes – AUTISM. Many such cases!”

During a Republican debate in 2015, he said, “You take this little beautiful baby, and you pump — I mean, it looks just like it’s meant for a horse, not for a child.” Next thing you know, fucknuts have brought back raging cases of measles on an international scale.

These people are just the same over their gun obsession. People who scream, “Save the babies” over abortion will choose overcompensating for their small penis over the life of a child.

Every school shooting exposes that the pro-life crowd is less about life and more about control. It’s never been about the children, just like they’ve never been about patriotism, family values, responsible spending, or draining the swamp. Conservatives have spent the past several decades building a platform of lies. Thanks to Donald Trump, it’s painfully obvious.

Republicans express more concern for their guns than they do for children each time there’s a school shooting. Their answer to the problem is, more guns. While they argue that a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun, most examples show that doesn’t deter the bad guy and usually by the time the good guy can respond, the bad guy has created a death toll.

Republicans praised the good guy with a gun who shot at, and missed, the shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas in 2017. They leave out the fact that the good guy didn’t start shooting until after 26 people were killed and the bad guy has depleted his ammunition supply. They also leave out that the good guy didn’t try to save one life from those who were shot, instead, chasing after the bad guy. Maybe in addition to fewer guns, we should have fewer Rambo movies.

Guns in the hands of children aren’t going to stop school shooters any better than they can take down a virus. We need vaccinations of every child in this nation…and fewer guns.

We need protection from viruses, guns, and conservative dogma because they all kill.

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