Too Late To Vaccinate


I don’t look for confrontations when I go out. I’m not a club person and when I do get a beer in a bar, I usually wanna keep to myself unless I’m hanging out with a friend. My rule for hearing people say stupid shit or make racist comments is: If they’re not talking to me, let it go. If they do address me, then I have a moral responsibility to let them know I don’t accept that shit. Usually when I do this, I try to do it as diplomatically as possible which can be difficult when you are calling someone a racist and when you are me.

There was that time someone said, “So you think you’re better than me because I say the N-word?,” except he didn’t say “N-word.” He said that other word. I replied, “Since I’m not a racist fuck. Yes. Yes, I do think I’m better than you.” For some reason, it went downhill from there.

When it comes to racist comments, if I don’t at least say I’m not down with the racist program, I feel as though I’m betraying everyone in my life who is non-white. I have friends and family members who aren’t white. I don’t want to be two-faced.

When I talked about this on Facebook earlier this week, a conservative said I should question how I look since these MAGAts assume I’m one of them. It’s true. I do look like one of them. I fit the demographic, other than having teeth and not dragging my knuckles. I am a middle-aged white male and 58 percent of us voted for Donald Trump. Of course, I did not.

And it’s not just conservatives who will assume I’m a Trumper. A few weeks ago, I had an online exchange with a fellow liberal cartoonist where we disagreed on something and his readers started calling me a racist. In his readers’ defense, the other cartoonist did lie and claim I said, “Racism doesn’t exist anywhere.” Of course, I’d never say anything close to that but I fit the demographic of someone who would. Sure, maybe his readers could have read what I actually wrote instead of being a bunch of ravenous lemmings going over a cliff for a lie, but that’s how social media works now. Maybe that’s the trade off for benefiting from white privilege my entire life. Most people who look like me won’t even admit white privilege exists. Remember when they wouldn’t admit the coronavirus pandemic didn’t exist? The same people who claim white privilege isn’t a thing also claimed the virus was a hoax.

The people who look like I do began the pandemic lying about it. They claimed it didn’t exist. Then they claimed the numbers of deaths were inflated and fabricated. They claimed it wasn’t worse than the flu. They claimed we didn’t need mask mandates or that we should quarantine. They claimed we didn’t even need to mask up at all. They claimed we shouldn’t shut down. They claimed vaccines don’t work while claiming hydroxychloroquine does. They claim there are tracking devices in the vaccines. They spent a year and a half attacking the people trying to help them. They spent a year and a half attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci and now, they’re claiming he helped create the virus and is a murderer. Seriously. A United States senator has spread this lie.

These lies are killing people. The president (sic) who admitted he played down the virus at the beginning of it should be accused of murder before Dr. Fauci. The “liberate Michigan” people should be accused of murder before Dr. Fauci. Every talking head on Fox News should be accused of murder before the scientists are accused. It’s these people and their lies who are bringing covid back…which is again killing people.

Which brings us back to public confrontations.

I went out last Tuesday to a Mexican restaurant close to my house where I could take advantage of Taco Tuesday and grab a beer while I watched the Olympics. I was sitting at the bar with my street tacos and a beer when this guy, in my demographic, got up to leave, but just as he was leaving, Dr. Fauci appeared on one of the TVs. The guy nudged me and said, “There’s Dr. Mumbler who kills people.” My first reaction was, “What?” I mean, “Dr. Mumbler?” What? The guy said it again. I recovered and replied, “I don’t know who Dr. Mumbler is but that’s Dr. Anthony Fauci who’s is an American hero despite the slanders from fucknuts like you.” Yeah, I don’t think I made a new friend. He didn’t say anything else and got out of there. I told the bartender, “I don’t like that.” She said, “I’ll allow it.” She didn’t like him either.

If that guy made those same comments, but they weren’t directed at me, I would have let it go. But what was I supposed to do, nod and play along? Maybe I could have done it without the “fucknut,” but…I’ll get over it. Perhaps what annoyed me most was him assuming I was like him. Damn this demographic!

That guy was an asshole. The gentleman I talked to yesterday was not.

I took a Lyft to my post office yesterday (there will be a blog later about was waiting for me at the post office). My driver was not wearing a face mask as he was supposed to. In fact, the second Lyft driver I got also was not wearing a face mask. But, the first driver (yes, he was white) started talking about the pandemic and the delta variant. He did not say if he was vaccinated or not and I didn’t ask. But I believe he was not. He said there was no reason to get vaccinated since it wouldn’t protect you from the new variant.

The man didn’t seem like he was an antivaxxer. He didn’t seem as though he was politicizing it. He didn’t seem hateful. But he was ignorant. I told him, as politely as possible (I didn’t want to affect my rating) that the vaccine doesn’t guarantee you won’t catch the coronavirus but it’s very effective against it. It’s very effective against you catching it. And if you do catch it after becoming vaccinated, it’s very effective in making your case mild. The fact is, over 90% of people being hospitalized for covid now are UNVACCINATED. I don’t think I convinced this man because he’s been fed bullshit for a year and a half. The Fox News propaganda is a lot to overcome.

The driver told me he can’t trust scientist because they keep changing the science. Nobody is changing the science. The only thing that changes is the virus. It has changed. That’s what a variant is. Didn’t you watch Loki?

Thanks to that propaganda, only 48% of our nation is vaccinated. Thanks to that propaganda, the delta variant is bringing covid back and increasing hospitalizations again. Thanks to the right-wing bullshit, people are having to be hospitalized. And according to some doctors, that’s when they ask to be vaccinated.

Alix Zacharsk, a nurse at Jackson Health System in Miami (same city where the weird package I received came from) said that when young people infected with covid arrive at her hospital, they ask if they can get vaccinated. Unfortunately, no. You cannot get vaccinated while you’re infected. You can get vaccinated after the infection has run its course.

Dr. Brytney Cobia of Grandview Medical Center in Alabama said a lot of their covid patients who change their minds about vaccinations don’t ever get the chance to be vaccinated.

Dr. Cobia wrote on Facebook, “One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late.”

She also wrote, “A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same.”

If you’re not infected yet, it’s not too late for you to be vaccinated. Stop being an idiot and get vaccinated. Hell, you can even get vaccinated while bitching about vaccinations. Just don’t tell anyone you got it. That’s what Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump did. They didn’t tell anyone because it didn’t fit their propaganda, but they were sure to save their own asses while not caring about yours.

Donald Trump ignored medical advice and health guidelines and he caught covid. He can thank his ignorance for that. So when the vaccine came about, he made sure to take it because having covid nearly killed him. Yeah, they didn’t tell you that either. But since Donald Trump is a selfish piece of crap, he didn’t tell anyone he received the vaccination. He and Melania took it in secret while President Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris, and former presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all took it publicly. But maybe Donald Trump wasn’t intending to play down the vaccine and was only concerned that if he took the vaccine on camera, we’d all see his pasty flabby arms.

It’s too late to get the vaccine when they stick a tube down your throat…or you’re put into a hole in the ground.

If you are unvaccinated, politicized the pandemic, and went to war over it, you have lost. Florida governor Ron DeSantis claimed victory before his state started to lead the nation in covid cases. He’s still fighting the war and attacking Dr. Fauci…even though he’s already lost the war.

You lost. It’s time to end your war and politicization of the vaccine. Take the vaccine. Your stupid argument of having the right not to vaccinate is like your right to throw punches. That right ends where my nose begins. Take the vaccine. Don’t be selfish and just do it for yourself. Do it for your friends, family, community, and nation.

That’s the hardest thing to get through to conservatives. They are selfish and they typically only do things for themselves. Maybe if fucknuts on Fox News told them to do it for the greater good, they’d get vaccinated and help their country defeat this virus. Nah, the “greater good” sounds too much like socialism.

Fine, if you won’t do it for your country, do it for yourself. They don’t vaccinate graves.

Creative note: Doug is an Easter egg but only Claytoonz super fans will be able to figure it out.

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  1. My experiences, the few times I’ve been out:

    Hospital (only ’cause it was an emergency, NOT elective); one nurse said, “‘Cause I don’t hafta” (which soon changed); the other said, “I’m breastfeeding”.

    Hairdresser (second visit since I was vaxxed in March; she is still not vaccinated). I asked her why. She said that her two kids (son and daughter) were in the military and they were told it was voluntary, but if there were side effects, ‘the military wouldn’t cover it’, whatever THAT means (especially since the VA DOES cover side effects). I didn’t say anything except that I didn’t think that would last long (she says they ‘trust the government’ and so, if the military doesn’t trust the vaccine, why should they? But . . . but . . . President Biden, et al. says we SHOULD be vaxxing. But, did they trust the previous government? This got way too convoluted and confusing for me to continue this discussion; besides, SHE was holding the scissors.

    Two days later, news flash: Military will soon have mandatory vaxxing. If I find out she still hasn’t done so, I’ll move on to another hairdresser.

    AND THAT’S WHY I STILL HAVE TO STAY HOME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE . . . in Florida, so you can understand why.

    Oh, the latest DeathSantis legislation: Parents don’t have to follow anyone’s guidelines or directives vis a vis their kids wearing masks when school starts in a few weeks. Watch for another spike a few weeks later, even higher than the one we’re going through now.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Don’t let it be ‘too late’ … this ain’t no game!!
    “Thanks to that propaganda, only 48% of our nation is vaccinated. Thanks to that propaganda, the delta variant is bringing covid back and increasing hospitalizations again. Thanks to the right-wing bullshit, people are having to be hospitalized. And according to some doctors, that’s when they ask to be vaccinated.”

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  3. Dear Dr. Rex — What is little known about the anti-vax covid deniers — especially the ones in Congress — is that most of them have already been fully vaccinated and are still peddling the lies to the rest of the nation. Now that is egregious!

    You would think that Trump would finally man up and come out and encourage his followers to get vaccinated and to wear their masks. He himself has been fully vaccinated for some strange reason. But he is keeping his silence on the matter.

    The truth is that this has indeed become a pandemic of the unvaccinated and I am calling the wilfully unvaccinated … the ones who know better and who still refuse to do what is right for themselves and the rest of us … I am calling them “The New Lepers” and I am saying that sooner or later, if this pandemic gets much worse, they are all going to have to be forcefully segregated from society in order to save the country.

    I know that sounds draconian, but something is going to have to be done. I for one am all in favor of the vaccination card that attests to one’s vaccination status and this card should become the only passport to grocery stores, pharmacies, theaters, anywhere there is a gathering of people …for the safety of all concerned.

    Now that the Delta variant is raging, I am even afraid to go to a barber shop to get a haircut because of the close contact with barbers who may or may not be super spreaders themselves. And the delta variant is One Thousand times more virulent than the original covid-19. How can people be such fools?

    While I am on here, I have moved my blog to: in case you are interested.

    Thanks loads for keeping us all informed because information is protection in and of itself and you are in fact doing a very extremely valuable public service.

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    1. “I for one am all in favor of the vaccination card that attests to one’s vaccination status . . .”

      You can already buy lanyards that will hold a copy of your vaccination card so you can wear it proudly. I’ve been doing so since I found them on *** back in April, right after my vax.


  4. “Doug is an Easter egg but only Claytoonz super fans will be able to figure it out.”

    Hey!!!… I consider myself to be a Claytoonz super fan, but I have no idea what “Doug” is about, in spite of seeing it at least twice (today, and last week in “HAPPY DANCE”, on the GOP HQ security guard’s nameplate).

    In my defense:
    1. I am an Old Fart, so my memory may not be 100%
    2. I “discovered” Claytoonz in 2017 and I have not explored your work before that time (err… okay, so maybe I am not such a super fan)

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  5. I do not understand society’s use of names to designate certain types of people. It is ugly, and does not describe everyone with such a name. Can we not call an anti-vaxxer an anti-vaxxer without naming him or her John or Jane? Society has always had bad habits, but this is one of the worst. In my own opinion, of course!


  6. Clay, It’s your favorite MENSA and JEOPARDY! lady from Poughkeepsie requesting a copy of this cartoon. Plus a second copy for a friend. I’ll explain why this vaxxed/anti-vaxx issue is deeply personal for me.

    My 54 year old stepsister Lori, died five months ago on March 3rd, after spending 34 days in the COVID ICU, in a hospital in Poughkeepsie, most of it intubated. Her 37 year old son and only child had to make the heartbreaking decision to take her off life support and let her go. Lori was not my sister by blood, but we were very close, good friends after her mom and my dad married 32 years before. Our entire family was beyond devastated. Even more tragically, Lori never got to see face to face or hold, her brand new granddaughter, born on January 8th, due to the COVID quarantine. We had a brief sevice for Lori on March 13th, and it was beyond scary, because none of us had yet been vaccinated, including my 84 year old father and 75 year old stepmother.

    Further family tragedy continued on March 30th, when my husband of 30 years, Mitchell died in another hospital in Poughkeepsie, after years suffering from the devastating effects of diabetes and renal failure and dialysis. Mitchell did not die of COVID, his death was surely hastened by it.

    Hastened by the fact that he couldn’t get necessary medical care from the VA doctors because of all the COVID restrictions and complications.

    Hastened by the extremely limited home care and face to face nursing visits from the VA because of COVID.

    Hastened by the limited physical therapy visits he desperately needed.

    Hastened by my inability to communicate directly with his doctors and hospital care personell, especially while in the Emergency Room or admitted to the hospital.

    Hastened by my inability to see him, for SEVEN WEEKS, when he had to go to a nursing home, in Pawling (ironically my hometown and where we were married 30 years earlier.) for physical therapy and kidney dialysis, plus rehabilitation.

    Our only contact for those seven weeks was by phone or video chat. I couldn’t even see him at a window from the parking lot of the nursing home. It broke his heart and mine.

    Mitchell went in the hospital on January 31st, same day as Lori and didn’t come home until March 23rd. He died on March 30th.

    I finally held his Memorial Service on Thursday, July 29th in Poughkeepsie. My heart is still broken 💔 after losing two of the most important people in my life.


    Their continued fucking stupidity and selfishness waste resources from those who DID THE RIGHT THING! Their continued stupidity is literally killing innocent people who did mask and those, who for valid medical reasons simply cannot take the vaccine. They are SELFISH ASSHOLES AND I HATE THEM.

    Lori and Mitchell masked, took every precaution and socially distanced, despite the personal cost. Lori never saw her granddaughter, except on Face Time. Mitchell and I last saw his 94 year old mother face to face over 2 years ago. We only saw her on Zoom 6 months ago. I didn’t see her again until last week. Mitchell never saw her again.

    Thank you for listening to my rant. Thank you for continuing to call these selfish ASSHOLES out. Most especially the FUCKING MORON POLITICIANS, WHO CLEARLY DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYONE BUT THEMSELVES. THEY SHOULD HAVE DIED FIRST, MAY THEY ROT IN HELL. Please don’t ever STOP doing what you do, it really does matter.


    Lisa Llanes Simpson Poughkeepsie NY

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