Roughs, Volume 100

I nearly burned out from all the roughs I drew last week., but I did get a few good things out of them. Check them out.


This is the cartoon I drew for CNN and it was one of my faves. I was excited to draw it.


One thing I’ve been sick of over the past few weeks are all the cartoons I’ve seen from my colleagues simply stating covid is at the Olympics. From covid at the medal podiums to petri dishes to being used in sports…they’ve all been the same thing. I even saw one cartoonist mock other cartoonists for putting the covid germ into the Olympic logo and which he followed up by posting a cartoon of the virus at the medal podium. Ooh, clever. And while being sick of them, I took a few shots at it myself for CNN. Thankfully, they didn’t like them either. I did like the artwork of the Rising Sun flag, which I’m shocked no one else did…yet. I think they’re all boring.


I took a shot with this one and didn’t like it at all. Blah. I’m surprised no one else did this one either. It’s boring.


I forgot about this one, even when one of the commenters on my YouTube channel mentioned this exact same idea by another cartoonist. Going through the roughs now reminded me I did it as well. I drew so many boring ideas last week that I forgot about this one. I am so glad I didn’t draw it.


I got this idea while watching the drone show and CNN even approved it…but as I was drawing it, it just wasn’t coming together. It wasn’t clear to anyone what was happening here. I still think the message was boring but that was overruled by my intrigue in the challenge of drawing it.


I tried again and it just wasn’t working out. They looked more like atoms than little tiny drone covids. I bailed on it and went to the Bezos lander cartoon.


I liked this one. It’s more than just stating the corona virus is at the Olympics. I’m always eager to beat up on Republicans, Ron DeSantis, and Florida.


This is the version I went with and sent to my clients. It went after Florida instead of making it just about DeSantis.


I corrected a colleague last week for posting a cartoon that was factually wrong. Meanwhile, this cartoon is wrong. Mitch McConnell has always advocated for the vaccine. But I didn’t intend to actually draw this cartoon. By roughing it out, I was hoping the image of Moscow Cocaine Mitch McTortoise would lead to something good. It didn’t. While Mitch is slow on most thing, he wasn’t on this. But, his party has been extremely slow on it…and they still are.


I like to get really weird in my work. It can be irreverent, unique, original, and interesting. But sometimes it doesn’t work out. The reason this doesn’t work is that readers wouldn’t get it’s not just a flash back cartoon, but a hypothetical flash back cartoon. The Democrats never deflected like the Republicans are now doing. Also, I may have been too much in love with the idea of issuing a subpoena for Mr. Roper.


This one didn’t really have much to do with anything. But it’s always fun to draw Matt Gaetz. I always feel I should have a good reason to make fun of someone instead of making fun of them just because it’s fun. I don’t think enough cartoonists understand cartoons should be more about issues than a personality (some cartoonists are still drawing Trump cartoons that are on nothing except Trump), but it’s a personal rule I’ll occasionally violate when the personality is the issue…or the idea is just too much fun.


This one was OK but I didn’t draw it. After I roughed it out, I heard people make the same analogy, which killed it for me.


I did do a version of this and it was a huge hit on social media. I even sold a couple prints of it.


This was OK. I didn’t love it.


There is a better way of doing this idea. When I start to burn out from drawing roughs, the artwork really starts to deteriorate.


This is the kind of thing I could have had fun with by inventing wackier and wackier Republican conspiracy theories…but I was really tired of drawing this image. I just threw it away.


This was another way of doing the concept with all the speech balloons, and I went for that one. I thought with all the issues, I only had room for one elephant.


I liked this one. Which of these are your favorites? I love your feedback.

There is a video for this collection.

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  1. I like subpoenaing Mr Roper. I laughed at the dems bringing up cultural issues. I also laughed at the one about not getting a raise because Bezos wants to go to Mars. Maybe my funny bone is wired differently. Anyway, enjoyed the peek behind the scenes.


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