Trump Bash


Kids, I started this cartoon around midnight, thinking I was just going to get a head start with the lettering. It got out control. I finished drawing most of it around 6:00 A.M. I returned to it around noon and finished at about 3:30 P.M. I’m tired. You’re not getting a blog for this. I’m only human. What do you want from me, blood?

See you tomorrow.

Update: I want to add one thing. If you’re going to defend the Sturgis biker rally, then you can’t get upset over Obama’s birthday bash. And it goes both ways.

To my liberal colleagues going after Sturgis, keep those motorcycle metaphors coming. Vroom, motherfuckers, vroom. I’ve already seen four of them (and Steve Sack killed it). The things that bother me about these cartoons is they’re all repeating the same concept, they know it, they’re not putting a lot of thought into it, and finally…you’re probably not going to catch covid while riding a motorcycle. I’m a cartoonist so I know metaphors are not to be taken literally…but they’re are literally on motorcycles where they are not going to catch covid.

Is Sturgis a super spreader event? I don’t think it is any more than was Lollapalooza, Foo Fighters concerts (they’re on tour), football games, or wrestling shows (they’re back too, so snap into a Slim-Jim. Is that still a thing?). The only real difference between these and Sturgis is that the fuckers at Sturgis are probably 99 percent anti-vaxxers. But if they’re mostly outside, they’re probably OK.

I think Sturgis was a larger concern last year. But if everyone else is allowed to resume normalcy, then the bikers can too. Still, everyone should get the vaccine.

Update update: Oops. I just read that Lollapalooza required vaccination cards or proof of a recent negative covid test, which is something I think all large events should be requiring. I’m pretty sure the Foo Fighters’ Madison Square Garden concert also required such measures. I’m not sure about other venues or what sports and fake sports are doing. What’s NASCAR doing? Sturgis is not being as responsible as some of the other events….so my views now are very mixed on it.

Update Update Update: I knew about the requirement for vaccinations or tests at Obama’s party, then totally forgot about it. I’m not happy with myself for that. Yes, it is bad optics for Obama to have this party but it’s not comparable to Sturgis.

I think Obama started planning his party before the Delta Variant made things even worse. And while his original plans were for 500 people, he did scale that back. The attendance at Sturgis may be over 700,000. I would think if it’s mostly outdoors; then according to CDC guidelines, they should still be OK unless the guidelines have changed because of the Delta Variant. There will be a lot of indoor stuff happening in bars and tattoo parlors. A lot of these people are going to need to get drunk before getting a tattoo that says, “I got this tattoo at Sturgis.” Still, nobody is going to catch covid while riding a motorcycle.

Even if nobody comes out of Sturgis with covid, I still think everyone should get the vaccine. This is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated and it’s amazing those facts aren’t moving more people to get vaccinated. The United Kingdom has fully reopened while over 80 percent of each UK nation has been vaccinated. The numbers of positive cases are dropping in the UK which can also be attributed to warmer weather and that the population is still exercising caution while reopening, but the other factor is vaccines work.

So whether you’re going to Obama’s birthday party, Sturgis, Foo Fighters, WrestleMania, NASCAR, or your local coffee shop, you should get the vax. Stop being a whiny baby, shut up, and get the vax.

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Watch me draw:

And now…we have a jigsaw puzzle.




  1. I would bet that Obama’s birthday party would be %100 vaccination. But that is just a guess. What I read about the Foo Fighters is, that you had to show proof of vaccination.
    As for Sturgis, there will be a many packed bars and restaurants. You are probably correct in saying most will not be vaccinated.


  2. I had to print this out and enlarge to see all the little details in the crowd. You have been in overdrive on this one Clay. The trump diaper balloon, sippy cup, tattoo writing on proud boy, Is that a Where’s Waldo character mixed in?, Kool-aid, upside down bible, Desantos grim reaper, paper towel throwing, Bezo dick rocket, green covid microbes through out, drain the swamp alligator, hangman gallows, Pillow guy clutching KKK pillow?, Q anon playing banjo, Stop the Steal, Blacks 4 Trump sign held by blonde cougar bimbo, Pepe the frog, green teeth, Boris (Where is Natasha?), the Q anon Shaman, Mr. Potato head,,,, I am sure I missed stuff…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I, too, spent quite a bit of time finding all the ‘Easter Egg’-type stuff in this . . . Cat in the Hat, Bill the Cat, thighland, Rush Limbaugh’s tombstone, DeathSantis, an alligator with a ‘drain the swamp’ placard, those two eejits with the guns who threatened the folks walking by (and by now, much to my chagrin, I’ve forgotten their names and where this happened), DJT, Jr., etc., etc. NO WONDER it took you so long to draw this!! Sheer talent.


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