Roughs, Volume 101

These roughs are from last week. Two of these became officially-published cartoons and I might do another from this batch.


I could be wrong but I don’t think I’ve drawn White House spokesperson Jen Psaki yet. Meanwhile, every Republican cartoonist has. The problem for me as a cartoonist is she doesn’t flat out lie or make crazy ass statements. That’s the same problem for conservatives in addition to her being female.

Oh yeah. This one really sucked. Man Date? C’mon, Jones.


I think this is OK but there’s gotta be a better way for me to do it.


The amazing thing about the unvaccinated is that they’re prolonging the pandemic. So are the people who continue to politicize it, who are now trying to find ways to blame those who are vaccinated. Also, Republicans are mean.

When I started this rough, I flipped it around to draw the lines because I’m better at horizontal than vertical, and doing that made the video upside down. It’s at the bottom of this blog.


I was going to do this cartoon early last week. It was an issue I wanted to tackle but I needed to find a way without implying the bikini bottom issue was from the Olympics. One cartoonist did a cartoon blaming the Olympics for the bikini thing, when it wasn’t them. I was very surprised the cartoonist missed it, his editors missed it, other publications that ran it missed it, readers missed it….and apparently everyone in the country missed it…except for me.

When I got this idea, I thought this was the right way to cover it. And then I forgot about it and got distracted by other issues. With tomorrow being the last day of the Olympics, this looks like another one that got away from me. But maybe now that the Olympics are over, my colleagues will stop drawing cartoons of gold medals for mental health. I swear I’ve seen at least seven of them.


I was going to remove this from this batch because I think I’m going to do an official cartoon of it, or one similar to it (I thought of a better way to do it). So, if you’re another cartoonist sniffing around for cartoons, please don’t steal this one. The reason I left it in here is because it’s in the video.


This is the rough that became the cartoon for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter. It really took off on Twitter when Devin Nune’s Cow rewteeted it, which is really impressive considering cows don’t have thumbs.


I drew this right before I drew the rickshaw rough. I liked the layout of this cartoon and did a completed cartoon of it. But, I am getting so tired of the covid germ image. Other cartoonists love it more than I do. One of my colleagues drew three…THREE…back-to-school cartoons in the span of a week featuring the germ. Is it just me, or is that too many? I’m sure I’ll use the germ image again but it’s been over a year and a half, so it’s kinda played out. I’m sure I’ll draw it again but only when it really appeals to me. It’s tired. I’m so pessimistic.

Which of these are your faves?

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Watch me draw:


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  1. I’m always amazed at how fast you draw! And I hear you on the vertical lines when using a tablet. I also have to flip the illustration 90°, but not if I’m live drawing. Weird, wild stuff. Anyway, great work as always.


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