The Usual MAGAts


One of my conservative colleagues (who recently blocked me on Facebook for asking why he was enabling racists and terrorists) has a new cartoon showing quotes from Dr. Anthony Fauci that appear to contradict. Of course, they’re all on the virus with, “Don’t wear a mask/wear a mask” being an example.”

I remember that. I remember when the scientists said don’t wear a mask and they thought it was more trouble than it was worth. Then as more facts came in, they said for the love of God, wear a face mask. Once, we thought we were mailing the virus to each other. But the thing is, the science doesn’t change. What changes is our knowledge.

Conservatives have been painting Dr. Fauci as a bad guy for over a year, not just because he’s the bearer of bad news but because Donald Trump told them to go after him. My colleague is not an idiot but he’s willing to present himself as one to appease the Trump base. That’s his audience. And like every conservative commentator who supports Donald Trump, he has a base of racists, cultists, and terrorists.

What Trumpers are focusing on is that Fauci once argued against the theory the virus was created artificially in a lab but today, he’s saying he’s not convinced it happened naturally.

In 2020, Fauci said, “If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats and what’s out there now, the scientific evidence is very, very strongly leaning toward this could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated.”

Now leakers in China have revealed lab technicians were infected in that country back in 2019, Dr. Fauci is saying, “Certainly, the people who’ve investigated have said it likely was the emergence from an animal reservoir that then infected individuals, but, it could have been something else, and we need to find that out.”

Why is Dr. Fauci’s position moving? For one, he’s not a narcissist or a politician. He can move his position, which he’s doing based on science. He can change his mind and it’s his job to tell us what he believes to be true, not gaslight us if more information contradicts previous statements. This is something tribal people don’t understand. If you say one thing, you’re supposed to stick to it until the end of time…like wedding vows or loyalty to sports teams. Or at the very least, when you change your position, deny you ever said anything else. That’s the MAGAt way.

Another thing the MAGAts are trumping about, is that Trump claimed the virus was created in a lab. So now, they’re telling us Donald Trump was right all along. No. He was not. And even if he was, he was only lucky.

When Donald Trump claimed the virus was made in a lab, he did it to scapegoat China and to change the conversation from the horrible job he was doing and the fact he didn’t have a clue on how to deal with a pandemic. He said it without any information. He was spreading hate. He was implying it was made intentionally and sent here to destroy us. Dr. Fauci is not saying this.

In my colleague’s cartoon, he shows that Fauci once said the virus wasn’t dangerous to us…and then told us it was. This is true. But when Dr. Fauci told us not to worry about the virus, he also said it was something to take seriously and to keep our eye on. Of course, my colleague doesn’t quote Donald Trump when he said the virus will “magically disappear” or the multiple times he said it was nothing…or a “Democratic hoax.” He doesn’t point out the time Donald Trump suggested we should all be drinking bleach.

Donald Trump lied about the virus. He admitted to Bob Woodward he downplayed it after he was informed it was dangerous. He left the nation unprepared. His biggest response was to attack others and disregard the virus. Donald Trump let people die. The science points to that.

And in case you’re keeping score, Fauci never caught the virus. Donald Trump did while flouting safety precautions. Trumpers aren’t mentioning that detail.

If conservatives really believed Donald Trump was right all along about the virus, then they’d have been drinking bleach…and they wouldn’t be here to tell us Donald Trump was right about the virus.

Creative note: I feel kinda bad because not only have I done two cartoons with TVs in a row, but I’ve done two with bar scenes. I had this idea before I thought of the one I did yesterday. But, I really liked it and didn’t want to wait longer. Bars and TVs are my sinking ships and cliffs.

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  1. Anyone who is even remotely supporting Donald Dump has been blocked or un-friended on my social media accounts. I just don’t have time for all that nonsense, and frankly don’t feel the need to “help them” or “change their minds.” In the end, if they do become “enlightened” can you ever really trust them again? No…hell no.

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  2. I just spent three [unexpected] days in hospital. I asked some of the nurses if they were vaccinated. Of the nos, one was ’cause she was breastfeeding; the other ’cause ‘they can’t make me’. Sure they can . . . fire her ass. She was only a trainee anyway, so easily replaceable, I’m sure.

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  3. Hey, Clay, in case you are already working to cover this topic, please don’t take offense, and I apologize, if it appears that I am implying that nobody is paying attention to this:

    I hope that every Graphic Editorialist that sees this video is inspired to create AT LEAST ONE Graphic Editorial about it.


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