False Flag Operation


The Oregon Republican Party isn’t just saying “so what” about Donald Trump’s little violent insurrection party at the U.S. Capitol three weeks ago. The state GOP has officially latched onto a conspiracy theory that it was a “false flag operation.”

The party issued a resolution stating, “The violence at the Capitol was a ‘false flag’ operation designed to discredit President Trump, his supporters, and all conservative Republicans; this provided the sham motivation to impeach President Trump in order to advance the Democratic goal of seizing total power.” They’re basing this on a conspiracy website and The Epoch Times, a pro-Trump publication that’s just a prettier Daily Stormer.

Since the insurrection, over 100 of the terrorists have been arrested and they’ve all been documented as strong Trump supporters. So, if you accept the Oregon GOP’s “logic” (those are air quotes), then Trump supporters wanted to make Trump and his supporters look bad. To be fair, Trump supporters often make themselves look bad.

And the fucknuts aren’t just limited to Oregon. State party leaders across the nation are going after fellow Republicans who aren’t Trumpy enough. While the Trump cult cries about censorship and “cancel culture,” they’re eating their own for the sin of free thinking.

In Arizona, the party censured Governor Doug Ducey for defying Trump and taking the coronavirus seriously, and for not stealing the state’s electoral college votes for Dear Leader. They also censured former senator Jeff Flake and John McCain’s widow, Cindy McCain, for endorsing Joe Biden. The censure is a powerful thing but still, how dare they not goosestep along with the beat?

The chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party issued a statement condemning Congressman Tim Rice for voting to impeach Donald Trump.

The Oregon GOP resolution also condemns the ten Republicans who voted to impeach Trump stating, “The ten Republican House members, by voting to impeach Trump, repeated history by conspiring to surrender our nation to Leftist forces seeking to establish dictatorship void of all cherished freedoms and liberties.”

Certifying the winner of a presidential election, as the Constitution demands, is establishing a dictatorship? Now I know why the Oregon GOP is not taken seriously in Oregon…except you know, when they hold the door open for terrorists.

Before MAGA terrorists attacked the U.S. Capitol, they attacked the Oregon state house. One of the Republicans voting for their “false flag” resolution is chief of staff for a state representative caught on camera holding a door open for the mob.

In Hawaii, the vice chair of communications of the state Republican Party had to resign after tweeting support for Qanon, the conspiracy theory troglodytes that enable terrorists. He actually sent multiple tweets, with one saying, “We should make it abundantly clear — the people who subscribed to the Q fiction, were largely motivated by a sincere and deep love for America. Patriotism and love of County should never be ridiculed.” He also tweeted that Qanon followers are “patriots.”

Personally, I think people who believe in deep state lizard people who are Satanic-worshipping pedophiles should always be ridiculed. New Congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Green, a follower of Qanon who liked Facebook posts about killing Nancy Pelosi, should require constant ridiculing. Ridiculing ridiculous people helps make them less dangerous. She liked those posts about executing Democrats. She didn’t give them the frowny-face emoji.

Social media accounts connected to Qanon helped coordinate the terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol which resulted in the deaths of five people, including a Capitol Police officer. Qanon has been labeled a terrorist threat by the FBI. Republicans supporting Qanon may as well be tweeting support to al-Qaida and ISIS. We have supporters of terrorists in the United States Congress.

Back at the U.S. Capitol building, in the very same chamber they had to flee because MAGA terrorists were invading, 45 Republican senators voted yesterday that impeaching Donald Trump was unconstitutional. Forget they were standing where it happened. Forget they saw it happen. Forget that the mob was out to kill them. When it comes to choosing America or their cult leader, the Republican Party chooses the cult.

Only five Republican senators voted that the impeachment was constitutional. Do you know what’s unconstitutional? Overturning an election because you don’t like the outcome. It’s unconstitutional to give the presidency to the guy who came in second in electoral votes. It’s unconstitutional to hand the presidency to a fascist dictator. It’s unconstitutional to attempt a bloody coup.

Mitch McConnell, MINORITY Leader (that looks nice in print), voted against the trial…stating it’s unconstitutional to try a former president AFTER he delayed the trial until Donald Trump…wait for it…became a former president (sic). This is the same kind of fucking logic McTortoise Face used in stealing two Supreme Court seats.

Senator Lindsey Graham gave a speech in that same chamber the night of the insurrection saying he couldn’t support Trump anymore. He said, “All I can say is count me out. Enough is enough… We’ve got to end it.” A week later, he was flying on Air Force One again. Graham voted that the Senate trial was unconstitutional. Even Riff Raff bailed on Frank-N-Furter eventually.

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley also voted that the trial would be unconstitutional…after supporting an unconstitutional coup attempt. We’re allowing the terrorists to vote on whether a terrorist should be convicted or not.

Marco Rubio voted the same way and along with former Trump U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley, cried that the trial would be divisive. You know what’s divisive? Coup attempts, terrorists attacks, overturning elections, MAGA mobs of fucknuts, etc. Nikki cried that we need to “give the man a break,” casting Trump as a victim in all this. She whined that people have been going after him since before he was elected. She forgets, she was one of them before she became a Trumper. In fact, it was in her state, and at a rally she coordinated, where Marco Rubio made fun of Trump’s little penis. She laughed along. She didn’t say, “Give the man a break” when Marco was talking about Donald’s dinky dick.

There’s been talk about a huge divide in the Republican Party over choosing America or Donald Trump. There’s been speculation that the party wants to move on and distance itself from Mango Mussolino, Hair Gropenfuhrer, the Orange-Flavored Shitgibbon, Mr. I’d-Date-My-Daughter-If-She-Wasn’t-My-Daughter-MMM-MMM-MMM. But it appears that while thousands of Republicans have become former Republicans since Cheeto’s terror attack, elected Republicans and party officials are sticking with Donald Trump. They’re choosing cult over policy and an orange racist personality over country.

But people are leaving the GOP in higher numbers than usual after an election. In North Carolina, 6,000 Republicans have bailed on the party. In Arizona, 7,5000 left. Thousands have also left in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Polls show that a majority of Republicans want to move on from Trump…but it’s the terrorists the party is listening to.

Naturally, everything Republicans claim they support is something they’ll easily discard for Trump, like patriotism, family values, and washing their hands. Now, the same gang who got upset over kneeling during the national anthem, who want a Constitutional amendment protecting the American flag, are ditching the American flag for the MAGA flag.

In refusing to punish a president (sic) who instigated a terrorist attack against our nation, who tried to overturn an election, who tried to steal power for himself, the Republican Party has put cult of personality over the nation. The GOP has abandoned all principle and integrity. Donald Trump doesn’t need to create a new party because he already has. The Republican Party isn’t even conservative anymore. It’s just a cult. Instead of punishing terrorists, they’re now holding the door open for them.

The Republican Party is raising the MAGA flag and seeing who salutes.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Direct quote from post … the GOP has morphed!! … “In refusing to punish a president (sic) who instigated a terrorist attack against our nation, who tried to overturn an election, who tried to steal power for himself, the Republican Party has put cult of personality over the nation. The GOP has abandoned all principle and integrity. Trump doesn’t need to create a new party because he already has. The Republican Party isn’t even conservative anymore. It’s just a cult. Instead of punishing terrorists, they’re now holding the door open for them.”

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  2. Forget impeachment. This was a criminal act, sedition. No happy face, deliberate and pre meditated with criminal intent. Please prosecute in Utah please, they still have a firing squad. As for the Conspiracy charges, well, we’ve got quite a list…. I swore an oath, to protect my country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That may have been 53 years ago, but I take that stuff seriously. Personal integrity, a lost art these days.

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    1. They bombarded the citizens of, believe it or not, High Level, Alberta, Canada, all 3500 of us, 500 kms away from normal civilization, with free copies of the Epoch Times last week. They must think we’re all a bunch of right-wing Trump-cult rednecks up here.
      Wrong! At least two of us are not!

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  3. “Ridiculing ridiculous people helps make them less dangerous.”

    I don’t know about that. Didn’t work so well with Trump (I heard that he decided to run because he was made fun of publicly)


  4. The GOP is the new Nazi Party. Grab a history book and read about the third Reich. One cannot deny the similarities. Appeasement is not the answer. Confrontation and eradication is.


    For insight on where we are headed if it is not nipped in the bud now consider perusing:

    “On Hitler’s Mountain: Overcoming The Legacy of a Nazi Childhood” by Irmgard A. Hunt
    ISBN 978-0-06-053218-5


  5. Bits and pieces:
    The Hawaii guy got fired by the GOP. They didn’t like the fact he called Qanon fiction. They don’t spread conspiracy theories, they spread truth, and you better fucking believe it, or else!
    Trump did not come in second, despite appearances. He came in dead last! The other guy didn’t count.
    Trump’s turncoats are turning their coats yet again, and it didn’t take them long to do it. They are addicted to what Trump spoon-fed to them, power. Like a wolf who has tasted human blood then starts to crave it (is even that true? I doubt it; an old redneck’s tale!), the cultists are now craving the power they lost. They are going through the dee tees (delerium tremens). They are in such great pain they are willing to do anything to get it back.
    They are nothing but snivelling Trump-cult addicts! Even heroin addicts have more class than them…


  6. Good post about a sad group of people. I left the Republican party about thirteen years ago to become an independent. One of the reasons I left was a tendency for the party to make things up, aided and abetted by Roger Ailes’ Fox News prime time hosts and select other radio hosts. Now, the Republican party no longer exists. It officially died at the convention in Charlotte when the party did not vote on a platform. As one reporter noted, the party stands for what ever Trump says it does on any given day.

    So, what does the Trump party stand for. In my view, its foundation is four principles:

    – conspiracy
    – lawlessness
    -limited voting

    I wish the above were not true, but sadly that is what it has become. The former president was described under oath by his attorney fixer Michael Cohen with the following statement, “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is cheat.” Not to be out done, Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for Trump forewarned us before the 2016 election that “Donald Trump lies everyday even about things of no consequence.” And, his five biographers said in a panel discussion after Trump won and before the 2017 inauguration that Trump would never accept losing an election and will claim it was stolen from him.. This was said four years ago.

    Donald J. Trump planned and staged the fraudulent election fraud claims for many months ahead of the election, he continued to lie and was aided by conspiracy minded sycophants who made him start to believe his own lies (that is not uncommon for Trump), he invited his tin soldiers to DC for the electoral college vote, he wound them up some more and then pointed them at the Capitol building.

    Five people died and as per usual with anything bad, Trump says he is not accountable. What Donald J. Trump did was unforgivable. These false flag folks are doing something that is unforgivable. We should not forget conspiracy minded Alex Jones lost a lawsuit for saying Sandy Hook was a hoax and a NC man is in jail today for believing the conspiracy BS that Hillary Clinton was running a child pornography ring from a DC pizza parlor, as stupid and that sounds..

    Right now, there are five GOP Senators and ten GOP representatives who voted to hold the former president to account and they are getting vilified, but knew that already before the vote. It should be noted the five Senators match the number who died because of Donald J. Trump.

    Let me add one more quote from niece Mary Trump, “my uncle will burn it all down to avoid losing the election.” That does not make Trump a leader – that makes him an insurrectionist. Keith

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    1. I would make the total deaths at seven, as two police committed suicide shortly after the 6 January insurrection. Whether they did so because they couldn’t tolerate what they saw happening, OR if they were participants, I don’t know. In fact, now that I think on it, didn’t one of the participants charged also commit suicide? That would make it EIGHT people from one day of insurrection.

      “As one reporter noted, the party stands for what ever Trump says it does on any given day.”
      And if anyone thought this would be over when he left office, be not deceived: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is in Florida to meet with drumpf . . .
      . . . AFTER telling the rethuglicans to “‘cut this crap out” and stop infighting’ . . .

      Frankly, I hope they continue to turn on each other, if only we can last long enough to see that happen. They may just be defeated from within, which is OK by me . . . whatever works.

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  7. Clay,
    You are so verbose! Fewer words might get more readers. I mean I like your sharp wit and intelligence but Wow, that’s a lot of paragraphs!
    Anyway keep up the good work.
    Your friend,
    Vivian Martinez

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