Fire The Trump Culture


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President Joe Biden has fired several Trump appointees who refused to resign. In firing these goons, he’s cleaning the administration and the government from the disaster of the Trump era. While he’s reversing many hateful and stupid Trump policies with executive orders, he also needs to reverse the entire culture of lies, bullshit, and conspiracy theories that Donald Trump nurtured for four years. You start by getting rid of the people Donald Trump installed. They are poison.

An environment of lies surrounded Donald Trump. After he’d say a lie, his entire administration and those who followed him would repeat the lie. Trump lies became gospel. Any disagreement with Trump was the ultimate sin, and sinners would be branded. Previous Never Trumpers who became Trumpers would cast the biggest stones at the Never Trumpers.

In Arizona, the state Republican Party has censured former Senator Jeff Flake, current Governor Doug Ducey, and Cindy McCain, widow of John McCain, for disagreeing with Trump. Jeff Flake endorsed Joe Biden. The governor certified the election for Joe Biden and did all he could to contain the coronavirus. Cindy McCain also endorsed Joe Biden. Cindy McCain is a private citizen who has never held elected office. Keep that in mind the next time you hear a Republican talk about “cancel culture” or having their opinions “censored” by Twitter. Cindy McCain, a private citizen, was censured by the Republican Party for her viewpoint.

The GOP is hoping to retain the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump, which is keeping millions of Americans who are racists and conspiracy theorists. Do they continue to nurture the lies for the next four years, or do they ditch Trump and become a political party again instead of a cult? Do they keep the millions who supported installing a fascist dictator over a democratically-elected president? Do they keep the millions who would rather be ruled by a Hair GropenFuhrer?

While embracing cultists, the Republican Party is punishing conservatives for being conservatives. It’s like the Republican Party doesn’t want Republicans anymore. Only cultists need apply.

As there is a home for cultists in the GOP, there shouldn’t be a home for them in the government. Joe Biden needs to terminate every Trump remaining in employment in the government. It’s bad enough we have elected officials who supported an insurrection. It’s even worse we have judges nominated by a Russian tool who was impeached twice. Personally, I think President Joe Biden should ask every federal judge nominated by Donald Trump for his/her resignations. He wouldn’t get it but it’d make every judge defend him or herself.

You can call it “cancel culture” all you want, but cancel the cultists. Get them out. They’re poison. They’re seditious. They’re liars.

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    1. That swamp goes mighty deep! To be real swamps they should be shallow, and festering with awful smells. If I wasn’t an atheist, I would say they come all the way from the bowels of hell.

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