Deprogramming MAGA


If you’re a Trump supporter, you’re probably in a cult.

I mean, if you casually voted for Trump after analyzing both candidates, then decided you’re OK with Nazis, maybe you’re not in a cult and you’re just an average, normal everyday-kind of racist. But if you’re a fire-breathing Donald Trump supporter, where he is the ultimate authority and everything he says is true and the law, then you’re in a cult. If you believe Never Trumpers are the equivalent of sinners, yeah, you’re in a cult. Seek help.

One of the signs that you’re in a cult is believing everything the leader says. By this point you’re brainwashed. It starts by repeating a lie constantly until that lie is the utmost truth and the people who point out facts aren’t just the liars, but evil. After you’re brainwashed, the lies become more easily accepted.

If you believe there is a deep state running this government that’s comprised of Satan worshipping pedophiles, you’re definitely in a cult. If you believe cannibals are controlling the government, you’re in a cult. If you believed in Pizzagate, you’re in a cult. And it’s brilliant how that’s done.

It’s starts with super crazy and then they sell you something that doesn’t have lizard people or the devil, and things start looking normal and easy to believe… but because you’ve been desensitized to crazy bullshit, you can’t even spot crazy anymore.

Maybe you did vote for Trump but you don’t believe any of the Qanon stuff I listed above. But you’re probably still in a cult. What’s just as crazy as believing in deep state lizard people? Believing Donald Trump won the election, or the election was stolen, or that dead people were voting, or Dominion voting machines were switching votes, or there were ballot dumps.

If you believe it’s impossible that this nation would reject a guy who tanked the economy then did nothing while over 400,000 American died from a virus, you’re in a cult.

How many times was the election fraud lie drilled into your head? How many facts do you have that support your belief Trump won the election? You don’t have any. Look at the “facts” you believe you have. Are they actually facts? No. They’re not. You’re in a cult.

Did you believe that Congress wouldn’t certify the election on January 6? I talked to several Trump cultists who had strong faith that wouldn’t happen.

After that happened, did you believe that on inauguration day, some sort of miracle would arrive to prevent Joe Biden from being sworn in? I’ve talked to a few cultists who believed that.

Do you now believe that somehow in some shape or form, Donald Trump is going to be president again in the next few weeks or months? How crazy is that? It’s crazier than Pizzagate, but there are people who believe it.

The cultists are a major problem in this nation. Having half this nation base everything they believe on conspiracy theories is a major problem for both political parties. It’s a major problem for this entire nation. This nation will have a very hard time making progress in any area while half the country believes in dogmatic, cultist bullshit. And the rest of the world is looking at us the same way they look at the citizens of North Korea, except the North Koreans don’t have access to information. You do. You’re just choosing not to use it. Seriously, if you gave North Koreans State TV and CNN, a bunch of them would turn the channel to CNN. You’re not. You’re still watching State TV that’s praising Dear Leader.

We can’t give the McCarthy treatment to everyone who disagrees with us, but we can at least identify those who are poisoning our country. We can spot each one who’s spreading hate and fear and preaching violence…and then we can round them all up and give them electric shock treatments. Just kidding….mostly. But we do need to deprogram Trump cultist in a national campaign. Hopefully, we can limit the outlets that spread ignorance and stupid shit.

Already, misinformation about election fraud decreased online by 73% in the weeks following Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter and other social media accounts. One man had the ability to poison half this country. Donald Trump is toxic. He’s poison. Donald Trump showed us what sort of power Joseph Goebbels would have had with Twitter. Hate and lies is all Trump dished, and half this nation ate it up.

Removing lies and hate speech, especially those designed to overthrow the government, from online platforms is not censorship. As we see now, it’s a public service. Removing hate speech and lies from social media is a health initiative for this nation. Hate is a national security threat.

And, if you believe the storming of the Capitol was a good thing, then you’re not just in a cult, but you’re also a white nationalist. We see through you. White nationalism is the greatest terror threat facing this country.

There will always be people who’ll believe in any crazy shit, like the Earth is flat, the moon landing was faked, Elvis is still alive, Pepsi is better than Coke, ketchup goes on hot dogs, etc. But maybe after a few months of seeing a human being in the White House, a guy who’s decent, not repeating hateful rhetoric, not retweeting Nazis, the kind of guy a dog will come to…then maybe this boiling hatred from the Trump cult will simmer down. Maybe after the heat decreases, they’ll actually start to listen.

And maybe eventually, we can solve the greatest mystery which is: How did they brainwash people without brains?

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  1. I don’t know why I’m so surprised at the immediate s@#*storm after the inauguration. I am losing hope on the Senate votes to convict and keep him from running from office. I hope you are right and a lot of the cultists can be deprogrammed.


  2. I’m still flagging and reporting YouTube videos/channels, and some of them HAVE been removed, so don’t give up hope.

    And I see today that Dominion is suing RG for 1.3 billion bucks. THAT should keep him busy for a while. When will they sue the top guy, you know, the one in Florida who was twice impeached?! Instead of going for the little fish, they need to go after the big fish; all the attorneys general, senators and representatives who furthered the Stop the Steal shite, which was, I believe, organized by Roger Stone. And then there’s Mrs. Clarence Thomas, who financed the riot, among others. It’s time for a MAJOR clear out.


  3. Would like to see you relentlessly take on the following: Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and I’m ashamed to admit I’m from his state, Rand Paul. He makes McConnell look like a choir boy. These three are bona fide nuts.


  4. Why not just put all the cultists in mass cryogenic tanks, and wake them up in fifty, maybe a hundred, maybe two hundred years. By that time, Der Leader will be a footnote in history, and they can rant and rave to themselves, because no one then would listen to their craziness!


    1. “By that time, Der Leader will be a footnote in history, . . . ”

      That’s an assumption I wouldn’t want to test; he’s opened the door and his leaving the office of president hasn’t closed it one iota.


      1. Yeah, it’s an assumption, but if your government has any wit at all, it will close a lot if the loopholes, maybe even all of them, that Trump has exposed. We live in hope.


      2. Obviously, they have to somehow make such orders into permanent law. I have Bo idea how, not being a legislator. That the Democrats cannot undo gerrymandering in certain States scares the he’ll out of me. It puts the lie to the one man-one vote system of elections. Democracy has already been breached. Another Trump, and it will collapse.

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  5. Clay, I’m assuming you’ve read “A Game Designers Analysis of QAnon” by Reed Berkowitz, but just in case… I still look for your blog first thing every day – it’s my caffeine! Stay safe! Diane

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