Roughs, Volume 78

Hey, kids. Here are several roughs from the past week and a fine example of what it looks like trying to write cartoons about an administration that’s not led by a lying tyrannical narcissistic immature stupid racist. Honestly, I’m still working with a lot of the debris and backwash left by the orange shitgibbon and probably will continue doing so for the next few weeks.


Wanna be mad about something? Here’s a great place to start.


This is the rough for this week’s CNN cartoon. Someone asked if Pinocchio represents any specific person. My editor asked if I wanted to label him. I didn’t think he needed a label. He represents, not just the Trump goons President Biden fired, but the entire change in direction from the one Trump implemented of lies, conspiracy theories, and bullshit. I like this cartoon.


See? Get mad.


This was OK. A little too sun-shiny for me.


I have another rough similar to this but I’m gonna hold onto it for now. I may use it.


I drew this one yesterday and damn, it got over 500 shares. That’s really good for a Saturday…or any day. The final version had more text and elephants. I actually heard one Trump cultists complain, not about the context, but that I even bothered to point it out.


Yeah, I know. I see the typo.

There’s one more rough I’m holding onto as I might use it tomorrow.

So, got a favorite?


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