Let the record state, I told you so.

In 2015, I told you a selfish, narcissistic, racist reality TV show host with the intellectual and reading level of a toddler would make a bad president. I told you this conman was too stupid to grasp the severity and seriousness of the job. I told you Donald Trump would put himself first and if it came down to it, would choose himself before this country. I told you Donald Trump would be the worst president in our nation’s history. I’m not alone. A lot of Americans are with me, and not just liberals. We told you so.

Over the past four years, we’ve seen him grift the nation. We’ve seen him take Putin’s side over that of America. And yesterday, we watched him incite a riot. What we saw yesterday was not a protest. It was a riot. It was a terrorist attack. Once again, Donald Trump proved he’s a threat to national security.

MAGAts are funny. The ones who weren’t there blame Antifa while defending the rioters. I’ve seen them make posts that the guy with the Braveheart face paint with horns on his head has been identified as a member of Antifa. In reality, he’s Jake Angeli from Arizona who is a Trump supporter and a member of Qanon. While blaming the riot on Antifa, which doesn’t exist, they’re also defending the rioters. I’ve seen the same people claiming it was Antifa state the rioters were defending democracy, weren’t violent, and are heroes.

These “nonviolent protesters” left four people dead in their wake. They interrupted Congress during a Constitutionally mandated action, the counting of the electoral college. They believe people shouldn’t protest for civil rights but when they don’t get what they want, they can burn the Congress down. That’s MAGA.

These people, this mob, these terrorists, walked from a Trump rally to Capitol Hill where they proceeded to riot, break in, smash windows, vandalize, and tear the place apart. Donald Trump told them “we” are going to march to the capitol building right before he jumped into a limo and went back to the White House, which has so much security now, you can barely see the White House.

So using these MAGAts’ logic, Donald Trump was addressing an Antifa rally. He wasn’t. He was talking to his MAGA base who are now comprised of terrorists and enemies of the United States of America. These MAGAts are equivalent of al Qaida and ISIS. They lost an election so yesterday, they attempted a coup. They engaged in sedition. And Donald Trump told them to do it.

Donald Trump is such a threat to the United States, Twitter blocked his account for 12 hours to prevent him from inciting further violence. Facebook followed suit. They need to make it permanent.

Now, the Trump cabinet needs to be as responsible as Twitter. A man who can’t be trusted with a social media account can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. We can’t afford to let him have 14 more days.

Donald Trump started his presidency by declaring, “This American carnage stops right here and right now.” He said this delivering his inauguration speech on the steps of the capitol building…the same building where his presidency is ending with American carnage. How fitting. Donald Trump always projects so it’s natural that the guy who said “only he can fix” burns the place down. Who could have predicted this would happen? Along with a lot of other liberals, I did.

I told you so.

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  1. After watching the attack and reading too many articles, I keep asking myself, what do they want? what did they hope to achieve? If it was truly a coup they would have had to control enough of the government that they could overthrow it. The group that broke into the capitol building itself, didn’t seem to have any agenda other than disruption and vandalizing. They never issued any demands. Was this just a lark? let’s see if we can get away with this? get on tv? make the establishment clutch it’s pearls?


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    MAGAt Mob … “Trump always projects so it’s natural that the guy who said “only he can fix” burns the place down. Who could have predicted this would happen? Along with a lot of other liberals, I did.”


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