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Who could have predicted that spending two months telling your stupid base of racist idiots elections are fraudulent would actually discourage them from voting? Political experts and campaign gurus, make a note of that.

Donald Trump has been screaming that the presidential elections in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia were fraudulent. Over the past few weeks, most of his focus has been on Georgia, where he lost an audit and a recount. He even called the secretary of state to have him disenfranchise thousands of voters and just hand him the state. Trump held two rallies in Georgia where he continued to claim the election was rigged…while half-heartedly telling his people to get out and vote.

Which title do you like most? Senator Raphael Warnock, Senator John Ossoff, or…Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell? All three titles are partly thanks to Donald Trump.

While Stacey Abrams should receive most of the credit for getting the blue vote out, and should probably be appointed as the next chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, it was Donald Trump who discouraged the red.

Early in the evening, with there being only a few thousands votes counted, Ossoff was beating incumbent David Perdue and Warnock was beating appointed incumbent Kelly Loeffler. I knew it was too early. Sure enough, the Republicans jumped ahead and their lead kept climbing.

About the time I saw Democrats on social media mourning an impending defeat, I heard from inside sources that Republicans knew they were going to lose both seats. These campaign and party officials weren’t saying they were in trouble…they were saying they were done and had lost. They saw the data. They saw how many votes were out and from where they were coming. They were coming from the cities and suburbs. The bad guys were losing. Georgia was going to save our democracy and our republic.

Vox was the first to call the race for Warnock over Loeffler, which was premature. They were at least two hours ahead of more traditional news sources like the Associated Press, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. But those outlets called it around 1:00 A.M. The Reverend Raphael Warnock had knocked off multi-millionaire Kelly Loeffler. Her negative and racist ads didn’t work (her campaign actually released an ad where they darkened Warnock’s skin. Warning! He’s black!). Warnock’s ads were positive. It doesn’t hurt to feature a beagle. People love puppies more than they love long-necked racists.

At this moment, Ossoff is ahead of Perdue by about 16,000 votes. His lead will grow but not as much as his nose did in Perdue’s ads. David Perdue released an ad where his campaign made Ossoff’s nose larger than it actually is. John Ossoff is Jewish.

Who could have predicted the racists and anti-Semites would lose in Georgia? Georgia!!!

I love to make political predictions but I didn’t make one public about Georgia. But if you had asked me, I would have told you, sadly, that the Republicans would keep both seats. I didn’t believe the Democrats would win. I knew it would be close and they’d give the Republicans a fight, but I could not believe red Georgia would send two Democrats, one black and one Jewish, to the United States Senate, even after Joe Biden won the state. I’m really glad I was wrong.

Now, The Democratic Party controls the Senate, like they control the House and the White House. Mitch McConnell will be the Minority Leader…unless he resigns. He may not want to live life as Minority Leader. He may go back to Kentucky and spend his retirement counting his millions. I’m just kidding. He might retire, but he’s not going back to Kentucky.

I stayed up until 3:00 A.M. watching returns and election coverage. I was watching CNN mostly but would occasionally flip over to MSNBC to see what Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, and Steve Kornacki were saying. I was hoping to have a cartoon idea before going to sleep…and I wanted to see Ossoff ahead before I turned my lights out. My internal alarm clock went off at 6:00 A.M. I was up.

I wanted to draw something brilliant, poignant, sophisticated. Then I thought, “Nah, I’ll just draw a tortoise.”

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Watch me draw:


  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is one of the best political cartoons EVER!! So satisfying … “The Democratic Party controls the Senate, like they control the House and the White House. Mitch McConnell will be the Minority Leader…unless he resigns.”

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  2. Yes, turtle is definitely fine. It is heartening to wake up to a Warnock win and an Ossoff about to win. Hats off to Stacey Abram’s group and all the others who got out there to register voters and get out the word on the election and issues.


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