Mitch McConnell

McTortoise Obstruction


Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, said, “One hundred percent of my focus is on stopping the Biden administration.” He said “one hundred percent.” He didn’t say stuff he disagreed with, or stuff he considered wrong for the nation, or that he expected there to be legislation he didn’t want….he said “one hundred percent.” That means everything. Why? Because he’s a dick.

When you look at what’s wrong with Washington, start with Mitch McConnell. Oh, sure. You have a Josh Hawley out there fisting terrorists. You got Ted Cruz eating Trump’s shit sandwich while bailing on his constituents and pretending to be outraged at everything. You have Rand Paul being a dick about everything from tax hikes on corporations to how his neighbor bags his cut grass, but Rand Paul is just Rand Paul. Mitch McConnell is the leader of his Senate caucus. For most of the Obama administration and all of Donald Trump’s, he was the Senate leader.

Over in the House, you can say the problem with Washington is that a Republican Party is now a cult and they’re about to expel one of their leaders…for telling the truth. They’re going to expel a leader for saying an election wasn’t stolen. They’re going to expel a leader for siding AGAINST terrorists. They have literally have two members of Qanon in the House and one guy who possibly had sex with a teenager which they’re not criticizing. And you can look at the Republicans in both chambers and how they allowed and defended Donald Trump breaking the law and his oath of office. But to see where the problem starts, look at Mitch.

After President Obama was elected, Mitch said his only job was to make sure Obama only served one term. It didn’t matter if Obama brought something good to the table or not. Mitch is so partisan, his mission wasn’t to do his job as a Senator, but as a Republican operative and destroy the Obama presidency. He failed.

Now, Mitch out to do the same thing to President Biden. This is a guy who blamed Donald Trump for the insurrection and then voted against impeaching him. Sure, Trump brought terrorists to attack the very building you work in…but let’s let that slide…and focus on destroying President Biden.

Fuck helping to end the pandemic, or aiding the economic recovery, or stopping mass shootings. All Mitch wants to do is block everything the Biden administration tries to accomplish. Does this mean rebuilding America’s infrastructure? It sure does. McConnell will block stuff during the Biden era that he would have helped craft for the Trump administration. Donald Trump talked a lot of shit about rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure…but he spent more time playing golf, making racist comments, attacking his critics, breaking his oath of office, and grifting. President Biden is already working to repair the Trump mess and if McConnell succeeds at obstructing, it’ll remain a mess. Can you imagine how much could be accomplished if McConnell actually sat down with the president (the real one) and said, “Let’s see what we agree on so we can help people”?

Keep in mind it was President Obama with Vice-President Biden who had to clean up President Bush’s mess. They did it without McConnell’s help. Then, Donald Trump took credit for all of Obama’s accomplishments and coasted on the economy he didn’t create…and McConnell enabled that. Now that Trump has left us a shattered economy and a pandemic to recover from, McConnell doesn’t want to help the Biden-Harris administration.

Repairing our nation’s falling infrastructure, shattered economy, and recovering from a pandemic the previous administration ignored shouldn’t be a Democratic or Republican job. It should be an American effort. President Biden said yesterday there are “no Republican or Democratic” bridges. There are just bridges. But there are Republican assholes.

In many racist red states, it will soon be legal to run over and murder with your car people protesting against police violence. But if Mitch McTortoise is in the road, it will not be legal to squash his decrepit ass.

And maybe that is what’s wrong with our country.

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Mitch McRacist


When LeBron James offered a political opinion, racist Fox News talking blonde head, Laura Ingraham, told him to, “Shut up and dribble.” This is a pattern for Republicans. They want you to dance, sing, play sports, and entertain, but if you disagree with them, shut up. LeBron James shouldn’t be weighing in on political matters, but Ted Nugent, James Woods, and Chachi should be consulted by a Republican president (sic). Now, Mitch McConnell is telling corporate America to, “Shut up and write checks.”

Mitch McConnell is a hypocrite. We already knew this. Somewhere down the line, he’ll contradict whatever bullshit he’s saying today. For example; he believes Democratic presidents can’t nominate Supreme Court justices in an election year, but Republican presidents (sic) can. Now, he’s doing a 180 on corporations being involved in politics.

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people and that they could contribute to political campaigns without limitations. Mitch was giddy with joy. He said, “For too long, some in this country have been deprived of full participation in the political process,” and the decision was “restoring the First Amendment rights of these groups.”

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech. Now, Mitch doesn’t want corporations to speak if they disagree with Republican policies. He is now wanting to deprive them of “full participation” in the political process. Mitch especially wants to deprive corporations full participation in the political process when they disagree about Republican efforts to deprive black Americans full participation in the political process.

After Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines voiced objections to Georgia’s new racist anti-voting laws, Mitch said, “My warning to corporate America is to stay out of politics.” Then he said, “I’m not talking about political contributions.” That means, “Shut up and write checks.”

Mitch, you argued for corporations to have “full participation” in the political process. Do you understand what “full participation” means? I kinda think it means they can exercise their First Amendment rights, which you yourself argued for.

When it was revealed that Chick-fil-A was anti gay marriage…and anti-gay everything, and was contributing massive amounts of chicken money to hate groups, Mitch never said they should “stay out of politics.” The guy who is now waffling on corporations’ “full participation” probably ordered extra waffle fries.

Mitch went after corporations and said, “Most of them contribute to both sides. They have political action committees. That’s fine. It’s legal. It’s appropriate. I support that. I’m talking about taking a position on a highly incendiary issue like this and punishing a community or state because you don’t like a particular law they passed. I just think it’s stupid.”

Would it have been stupid and inappropriate if corporate American had taken a stand for black voters in 1964 during Freedom Summer? Would it have been inappropriate if corporations had pulled out of Mississippi for the state government turning a blind eye on the murders of black Americans and civil rights workers?

Mitch is warning corporations to stay out of it or else. He told reporters earlier this week, “From election law to environmentalism to radical social agendas to the Second Amendment, parts of the private sector keep dabbling in behaving like a woke parallel government. Corporations will invite serious consequences if they become a vehicle for far-left mobs to hijack our country from outside the constitutional order.”

What sort of consequences are you threatening, Mitch? The consequences I see are that the majority of Americans will see Republicans for the racists they are and history will remember it as well. History will remember Mitch and his party for not being “woke.”

From my experience, liberals actually only use “woke” in jest and in humor. I don’t think Republicans actually get that. But in trying to use “woke,” some Republicans are saying the quiet parts out loud.

Republicans in 43 states are proposing hundreds of bills to change voting laws. Mitch and others, like Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, claim the laws are expanding voting and all these changes are in response to a lack of integrity and people losing faith in the last election. Bullshit. These laws are in response to the massive turnout and Republicans losing in the last election.

Fact: Georgia went blue, voted for a Democratic president, a Democratic Jewish senator, and a Democratic black senator. Georgia went for three Democrats. Who’s changing the voting laws in response? Republicans. It can’t be more clear for you to see.

If you really wanted to restore voter integrity, then…I don’t know…maybe get rid of the Electoral College so that only the majority of actual voters can elect a president and not a point system that’s a remnant from the slave period of this nation.

Republicans are making it harder for black Americans to vote…and some of them are admitting it.

Michael Watson, a Republican and Secretary of State for Mississippi, you know, that state with a horrible history of how it handled black people voting, said the quiet part out loud this week. Watson said, “Mississippi is doing things the right way under the system we have now.” I’m sure they said the same thing in 1964. He was upset over efforts to register voters.

Watson cried, “Think about all these woke college and university students now who are automatically registered to vote, whether they wanted to or not, again if they didn’t know to opt out then receive a mail-in ballot that they probably didn’t even know was coming because they didn’t know they registered to vote. You’ve got an uninformed citizen who may not be prepared and ready to vote automatically forced on them, ‘hey go make a choice,’ and our country’s going to pay for those choices.”

You mean, our country is going to pay for the choices made by voters? He’s upset there may be more “woke” voters? Who are these “woke” voters? The real funny part is, he’s complaining about “uninformed” people voting while he’s in a party that intentionally misinforms voters. Can we start with who Republicans claim won the last election? Uninformed much?

Republicans, pay attention: Every eligible person has the right to vote. They have that right even if they’re liberal. They have that right even if they’re conservative. They have that right even if they’re “woke.” Even people who are uninformed have as much of a right to vote as those who are informed. Every eligible person has the right to vote, it doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, red, green, purple, yellow, whatever. Klansmen have the right to vote, neo-Nazis have the right to vote, and so do “woke” college students. I don’t see the Mississippi Secretary of State complaining about uninformed Nazis receiving mail-in ballots they didn’t request. What up with that?

From the founding of this nation, conservatives have done everything they can to prevent black people from voting. Now that it’s legal for black people to vote, Republicans are trying to find ways to make it harder for them to vote…when they’re not literally removing them from voter registrations.

Republicans are changing election laws because they can’t win on their policies. What sort of polices? The kind of policies where they want to change election laws because they can’t win on their policies.

These new voting laws are racist. Mitch McConnell and other Republicans keep saying liberals and corporations are lying about these new laws, but we’re not. They’re racist.

If you’re removing drop boxes in black communities, it’s racist. If you make voter IDs more of a requirement then shut down places for black people to get those IDs, it’s racist. If you’re eliminating days to vote, targeting black voters, it’s racist. If you’re taking power away from local election boards in black communities, and giving it to white conservatives, you’re a racist. If you’re making it illegal to hand a black person a bottle of water while s/he is in line to vote…it’s FUCKING racist you fucking racist.

If you’re trying to make voting harder in this nation for black voters, you are a racist. If you support those laws, you are a racist. If you are Mitch McConnell, you’re a racist. If you’re a Republican and you’re down with this shit…you’re a racist.

Creative note: My first concept was to use Mitch and name several corporations to show his hypocrisy…but then about 20 other cartoonists did that. I thought of having him in a race car, like NASCAR, then just a driver’s onesie uniform….and then I got the brilliant idea of having him in his turtle shell with sponsors’ stickers all over it. But about 20 cartoonists have done that concept, so I went in a different direction.

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Two-Faced Nikki


Nikki Haley is just as smarmy, two-faced, deceitful, disingenuous, and chock-full-o-bullshit as lying Ted Cruz, except she’s prettier.

While slimy Ted was rushing back to Texas, making sure he was seen wearing a face mask with a Texas flag on it, Nikki was rushing to get inside Mara-a-Lago, hoping to be branded with a MAGA flag. But Donald Trump nixed that.

On January 12, Politico published a story on Nikki where she said about Trump, “I think he’s lost any sort of political viability he was going to have. We need to acknowledge Trump let us down….He went down a path he shouldn’t have, and we shouldn’t have followed him.”

Shouldn’t have followed him? This from his former Ambassador to the United Nations who intimidated tiny third-world countries to support Trump policies, or they wouldn’t be invited to her parties? Seriously, she did that.

Before Trump secured the nomination in 2016, Nikki was a Marco backer and laughed and laughed when he made fun of Trump’s tiny penis. By the time the Republican National Convention rolled around, Nikki was all aboard the Trump train. She knew Trump would be short on support from minorities and women…and dang it all, she was both. Like Ted Cruz who was big enough to forgive Donald Trump for calling his wife ugly and his father a murderer, Nikki planted her lips firmly on that wide orange Trump caboose.

Nikki wants to be president someday and she knew she needed more experience than being governor of the state that sends the biggest flipflopping no-backbone ass-kissing shitweasel lapdog to the United States Senate. She needed some foreign policy…what’s that word? Oh yeah, experience.

Before Trump’s MAGA goons conducted a terrorist attack on our Capitol and tried to overturn the election, Nikki was enabling Trump’s sedition. She refused to condemn the Big Lie that the election was stolen and even tried to help Trump out. In another Politico story before the bloody coup attempt, Nikki said, “I understand the president. I understand that genuinely, to his core, he believes he was wronged. This is not him making it up.”

As Sarah Marshall said in the movie, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.” Donald Trump knew he was “making it up.” This isn’t like someone believing in Bigfoot without any proof, or an expert at “finding Sasquatch” who’s never found Sasquatch (seriously, they’re just experts at being lost in the woods). This was the president (sic) of the United States making shit up. And Nikki, you enabled it.

Now that Nikki turned around and condemned the attack and placed the blame firmly where it belongs, she’s trying to spin her head around again and suck up to Trump. She can’t praise Trump, then tell the truth about his inciting a terrorist attack, then turn around and try to get his warm icky affection again. Who does she think she is? Kevin McCarthy?

The House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, gave a speech laying the blame of the attack on Donald Trump. According to reports, during the attack, Trump and McCarthy were on the phone in a screaming match. McCarthy was trying to get Trump to call off his goons while they were banging on his doors trying to kill him and all Trump wanted to do was first, say it was Antifa, and when corrected, said they were people who cared more about the “stolen election” than Kevin McCarthy did. Later, McCarthy flew down to Mar-a-Lago, made sure a photo came out of him standing next to Trump in what may be the most hideously-decorated room in the world, and groveled for Trump’s icky affection and his donor list. He only got one of those and unfortunately, it was the icky affection.

Mitch McConnell hasn’t made that trip yet. But, his actions don’t make much sense. The Senate MINORITY (I love typing that) Leader blamed the MAGA terrorist attack firmly on Trump and even said he may face criminal charges…right after he voted to acquit Trump. Huh? Of course, Trump didn’t like those words so he issued a statement (because he can’t tweet anymore).

Trump’s statement said, “Mitch is a dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack, and if Republican Senators are going to stay with him, they will not win again.”

Apparently, it could have been even worse as advisors advised that he take out a parts that included “lots of repetitive stuff and definitely something about him having too many chins but not enough smarts.” That almost makes you miss Trump’s Twitter account. Were they as good as, “Mitch McConnell has more chins than a Hong Kong phone book”? Oh, that’ll slay at the next MAGA rally.

Mitch loved Trump until he couldn’t get anything out of him anymore. Mitch got a whole bunch of judges and huge corporate tax cuts out of Trump and then like a pair of old socks with holes in them that haven’t been washed ever, he threw Trump away. And the same went for Trump. He got everything he could out of Mitch and like an old pair of socks with holes in them that started with the back talk, he threw him away.

You can’t just stick a toe in the orange Kool-Aid. You have to dive in and get your hair wet. After condemning Trump, Nikki sought an audience with him at the golf resort he lives in, but she got snubbed. It’s pretty heavy when Donald Trump won’t let you in to kiss his ass. This is Donald Trump, the same guy who once held a cabinet meeting where everyone took turns kissing his ass.

But Nikki really wants to be elected president in 2024…like a whole bunch of other Republicans. They’re all going to be after that Trump base and several, like Nikki, will try to criticize Trump while appealing to him. But I bet the love for Donald Trump fades. No, not with his terrorist racist base, but with the general public. I don’t see President Biden being so bad that people start thinking, “Man, I wish we had some more Trump,” except for, you know, Nazis.

Donald Trump will probably run for president again unless he’s in prison, too occupied with his debt, lawsuits, and criminal charges, has fled the country to live in a Moscow condo, or finally been gotten by a gator on his golf course. I have ten bucks on the gator. C’mon, gator!!! Daddy needs a new pair of socks! Who am I kidding? Trump would just throw Lindsey Graham at it as a distraction.

I don’t vote for ass kissers so I will not be voting for Nikki Haley…ever. And since I don’t vote for ass kissers that means I will never vote for a Republican ever again.

People like Nikki probably don’t feel any sense of shame groveling to Donald Trump because they already sold out long ago. For Nikki and her fellow Republicans, your soul is gone and there’s no getting it back. It’s just too bad she’s not entirely like Ted Cruz because if she was, then she wouldn’t know what she was missing because she never had a soul.

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Senate Minority Leader


Who could have predicted that spending two months telling your stupid base of racist idiots elections are fraudulent would actually discourage them from voting? Political experts and campaign gurus, make a note of that.

Donald Trump has been screaming that the presidential elections in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia were fraudulent. Over the past few weeks, most of his focus has been on Georgia, where he lost an audit and a recount. He even called the secretary of state to have him disenfranchise thousands of voters and just hand him the state. Trump held two rallies in Georgia where he continued to claim the election was rigged…while half-heartedly telling his people to get out and vote.

Which title do you like most? Senator Raphael Warnock, Senator John Ossoff, or…Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell? All three titles are partly thanks to Donald Trump.

While Stacey Abrams should receive most of the credit for getting the blue vote out, and should probably be appointed as the next chairperson of the Democratic National Committee, it was Donald Trump who discouraged the red.

Early in the evening, with there being only a few thousands votes counted, Ossoff was beating incumbent David Perdue and Warnock was beating appointed incumbent Kelly Loeffler. I knew it was too early. Sure enough, the Republicans jumped ahead and their lead kept climbing.

About the time I saw Democrats on social media mourning an impending defeat, I heard from inside sources that Republicans knew they were going to lose both seats. These campaign and party officials weren’t saying they were in trouble…they were saying they were done and had lost. They saw the data. They saw how many votes were out and from where they were coming. They were coming from the cities and suburbs. The bad guys were losing. Georgia was going to save our democracy and our republic.

Vox was the first to call the race for Warnock over Loeffler, which was premature. They were at least two hours ahead of more traditional news sources like the Associated Press, CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. But those outlets called it around 1:00 A.M. The Reverend Raphael Warnock had knocked off multi-millionaire Kelly Loeffler. Her negative and racist ads didn’t work (her campaign actually released an ad where they darkened Warnock’s skin. Warning! He’s black!). Warnock’s ads were positive. It doesn’t hurt to feature a beagle. People love puppies more than they love long-necked racists.

At this moment, Ossoff is ahead of Perdue by about 16,000 votes. His lead will grow but not as much as his nose did in Perdue’s ads. David Perdue released an ad where his campaign made Ossoff’s nose larger than it actually is. John Ossoff is Jewish.

Who could have predicted the racists and anti-Semites would lose in Georgia? Georgia!!!

I love to make political predictions but I didn’t make one public about Georgia. But if you had asked me, I would have told you, sadly, that the Republicans would keep both seats. I didn’t believe the Democrats would win. I knew it would be close and they’d give the Republicans a fight, but I could not believe red Georgia would send two Democrats, one black and one Jewish, to the United States Senate, even after Joe Biden won the state. I’m really glad I was wrong.

Now, The Democratic Party controls the Senate, like they control the House and the White House. Mitch McConnell will be the Minority Leader…unless he resigns. He may not want to live life as Minority Leader. He may go back to Kentucky and spend his retirement counting his millions. I’m just kidding. He might retire, but he’s not going back to Kentucky.

I stayed up until 3:00 A.M. watching returns and election coverage. I was watching CNN mostly but would occasionally flip over to MSNBC to see what Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, and Steve Kornacki were saying. I was hoping to have a cartoon idea before going to sleep…and I wanted to see Ossoff ahead before I turned my lights out. My internal alarm clock went off at 6:00 A.M. I was up.

I wanted to draw something brilliant, poignant, sophisticated. Then I thought, “Nah, I’ll just draw a tortoise.”

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Food Bank Billionaires


The quote in the cartoon is direct from the tortoise’s mouth.

If you make $70,000 a year or less, you’re getting a $600 check from the government. This is a stimulus to help you get through the pandemic. Does $600 help? Sure…a little. If you’re like me, that’s not even a month’s rent. If you’re a single mom with two kids, that might be your month’s food budget. Nobody’s going to refuse $600, but it’s a joke to think that’ll solve anyone’s financial woes. If you’re months behind on rent and facing eviction, $600 might get your landlord to leave you alone…for a day. He’ll be back tomorrow.

Americans need real help and what we have been hoping for is a $2,000 stimulus check. That’s not going to solve everything either, but 2,000 is more than 600. Even Donald Trump is pushing Congress to increase the stimulus to 2,000. Now it would have helped even more if he had done this while the relief package was being negotiated, or if he had fought for it half as hard as he did for tax cuts for billionaires and corporations and ending the inheritance tax for trust-fund babies named Trump.

Donald Trump fought a lot harder to put more money into his own pocket than he fought to put money into yours. Republicans only care about increasing the deficit when money is proposed to help people who actually need it. But when it comes to tax cuts for yacht-riding, Dijon-eating billionaire assholes with private helicopters and golf-club memberships, no problem.

Now, Mitch McConnell has stated there’s “no realistic path” for the senate to pass a stand-alone bill on providing relief checks of $2,000.

What does stand-alone mean? That means there’s nothing else in the bill. All that’s in the bill is raising your check to $2,000. This way, no senator can say they were for the raise but against other bullshit in the bill, like making our national anthem “Who Let The Dogs Out.”

That’s what McConnell wants to do. No, not attach a rider to the bill changing our national anthem to “Who Let The Dogs Out,” or “Macarena,” or “MMMBop,” or James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” (I can do this all day). But he does want to “poison” the bill by putting shit in there Democrats can’t vote for. It’s a trick and it’s one Republican voters can’t catch even with it sitting right in front of them.

McConnell wants to attach “investigating the integrity of the 2020 election” and revoking legal protections for social media platforms to the bill. You’ve probably already heard “integrity” as part of the GOP talking point for the lie and conspiracy theory of mass voter fraud. Republicans want to waste a lot of time and money (but the deficit!) investigating something that doesn’t exist, mostly in order to delegitimize Joe Biden’s presidency. The other issue, revoking legal protections for social media platforms, is an issue that we shouldn’t slap into a bill because Donald Trump gets his feelings hurt on the internet.

Republicans do NOT want “integrity” in our elections and they do NOT care about facts on social media. They don’t want Twitter to be protected when a third party calls Donald Trump “Mr. Orange Shitgibbon,” or “Hair Fuehrer,” or “Orange Julius,” or “Tiny McGrope-A-Lot,” (I can do this all day). Keep in mind, this is the same crowd that’s facing libel lawsuits for claiming Dominion changed votes. As for “integrity,” these are the same fuckers who want to disenfranchise Americans’ Constitutionally-protected voting rights and overthrow an election. There’s not much “integrity” in coup attempts. So to everyone using the word “integrity” with your “voter fraud” claims, screw you, you lying MAGAt shitweasel asshats.

And for McConnell to say there’s no “realistic” path to a stand-alone bill giving us $2,000, he’s lying.

Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader. It’s up to him and him alone as to what is and isn’t voted on. He can allow a stand-alone bill. He can put it up for a vote today. But he doesn’t have the balls to put it on the floor and finding out which senators are truly for it and which ones aren’t…like the two Republicans in Georgia facing a runoff.

Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue both say they’re for the stimulus increase, but they’re not talking about it a lot. What they should both do is demand McConnell put a stand-alone bill on the floor. I mean, that’s what they’d do if they were really for it, right? Why doesn’t Donald Trump make the same demand?

But if you live in Georgia and you really want $2,000 to help you out, then don’t vote for Loeffler and Perdue. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

And election integrity? What we need is integrity in the United States Senate and from the Senate Majority Leader.

McConnell also said, “The Senate is not going to be bullied into rushing out more borrowed money into the hands of Democrats’ rich friends who don’t need the help.” Have you seen the lines at food banks across the country? Those are NOT Democrats’ rich friends who don’t need help.

When it comes to rich friends who don’t need help, McConnell and Trump are all about borrowing money to give it to them. They gave huge tax cuts to billionaires like Trump and to millionaires like McConnell. They gave permanent tax cuts to corporations. Donald Trump is a corporation. Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell are not at food banks and I seriously doubt they know anyone who needs help putting food on their table.

Part of the argument for tax cuts for the rich was that it would skyrocket the economy. That was four years ago and it didn’t. But you’ll be glad to know that during this pandemic, the rich have gotten richer.

So when you get that $600 relief check, remember…it could have been $2,000 but Mitch McConnell stopped it. And all the other Republicans in the Senate helped prevent you from receiving more help by not forcing McConnell to help you.

This is what Republicans do. They help the rich and screw the poor and middle-class. You can bank on that.

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Update on book: They’re here but…I forgot to order envelopes. Shit. Envelopes are on the way. I’m sorry and I shouldn’t have assumed I had enough on hand. I swear that about 30 book envelopes disappeared out of my apartment.

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OK Moscow


For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing cartoons from my conservative MAGAt colleagues blaming Nancy Pelosi for there not being a covid stimulus relief bill yet. They claim she played politics and wouldn’t allow one until after the election, all in order to hurt Donald Trump. This must be what they’re talking about on Fox News because I haven’t seen this from the genuine news outlets. These same MAGAt goons didn’t care that Trump played politics with the last relief bill by having his name stamped on stimulus checks.

After the Cares Act was passed last March, giving $2.2 trillion intended to help Americans hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, we knew it wasn’t enough. Though something is better than nothing, $1,200 only goes so far when you’re out of work. Millions of small businesses didn’t receive any relief with many going bankrupt. Even some businesses that did receive help eventually had to go bankrupt. In my neighborhood alone, I lost Duck Donuts, Paisano’s, Country Cookin’, and a pet supply store. But some Trump-owned businesses and Jared Kusher-owned businesses received stimulus checks, and reportedly, some mega churches received checks they used to purchase new private jets.

So conservatives are blaming Nancy Pelosi for there not being a second stimulus. But here’s a question for them: How many stimulus bills has the Republican Senate passed? Answer: Zero.

Why is Nancy Pelosi the bad guy when Mitch McConnell hasn’t passed anything? Not only has Mitch’s Senate not passed anything, he won’t even allow a vote. Why is Nancy Pelosi the bad guy when she’s allowed two votes on two additional stimulus bills…that passed only to die on Mitch’s desk?

House Democrats passed a $1.2 trillion relief package last May and a $2.2 trillion one last October. In case you’re a Republican, May and October both occur before November…when we had an election that Joe Biden won fairly…and when Trump lost.

And the one package that did go out included checks with Donald Trump’s name on them, which should be ANOTHER Hatch Act violation. That really swayed stupid voters who were still on the fence. The only thing Donald Trump should have his name on is failure, bankruptcies, divorces, and the virus.

Right now, the House and Senate are haggling over a $900 billion relief bill. According to reports, they’re slashing relief to states and cities mostly affected by the pandemic. Democrats initially sought $1 trillion specifically for states and cities. But you know how Republicans are…cities are liberal.

Rand Paul says no money should go to any cities or states that enacted restrictions to fight the virus. So basically, all relief money should go to Florida.

Senator Ron Johnson, who is holding hearings on fictional election fraud and still hasn’t recognized that Joe Biden is the next president blocked a vote on $1,200 stimulus checks saying, “We are mortgaging our children’s future. I think we need to be very careful about mortgaging it further when we aren’t doing it in a targeted fashion.” So he didn’t have any concerns about “mortgaging our children’s future” when he allowed permanent tax cuts to corporations and Donald Trump, but he cares about spending now? Oh, that means he does recognize Joe Biden will be the next president. Republicans only care about deficits and spending when they don’t control the White House.

Republican senator Pat Toomey is pushing for a provision that will limit the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending authority, a move designed to hurt the incoming Biden administration. And when they can’t lend and shit goes bad, Republicans can blame Biden for not helping anyone.

This new bill probably won’t be voted on in the House until Sunday afternoon. Republicans are still working on ways to remove help for the poor and include more gifts for rich billionaire assholes, like Donald Trump and Joel Osteen (who received $4.4 million in PPP loans), The package is expected to include money for vaccine distribution (which Trump is messing up) and schools (which Republicans will make fun of you for attending, especially if you get a doctorate), jobless benefits of $300 per week (which is a lot less than before), roughly $330 billion for small business loans (which will probably go to Trump companies and mega churches), and a new round of stimulus checks, which could be set at around $600 per individual under a certain income threshold. Last time, those checks were $1,200. In case you’re a Republican, 600 is less than 1,200.

They’re also bickering over an eviction moratorium…at Christmas. Republicans are evil. Hey, you may be on the sidewalk at Christmas, but you can at least say,”Merry Christmas.”

In addition to the relief package, Congress has to pass the yearly funding bill. On Friday, they passed a two-day extension to keep the government open, which 60 House Republicans voted against. 60 Republicans, who each probably support a Trump coup, voted for a government shutdown…at Christmas.

Republicans are evil.

Maybe we do need Vladimir Putin to tell Moscow Mitch it’s OK to pass a relief package. It’s not like he’s listening to us.

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Putin’s Cue


How bad is it that the Senate Majority Leader is behind the authoritarian leader of Russia in recognizing a democratically-elected president of the United States of America?

I understand Mitch McConnell has to appease a man-child and his followers, but he’s the leader of the Senate. He should be setting an example of how we do things in a democracy. We don’t allow our politicians, courts, or lawyers to elect our presidents…unless there’s a tie…or Florida fucked things up. OK, we hardly ever allow politicians, courts, and lawyers to elect our leaders. We normally allow voters, the citizens of this nation to do that.

When Trump defeated Clinton, he claimed his margin of victory was a landslide and unlike any this nation had seen in a very long time, despite the fact President Obama received more electoral votes than Trump in both of his presidential elections. You know, when Obama was elected twice, to a second term, not being a one-term loser. Anyway, Trump received 306 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232.

Do you know what didn’t happen when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton 306 to 232? Hillary Clinton did NOT create conspiracy theories. She did NOT refuse to concede. She did NOT refuse to admit she lost. She did NOT pursue lawsuit after lawsuit. She did NOT challenge the election in multiple states or any state. She did NOT claim there was massive voter fraud. President Obama did NOT refuse to host the president-elect (sic) at the White House. President Obama did NOT refuse to allow a transition for several weeks. Democrats did NOT refuse to congratulate or recognize the president-elect (sic). Nobody hid in a bunker and mean-tweeted other politicians for doing the right thing.

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump 306 to 232, the same outcome in the Trump/Clinton race. In doing so, he flipped FIVE states that went for Trump in 2016. He also won the popular vote which Donald Trump did not win in 2016.

There is no question, no doubt, no uncertainty, no pause, no mystery that Joe Biden won the election, that he is the president-elect, Kamala Harris is the vice-president-elect, and Jill Biden is DR. Jill Biden. There was no massive voter fraud, boats full of ballots, votes being switched from Trump to Biden, or voting machines designed by Hugo Chavez. And all those affidavits are third and fourth hand accounts, as in, “I heard someone say that someone else said that someone somewhere saw something fishy.” That’s what Rudy’s been taking to court as evidence.

Mitch McConnell hates being called “Moscow Mitch.” Oddly enough, he’s OK with “Cocaine Mitch.” But now, he’s less American than Vladimir Putin. He was behind Putin in recognizing that our democratic system works. Mitch is less concerned about appearing un-American and more concerned about pissing off Donald Trump, and having him ruin the two Senate elections in Georgia with a mean tweet, thus making Moscow Mitch, Minority Leader Mitch.

I actually like the sound of that. It’s almost as nice as “Former President (sic) Donald Trump.” To make things easier, let’s just call him “Loser Trump.”

Loser Trump has been mean-tweeting the governor of Georgia since the election. Today, he retweeted a call for his arrest. Will he want Moscow Mitch arrested for referring to Joe Biden as “Mr. President-Elect?’ God, I hope so. Bring on the mean tweets!

As for the rest of the GOP Senate, the House, and other assorted Republicans and fucknuts, follow Putin’s cue. Recognize Joe Biden. Don’t do it for Biden. Do it for the voters because by denying the results of our election is an insult to them and America.

And if you keep denying facts, I think you need to see a doctor of education. I know of one.

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Coups For Dummies


On November 10, 2016, President Obama hosted President-elect (sic) Donald Trump in the White House. Vice-President Joe Biden hosted vice-president elect (sic) Mike Pence in the VP residence. First Lady Michelle Obama gave a White House tour to Melania Trump. Today, it’s November 11, 2020, and instead of inviting the future president of the United States to the White House, Donald Trump is hiding inside his bunker in denial he lost. What makes this even worse is that he has enablers. These enablers are helping Donald Trump thwart democracy.

Republicans are pointing out that Democrats whined about the 2016 election. This is true. I whined. I didn’t like the results. I still don’t like it. But while I said the election was tampered with and Russia meddled, I never said any ballots were fraudulent. No Democrats opposed the transition of power. Today, the Trump administration is not allowing a transfer of power.

The Trump Administration could still pursue legal challenges over the election while allowing the process of a transition to happen. That would be in the best interest of the nation. Instead, offices are not being created for the transition, funds aren’t being released, and the next president isn’t even being given security briefings. These were all acts afforded to Donald Trump when he was the incoming president (sic).

The United States condemns leaders of other nations who refuse to leave office and give up power after losing fair elections. Now, our leader (sic) is refusing to give up power and is hiding inside his palace sending his minions out to help him stage a coup. Donald Trump has not been seen since last Thursday.

Mitch McConnell is supporting Trump’s legal challenges even though there isn’t any evidence of massive voter fraud. Lindsey Graham is telling Trump not to concede. McConnell and Graham both won their Senate elections last week but neither one of these two men refused their opponent’s concessions.

Ted Cruz says allowing the media to declare the winner is not how we do it in America. Except, he was more than happy to accept the media’s declaration of a winner in 2016. He was more than happy to accept their declaration in 2018 when he won reelection to the Senate.

When asked if he had congratulated President-Elect Joe Biden yet, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, whose state went for Biden, said he doesn’t have anything to congratulate Biden for.

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana said, “We have got to allow our courts to hear these allegations of voting irregularities by the president.” You may as well allow the courts to hear allegations of lizard people running our government too because you have just as much evidence of that as you do of voter fraud.

North Carolina’s Thom Tillis was finally declared the winner of his race yesterday and he said about the presidential election, “Every vote legally cast must be counted.” Who says they shouldn’t? Who says they haven’t been counted? Guess what. Tillis didn’t stop his opponent from conceding saying, “Every legal vote must be counted” bullshit.

Isn’t it fucked up that right after you elect someone, that they make a pronouncement against democracy and fair elections?

Attorney General William Barr is releasing the Justice Department’s legal hounds to fight Trump’s loss in the courts. Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani is holding press conferences outside dildo shops claiming the election was stolen from Trump.

It’s funny Democrats stole the election for Biden while simultaneously losing the Senate and seats in the House. It’s also funny that it hasn’t occurred to any of these Republicans claiming fraudulent ballots, that they also have their names on those “fraudulent” ballots. If we’re going to wipe out who won the election, that should also mean we wipe out all those Republican victories. Should we wipe out McConnell’s, Graham’s, and Tillis’ victories?

Each government department is being told to prepare their budgets for next year as though the administration will still be operating. As if they’re still going to be in town and not all applying at Fox News at the same time. And Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, the nation’s top diplomat has said there will be a “smooth transition…to a SECOND Trump administration.”

What the fuck? The top diplomat or the world’s leading democracy is telling the world we don’t obey election results anymore. Pompeo said the eletion has not been decided. It has LITERALLY been decided.

Can you imagine the outrage if instead of conceding the election the day after, Hillary Clinton had refused to admit defeat, mounted legal challenged, and claimed the election had been stolen? Can you imagine if instead of inviting Trump to the White House, President Obama had refused to release transition funding?

In Michigan, Trump beat Clinton by 10,704 votes in 2016. In 2020 in Michigan, Biden beat Trump by over 146,000 (and still counting). In case you’re a Republican, 146,000 is greater than 10,000.

In Pennsylvania, Trump beat Clinton by 46,765. In 2020 in Pennsylvania, Biden beat Trump by over 48,000 (and still counting). In case you’re a Republican, 48,000 is more than 46,000. Now, Trump is suing to overturn the election in Pennsylvania.

As the counting continues, Biden is heading for a 306 electoral vote win. That’s the exact same amount Trump won with in 2016. How are they going to win the presidency by overturning one state without any actual evidence of election fraud? They would need to overturn more than one state. Maybe they can do it in Georgia where the two GOP senators are calling for their own Republican Secretary of State to resign because they don’t like that his count shows Donald Trump is losing.

This is banana republic type shit here, people. This is a coup attempt. Maybe people like Pompeo are just trying to appease Trump for now. Maybe Pompeo is a coward. He wants to appease Trump’s base for when he runs for the Senate in Kansas or even for the presidency in 2024, if Trump doesn’t. Or maybe, he’s afraid of being fired two months before he’s scheduled to lose his job. Trump is already lashing out and firing people.

Maybe people like Mitch McConnell, John Kennedy (not the good one), Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Thom Tillis, and Ted Cruz are all just big, fat ass kissers. Or…they’re trying to steal an election and are engaging in a coup.

I predicted before the election that Joe Biden would win…but I did not predict he’d take the White House because I was afraid the Republicans would try to steal the election. Even before the election, Trump said the only way he could lose was if there was corruption and voter fraud. Boy, did I call it or did I call it?

We know this about Trump supporters: They are all cowards. They have made their party into one of a cult. They put one man before their nation. They are putting one man before democracy. They don’t care if they turn our democracy into a dictatorship.

The Trump administration will NOT legally continue, but the resistance must.

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Damn Yankees


Mitch McConnell would rather states go bankrupt than receive federal money for bailouts during the coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, he’d rather blue states go bankrupt.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who’s been schooling Republicans throughout this crisis and has been demonstrating real leadership while Donald Trump’s been more focused on his hurt feelings, said “This is really one of the dumb ideas of all time,” while explaining bankrupted states would devastate the economy for the entire nation. Of course, McConnell doesn’t get that because he’s a Republican, and Republicans don’t do well with the economy. There was the Ronald Reagan recession, the George H.W. Bush recession, the George W. Bush recession, and now we have the Donald Trump recession. Republicans create recessions and even depressions (Hoover) and Democrats (Roosevelt) pull us out of them.

Larry Hogan, a Republican governor, said about McConnell’s stupid and selfish policy, “Mitch McConnell probably regrets saying that. If he doesn’t regret it yet, I think he will regret it. . . . The last thing we need in the middle of an economic crisis is to have states all filing bankruptcy all across America and not able to provide services to people who desperately need them.”

McConnell doesn’t regret it. He doubled-down and said, “There’s not going to be any desire on the Republican side to bail out state pensions by borrowing money from future generations.” McConnell is a hypocrite. While there’s no desire on the Republican side to bail out states and American citizens, there’s plenty of “desire” to give billionaires and corporations tax cuts and bailouts that borrow from future generations. I’ve never heard McConnell complain about borrowing from future generations to finance the $133 million spent on Donald Trump’s golf trips.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted, “Republican Senators: Raise your hand if you think your state should go bankrupt.” In a year heavy with more Republican Senate seats being contested than Democratic seats, yeah…go campaign on your state going bankrupt. Please, please, please. Mitch McConnell is up for reelection this year. I’d like to see him tell Kentucky they should go bankrupt. In fact, I “desire” to see him run that campaign. But, McConnell isn’t going to run on his own stupid ideas any more than Donald Trump’s going to start drinking Clorox.

McConnell’s office put out a document supporting his policy titled, “Stopping Blue State Bailouts.” Governor Andrew Cuomo took issue with that.

Governor Cuomo said allowing states to go bankrupt would be “irresponsible and reckless.” He also said, “This is not the time or the place or the situation to start your divisive politics. It’s not red and blue. It’s red, white and blue.” Then he pointed out something that will forever go over all Republicans’ heads.

Kentucky, McConnell’s state, receives more federal dollars for services than its taxpayers contribute, while New York pays out more than it receives. Cuomo said, “It’s your state that is living on the money that we generate. Your state is getting bailed out. Not my state.”

Boom! Bam! Mic drop, baby! Kentucky is sucking on New York’s teat. Maybe that’s why their grass is so darn blue.

New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy said, “Encouraging, explicitly almost hoping for bankruptcies of American states in the midst of the biggest health-care crisis this country has ever faced, is completely and utterly irresponsible.”

And then, Peter King, a Republican Congressman from New York stated, “To say that it is ‘free money’ to provide funds for cops, firefighters and healthcare workers makes McConnell the Marie Antoinette of the Senate.”

McConnell said blue states are seeking free money after mismanaging their finances. Donald Trump tweeted something similar yesterday.

Trump tweeted, “Why should the people and taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run states (like Illinois, as example) and cities, in all cases Democrat run and managed, when most of the other states are not looking for bailout help? I am open to discussing anything, but just asking?”

Let’s address that, shall we?

First off, this is some divisive shit from the guy who accused Democrats of playing politics. It’s another distraction during a pandemic to make us hate each other.

Secondly, The states with the poorest finances, and largest debts, are Republican-run states. The states with the biggest welfare rolls are Republican-run states. The states that receive more from the federal government than they put in (like Kentucky) are…wait for it…Republican-run states.

While Donald Trump, who received bailout after bailout from his daddy while bankrupting businesses in an industry where customers budget how much money they’re going to lose to you, and Mitch McConnell don’t believe that American citizens in blue states should be bailed out. But, poorly-run companies like those in the airline industry that uses all their profits on stock buybacks should be bailed out. Shake Shack, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Potbelly Sandwich, and even the Los Angeles Lakers can get bailouts, but a blue state hit hardest by the virus shouldn’t. And states being hit harder by the virus doesn’t have anything to do with how they’re managed. There is more density in urban areas like New York, Chicago, and Detroit (in case you’re a Republican, “density” means the number of people in an area or space…not a term for how dense Trump supporters are).

Why should any state be better prepared for a virus “that came out of nowhere” than the Trump administration? Also, keep in mind these states are asking for help during a pandemic made worse by Donald Trump’s ignorance, stupidity, and total and utter failure as a president and human being.

And while Donald Trump doesn’t believe the U.S. government should spend U.S. taxpayers money on U.S. states, he’s all about the Euro being spent on his companies. Donald Trump’s resorts (U.S. companies, by the way) in Europe are seeking…wait for it…bailouts. Is the Trump Organization poorly managed? Well, it was managed by Donald Trump (who’s doing such a swell job of managing the United States. Another example of sarcasm), and is today managed by idiot-son-number-one, Donald Jr and idiot-son-number-two, Eric.

I highly discourage the United Kingdom and the European Union from providing bailouts to poorly-run, grifting corporations.

Creative note: I had to go back and repair a lot of the text in this cartoon. And not for the reasons you’d think. I just kept leaving out a small word here, a longer word there, putting two Ks in “Yankees” and changing “dang” from “danged.” Now, for the rest of the day, all the voices in my head will have southern accents.

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Impeach The Galoot


Late Sunday night, The New York Times reported that President (sic) Donald Trump told his national security adviser last August that he wanted to freeze nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine until that government agreed to investigate Democrats, including the Bidens. These are details leaked from John Bolton’s upcoming book titled, How I Survived Working For a Racist, Narcissistic Idiot.” No, that’s not the title. It was too long.

Democrats have been wanting former national security adviser Bolton to testify about what he knows, what the president knows and when did he know it. Republicans have been resisting. Funny thing, Republicans have accused Democrats of rushing the impeachment while Senate Majority Leader says he doesn’t want witnesses as that’ll prolong the Senate trial. But not being consistent is par for the course for Republicans.

These idiots trotted out Ken Starr to argue against the “age of impeachment,” Pam Bondi to argue against nepotism and corruption, and Alan Dershowitz to argue against every position he’s held previously. The rest of Trump’s legal goons argued that Democrats were mean and we shouldn’t trust liars. Seriously. How can you argue that Trump didn’t do anything wrong while resisting testimony from people who witnessed him doing nothing wrong?

A draft of the book was submitted to the White House on December 30 for a review before publishing, which is standard for current and former officials. The White House is the main culprit as the leaker of the book or someone inside who doesn’t like Trump, which means it could be anyone.

Mitch McConnell told his Republican colleagues not to panic over the details and to “take a deep breath,” which is usually not recommended to people with their heads up their own asses. We also learned that the White House has been sitting on the draft without EVER informing Republicans in the Senate. I guess Trump never heard the expression “help me help you.”

According to the book, Trump withheld taxpayer money to Ukraine contingent on them doing him a personal favor. And, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged to Bolton there was no basis to claims by Trump’s personal goon, Rudy Giuliani that our ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch was corrupt, and believed Rudy may have been acting on behalf of his other clients. It also links other officials to the corruption, including Attorney General William Barr and Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

The main thing this does, for now, is put pressure on Senate Republicans to vote for witnesses. Rushing the trial without them will now look like they’re engaging in the coverup, which they are but they don’t want that appearance.

Donald Trump tweeted that Bolton was lying to sell books. If anything, Bolton has been resisting testifying or even doing media interviews so he can hang onto his information to sell books. Hey, wanna find out how corrupt Trump is? Pay John Bolton $24.95 (or however much those books go for).

A Facebook friend of mine who’s a real pro-Trump troglodyte posted that John Bolton was lying. He didn’t base it on anything except that it must be a lie…because Trump is so honest. Remember when Donald Trump didn’t know about hush payments to porn stars and Playmates? Remember when Donald Trump didn’t know Lev Parnas? Donald Trump was found to be the liar in a he said/she said with Omarosa. It doesn’t matter whose word it is against Donald Trump’s, always bet against Trump. This is a guy who has told over 16,000 lies since he became president.

As revenge against Bolton, the White House could use the pre-publication review process, which has no set time frame, to delay or even kill the book’s publication or omit key passages. Though, like it is with executive privilege, it’ll be hard to argue for conversations to be omitted that Donald Trump himself has talked about. But delaying or killing the book will only happen if Trump is a vengeful person.

The one good thing Trump has going for him is that his cult will never discover the corrupt details Bolton’s revealing about him…because they’re in a book.

Testifying before the Senate, if it comes to that, may hurt Bolton’s book just as much as a delay in publishing. After eight hours on the stand, there may not be any bombshells left to tell. What sort of pomade does that mustache require anyway? I got nothing.

There are a few things I’m sure are in the book that we already know, like Donald Trump is a national security risk, is guilty, and should be removed from office as soon as possible.

I would be more than happy to witness the orange galoot’s eviction.

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