Hoaxes and Lollies


We’ve learned a lot about about the coronavirus over the past year. We’re still learning about it and information changes. We’ve learned that wearing face masks and practicing social distancing is effective in preventing the spread of the virus. We’ve learned that holding MAGA rallies is dangerous beyond spreading racism throughout the nation. And we have learned that downplaying and denying that the virus is dangerous doesn’t make you immune from it.

Herman Cain downplayed the virus and went to a Trump rally, didn’t wear a face mask and didn’t practice social distancing. He’s dead. Luke Letlow was just elected to represent the Louisiana district that includes the place I grew up in. He held many rallies where masks weren’t required. He didn’t advocate precaution. Despite being only 41, Lutlow died from the virus last week.

Knowing that downplaying the virus doesn’t protect you from it, several Republicans have rushed to be first in line to receive the vaccination.

Senators Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, and even Rand Paul (who claimed he is immune after catching the virus) have all received vaccines even though each of them downplayed it. Rubio attacked the media for its virus coverage. Ernst claimed hospitals were making up the number of deaths from covid because they get reimbursed for covid deaths (that’s not true). Graham refused to take a test for the virus before a debate despite gooning around with people who were infected.

Some argue it’s good that these deniers and fucknuts who have spent the past four years making this nation a much more dangerous place to live because of their enabling of Donald Trump, should get the virus now. Why? Because it shows the MAGAt and Qanon base that the virus is safe and it doesn’t contain microchips to track their locations. Also, the senators have been tweeting photos of them receiving the virus and we can tell from the pics that the health professionals are not lizard people.

Others say that no matter how they politicized the virus, which led to people dying, these senators should receive the vaccine because they’re VIPs, very important people.

Mike Pence is the leader of the Coronavirus Task Force which did an all-around shitty job of fighting the pandemic. Pence stood by Donald Trump’s side while he lied about the virus and attacked and mocked the people who were fighting it. Mike Pence went on camera to show the world he was getting the vaccine.

And it’s important that the Vice-President (sic) receive the vaccine despite being a part of an administration that watched over 347,000 Americans die. It’s important that he receive the vaccine because Mike Pence is not replaceable. We would not be able to find a bigger ass-kissing toadie troglodyte to stand behind Donald Trump with a fawning look of either adoration or a much-anticipated bowel movement finally happening than we have in Mike Pence.

So, it’s very important that the irreplaceable Mike Pence receive the vaccine a month before we replace him.

As for those senators…we can replace every single one of them. Proof of that is, a few of them are being replaced. We just had an election and we threw out Republicans in Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado. They are being replaced. We’re even replacing a really great senator in Alabama with an idiot who thinks the three branches of government are the House, Senate, and presidency, that the Constitution prevents one party from holding all three, it’s OK to fundraise in federal office buildings (Donald Trump does), that Al Gore was president for 30 days before the Supreme Court (which is NOT one of the three branches) took it away from him, and in World War II, we were fighting socialism. Good job, Alabama in electing a guy with a bachelors degree in physical education.

As for the virus deniers receiving the vaccine to lead by example…nobody follow their examples. It will not convince the conspiracy people to get vaccinated.

Donald Trump spent months challenging the virus. He held rallies and attended super-spreader events. He mocked face masks. He attacked doctors and scientists. We all thought there was no way he would catch the virus because karma had been hitting the snooze button for the past four years. But then, despite holding super-spreader event after super-spreader event and hanging out with infected people repeatedly, Donald Trump shocked the world by catching the virus. In fact, dozens of people attending an event at the White House caught the virus. How did this happen? They said the virus was a hoax. They said it was safe to go without face masks. It was safe to hold huge parties with assholes and racists. They said it was safe to breathe in the same air as Rudy Giuliani despite covid and farts.

Donald Trump was rushed to the hospital in Marine One. He was so panicked, that even he wore a face mask while weebling to the helicopter. A team of medical professionals attended to Trump around the clock and gave him experimental medication which included steroids. And then, Donald Trump went back to holding and attending super-spreader events and mocking and attacking doctors, scientists, and anyone else who was taking the pandemic seriously.

After seeing their hero catch the virus and nearly die, did his base start to take the pandemic seriously? Of course not. They’re still in denial and screaming that wearing a face masks is an assault on their freedom and liberty.

So, let’s stop giving the vaccine to the deniers. Or at least stop giving it to them before the rest of us. Marco Rubio is 49. He can wait. He can wait with the rest of us for when it’s available at our local CVS pharmacy. Because even if something tragic and horrible happened like Marco Rubio catching the coronavirus, and as awful as that would be…we can replace him. He represents Florida. Certainly, there’s at least one more insane moron from the Florida available. I’d start in Jacksonville.

We can replace him just like we’re replacing Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Catching the virus can kill you. Replacing stupid Republicans will not.

Notes on my book, Tales From The Trumpster Fire: I have an order of 20 copies of my book (12 are left to purchase) on the way, which I’m selling for $45.00 each, signed. The books won’t arrive until after the new year, but orders are being taken and they’ll be shipped as soon as I receive them. Also, I have copies of my first book from 1997, Knee-Deep in Mississippi available for $20.00.

Update on book: They’re here but…I forgot to order envelopes. Shit. Envelopes are on the way. I’m sorry and I shouldn’t have assumed I had enough on hand. I swear that about 30 book envelopes disappeared out of my apartment.

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  1. “ it shows the MAGAt and Qanon base that the vaccine is safe and it doesn’t contain microchips to track their locations”

    Well OF COURSE the vaccine doesn’t contain microchips to track your location… they would be too big to go through the needle, and besides the government doesn’t need them because it can already use your cell phone to do that.

    What the vaccine DOES HAVE is Nanites… microscopic molecule-size robots that can literally rewire your brain so that you will have an orgasm whenever you read or hear Joe Biden’s name or see his picture.

    Note to Clay: If you believe that there are a lot of Republicans reading this blog, please delete this comment. 😉

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  2. I made the misteak of going out today, but it was for a vet clinic visit, so I had no choice. I saw a sign alongside the road stating: ‘If you voted for commiebiden you are an anti-American traitor’. Unfortunately, the light turned green before I could jump out and take the sign; if it’s still there when I have to return to the vet clinic Thursday, I’m making a point of taking it down. What hatred, what anger . . . how do these people live with themselves, or each other?

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