Roughs, Volume 75

Let’s check out some roughs from the past week.


I was going to show you this one in the last post of roughs, but then I thought that I still might finish and publish it. I kinda sorta did. I took the four Trumps and put them all in a dumpster fire. More than one reader called the cartoon the “Four Trumplicans of the Apocalypse.” I like that.

CNNrough1058Puppet cartoons are kinda lame and cliché. And every cartoonist, at least liberal ones, have drawn their share of puppets over the past four years. Still, I kinda like this one. Yes, I have a typo in the cartoon. When I draw these, my brain is going faster than my hand can keep up with.


I finished and published this cartoon yesterday. It had actually been sitting in myidea email. I even forgot it was in the email for at least a week. Why do I have cartoons ideas in an email? I have an unsent email written to myself with cartoon ideas. I also include links to stories so I don’t have to hunt them down again. It’s easier than opening a file. Eventually, there are so many ideas in the email that it gets bogged down and slow to open and scroll. I eventually delete it and start over as most of the ideas are never done and grow out of relevancy. I was wondering if this had passed, then I saw Mike Luckovich do the same subject last week and that told me it was still relevant. My readers let me know it was still relevant by giving it about 200 shares and a ton of comments. Thanks, guys.


I’m not really crazy about the whole fat lady singing concept anymore. Cartoonists do it too often and I’m sure it’s been done recently. And while many won’t see it as offensive because it’s such an old cliché, I’m not really a fan of it because it’s still degrading. But I thought it would be a little funny if she was singing “Auld Lang Syne” specifically. Also, drawing Viking garb is fun. Why did horn helmets ever have to go out of style? Can we bring those back? And how about boob breastplates? Please?


Republicans, encouraged by Trump, are really going to make a shit show of the electoral college count this Wednesday. Be careful where you step.


I thought this was just OK. 


This is the one I drew for CNN this week. It was my second favorite of the roughs submitted. You’re not going to see my fave in this blog as I’m saving it for tomorrow…or Tuesday. But this one started differently.


It started like this…and then I thought, “This will be more fun if Trump is the fly.” Trump being a fly makes a lot of sense because his supports are MAGAts.


I showed these roughs to my padwan (that’s what I call her) and she said, “Please, please, please, do this cartoon.” I wasn’t sure about it but it does make me laugh.


This is probably the crappiest of the bunch. I don’t like it.


I took this concept and used it for a cartoon with Josh Hawley. Because editors tend to be afraid of everything, it won’t get any reprints. But the boring Pence 2024 idea above would have gotten a zillion.

OK, kids. Which of these are your favorites? 

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Watch me draw:


  1. The fat lady singing and Trump as the fly. Hey, feel free to get yourself a horned hat and a boob breastplate. They may actually be handy when your out in the streets nowadays.

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