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For the past few weeks, I’ve been seeing cartoons from my conservative MAGAt colleagues blaming Nancy Pelosi for there not being a covid stimulus relief bill yet. They claim she played politics and wouldn’t allow one until after the election, all in order to hurt Donald Trump. This must be what they’re talking about on Fox News because I haven’t seen this from the genuine news outlets. These same MAGAt goons didn’t care that Trump played politics with the last relief bill by having his name stamped on stimulus checks.

After the Cares Act was passed last March, giving $2.2 trillion intended to help Americans hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, we knew it wasn’t enough. Though something is better than nothing, $1,200 only goes so far when you’re out of work. Millions of small businesses didn’t receive any relief with many going bankrupt. Even some businesses that did receive help eventually had to go bankrupt. In my neighborhood alone, I lost Duck Donuts, Paisano’s, Country Cookin’, and a pet supply store. But some Trump-owned businesses and Jared Kusher-owned businesses received stimulus checks, and reportedly, some mega churches received checks they used to purchase new private jets.

So conservatives are blaming Nancy Pelosi for there not being a second stimulus. But here’s a question for them: How many stimulus bills has the Republican Senate passed? Answer: Zero.

Why is Nancy Pelosi the bad guy when Mitch McConnell hasn’t passed anything? Not only has Mitch’s Senate not passed anything, he won’t even allow a vote. Why is Nancy Pelosi the bad guy when she’s allowed two votes on two additional stimulus bills…that passed only to die on Mitch’s desk?

House Democrats passed a $1.2 trillion relief package last May and a $2.2 trillion one last October. In case you’re a Republican, May and October both occur before November…when we had an election that Joe Biden won fairly…and when Trump lost.

And the one package that did go out included checks with Donald Trump’s name on them, which should be ANOTHER Hatch Act violation. That really swayed stupid voters who were still on the fence. The only thing Donald Trump should have his name on is failure, bankruptcies, divorces, and the virus.

Right now, the House and Senate are haggling over a $900 billion relief bill. According to reports, they’re slashing relief to states and cities mostly affected by the pandemic. Democrats initially sought $1 trillion specifically for states and cities. But you know how Republicans are…cities are liberal.

Rand Paul says no money should go to any cities or states that enacted restrictions to fight the virus. So basically, all relief money should go to Florida.

Senator Ron Johnson, who is holding hearings on fictional election fraud and still hasn’t recognized that Joe Biden is the next president blocked a vote on $1,200 stimulus checks saying, “We are mortgaging our children’s future. I think we need to be very careful about mortgaging it further when we aren’t doing it in a targeted fashion.” So he didn’t have any concerns about “mortgaging our children’s future” when he allowed permanent tax cuts to corporations and Donald Trump, but he cares about spending now? Oh, that means he does recognize Joe Biden will be the next president. Republicans only care about deficits and spending when they don’t control the White House.

Republican senator Pat Toomey is pushing for a provision that will limit the Federal Reserve’s emergency lending authority, a move designed to hurt the incoming Biden administration. And when they can’t lend and shit goes bad, Republicans can blame Biden for not helping anyone.

This new bill probably won’t be voted on in the House until Sunday afternoon. Republicans are still working on ways to remove help for the poor and include more gifts for rich billionaire assholes, like Donald Trump and Joel Osteen (who received $4.4 million in PPP loans), The package is expected to include money for vaccine distribution (which Trump is messing up) and schools (which Republicans will make fun of you for attending, especially if you get a doctorate), jobless benefits of $300 per week (which is a lot less than before), roughly $330 billion for small business loans (which will probably go to Trump companies and mega churches), and a new round of stimulus checks, which could be set at around $600 per individual under a certain income threshold. Last time, those checks were $1,200. In case you’re a Republican, 600 is less than 1,200.

They’re also bickering over an eviction moratorium…at Christmas. Republicans are evil. Hey, you may be on the sidewalk at Christmas, but you can at least say,”Merry Christmas.”

In addition to the relief package, Congress has to pass the yearly funding bill. On Friday, they passed a two-day extension to keep the government open, which 60 House Republicans voted against. 60 Republicans, who each probably support a Trump coup, voted for a government shutdown…at Christmas.

Republicans are evil.

Maybe we do need Vladimir Putin to tell Moscow Mitch it’s OK to pass a relief package. It’s not like he’s listening to us.

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