Georgia Stretch


There are several people who do not deserve to be United States senators. Some lack the intelligence like Mississippi’s Cindy Hyde Smith. Others don’t actually want to do the job like Florida’s Marco Rubio. Some are lying, sniveling bastards using the position to be national demagogues like Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton. Some are such assholes that there have been incidents where constituents have failed to control themselves from physically attacking and giving them the beatings of their lives, like Rand Paul. Others lack the morals, integrity, and courage a United States Senator should have. Georgia’s Kelly Loeffler is one of those individuals.

Like Arizona’s Martha McSally, who was rejected for the Senate twice and was only in there because of an appointment, Kelly Loeffler has yet to win the votes of her constituents. Unfortunately, she’s on her way.

Loeffler was appointed to the job by Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp after Senator Brian Isakson resigned for health reasons. After Donald Trump started attacking Governor Kemp, even suggesting he should go to prison for not stealing an election for him, Kelly Loeffler rushed to the defense of the man who gave her a U.S. Senate seat, and without whom, she wouldn’t be a legitimate candidate for that seat today. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Just kidding. After Donald Trump started attacking Kemp, Loeffler, being the type of loyal person she is, said…nothing. Kelly Loeffler is a coward.

If anything, Loeffler has sought to validate the bullshit propaganda and lies that the election was rigged and stolen. She, along with Georgia’s other stupid lowlife senator, David Perdue, called for the resignation of the secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger. She supported a lawsuit by Donald Trump to overturn the election.

Another reason she shouldn’t be a U.S. Senator is that she shows more support for fascism than democracy. She wants to throw out an election and steal the votes from from American voters. She wants to steal their Constitutional rights.

But, wait. Kelly Loeffler wants to throw out an election that put her in the runoff. Somehow, outside nefarious forces and secret agents of ill repute got their hands on the Georgia ballots, switched votes from Trump to Joe Biden while not fucking with the votes for Loeffler and Perdue. Loeffler and Perdue were NOT on separate ballots from Trump and Biden. THEY WERE ON THE SAME FUCKING BALLOTS!!!

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have shouted. But have you actually taken a hard look at their arguments?

Kelly Loeffler has refused to say she won’t engage in any shenanigans when the electoral college arrives in the Senate. She hasn’t rejected the stupid calls for Donald Trump’s theory of “alternate” electors. When asked about acknowledging that Joe Biden is the president-elect, she said, “The president (sic) has a right to every legal recourse.” He does…and he’s out of them.

Pay attention, kids. The Constitution says the electors must meet on the same date and Congress chooses that date. That happened last Monday. The electors have met. They voted. Joe Biden is the president-elect. There are no “alternate” electors. Any move to disallow the actual electors, who have already done their job as the Constitution to the United States has specified, would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Sorry. I shouted again.

So, Kelly Loeffler wants Georgians to vote for her in an election in a state where she claims the people managing the elections are corrupt….in a runoff she reached by securing enough votes in an election she calls corrupt…for a position in the United States Senate even though she is in favor of the undemocratic and un-Constitutional positions of invalidating an election.

It’s a good thing she’s doing this pandering shit to a base of conspiratorial nutjobs in Georgia, because that state has already sent one member of Qanon to Congress.

Vladimir Putin has acknowledged Joe Biden as the president-elect. Kelly Loeffler is slower than Putin in supporting democracy…and she wants to be a United States senator?

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