Attacking America


There is concern during every presidential transition that our enemies may take advantage or test us. The objectives may be to advance an agenda against us while no one is paying much attention, to test the incoming administration to see how much they can get away with, or an excellent opportunity to grab some shit, like intel in a data hack…or Ukraine.

All our intelligence agencies agree Russia is the culprit behind a huge hack into American government and industry. Experts say this is the greatest cybersecurity breach in our nation’s history and yet, our government didn’t catch it. It was caught by a private firm when their system was hacked. To understand the extent of the attack, government agencies aren’t approaching our national security establishment, but instead, they’re going to Microsoft.

Microsoft is the same company that couldn’t get my address correct, so instead of delivering my $2,000 Surface Pro to me (under warranty), they dropped it off on the doorstep of a stabby-looking guy with a face tattoo. Good luck working with Microsoft.

This has been an excellent time for Russia to attack our infrastructure and computer system. Usually during transitions, all the experts are polishing up their resumes…in the case of Trump appointees, adding a lot of bullshit. So they’re preoccupied on their upcoming unemployment and won’t pay much attention to a cyber attack. Attack on our cybersecurity? Whatever. Is the ability to use chop sticks a job skill?

But in addition to Trump appointees not doing much about the Russia hack, the president (sic) only got around to mentioning it yesterday…naturally, in a tweet.

Since the election, Donald Trump hasn’t talked about anything except the election. He’s only left the White House to play golf and conduct one hate rally in Georgia. We’re losing about 3,000 people a day to the coronavirus and he hasn’t said anything about that. The only thing he’s said about the vaccine is that he doesn’t want Joe Biden to get credit for it (from the guy who took credit for Obama’s economy). And, he’s atually messing up the distribution of the vaccine. But when it comes to Russia, Trump has always deflected.

Trump mocks people concerned about Russia and treats them like Jan Brady and says, “Russia, Russia, Russia.” Donald Trump ignored their meddling in the 2016 election. He voluntarily gave them national security secrets in the Oval Office. He’s had aides destroy notes taken during his one-on-one meetings with Putin. He adopted Putin’s bullshit reasoning for Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, claiming it was to stop terrorism. He took Vladimir Putin’s word over American national security agencies over Russia’s meddling. He ignored reports that Putin was paying bounties for dead U.S. soldiers.

So after a week of reports that Putin is hacking into our security system, what did Trump have to say about it? He tweeted that everything is “under control.” The media is “exaggerating it.” He said, “Russia, Russia, Russia.” He blamed China and said the real concern was if they hacked into the Dominion voting machines.

So basically, the United States is being attacked and Donald Trump is using it for more conspiracy theories about the election?

Of course Donald Trump isn’t going to defend America. As we’ve seen over the past four years, Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump. How can anyone expect Donald Trump to defend America from Russia when he’s attacking America? Look what he’s done to the post office and our election. Donald Trump is helping Putin destroy the United States.

Donald Trump doesn’t defend America. He defends himself, convicts, pedophiles, and Putin.

Over the past week, convicted felon and Trump-pardoned goon General Michael Flynn floated the idea of enacting martial law and using the military to overturn the election. Here’s my conspiracy theory: Flynn is floating this idea because it came from the White House.

Lawyer Sidney Powell was on Rudy Giuliani’s legal team losing court case after case. She floated several ridiculous conspiracy theories to the point that she was removed from the legal team and the Trump Campaign lied and said they never had any association with her…despite her speaking and standing next to Rudy at his idiotic press conferences. Fortunately for Sidney, she was removed from Rudy’s side before the farts came.

It was her lie that the deceased Hugo Chavez and Venezuela corrupted Dominion voting machines that had her removed from the Trump team. So…since she was removed, why was she in an Oval Office meeting Friday? Sidney Powell being in the White House is almost as surprising as Georgia governor Brian Kemp being there for a Christmas party after Trump called for him to be imprisoned. Hope Kemp got to ask Santa for a spine.

Sidney Powell was never removed from the Trump legal team. She was just pushed aside out of the view of cameras. Like Flynn, she’s floating ideas before Trump endorses them. According to reports, Donald Trump is giving up on the Justice Department appointing a special counsel to investigate election fraud that didn’t happen…in favor of appointing his own special counsel from the White House. That’s not even a thing.

Donald Trump has no authority to appoint a special counsel…just like he doesn’t have authority to enact martial law to overturn an election, or to use the military in martial law. What Donald Trump does have the authority to do is grant a security clearance to any unqualified fucknut he deems necessary to help him act out his corruption, like Jared and Ivanka. Now, he wants to give a security clearance to Sidney Powell and appoint her as the special counsel to investigate the election. Maybe when she’s done, she can help OJ find the real killers.

The election has been called. Every state has certified the results. There was no mass voter fraud. We had an election upon the Constitution’s legal guidelines. We had the states certify per the Constitution’s guidelines. We had the electoral college meet per the Constitution’s guidelines. Joe Biden is the president-elect and will be president on January 20, 2021. The military can’t be used to enact martial law to overturn and rerun an election, which is un-Constitutional and illegal. It’s un-American. It’s un-democratic. There is no other way to describe it other than as a coup. Donald Trump is attacking America.

Donald Trump, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and all those other fucking Republicans supporting his election fraud scam are conducting sedition and trying to turn this nation into a fascist state.

And even though the military has spoken out against being used in martial law, how do we know those generals won’t be removed and replaced by the likes of Michael Flynn? How do we know Donald Trump isn’t talking about that?

Protect us from Russia? Yes, we need to be protected from Russia but we also need to be protected from Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Quite frankly, I won’t breathe easy until after January 20, 2021, when Joe Biden is in the Oval Office and Trump is toilet-tweeting from Mar-a-Lago.

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    1. You got the right baby!;) Clay Jones is a very good political cartoonist. I don’t think sanity would have been in my future without him. Clay keeps me smiling every day.

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  1. Good post. It is interesting that while the petulant acting outgoing president is threatening one more lawsuit, Fox is airing a retraction forced by threatened litigation from one voting system company and Sidney Powell has been ordered to retain all documents by another voting system company for their fraudulent claims. I would like to to see the outgoing president and his sycophants answer on camera, questions about these litigation risks..

    Based on past practice, the outgoing president will likely distance himself from this litigation saying something like he relied on their counsel so he cannot assume responsibility. Keith

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