Putin’s Cue


How bad is it that the Senate Majority Leader is behind the authoritarian leader of Russia in recognizing a democratically-elected president of the United States of America?

I understand Mitch McConnell has to appease a man-child and his followers, but he’s the leader of the Senate. He should be setting an example of how we do things in a democracy. We don’t allow our politicians, courts, or lawyers to elect our presidents…unless there’s a tie…or Florida fucked things up. OK, we hardly ever allow politicians, courts, and lawyers to elect our leaders. We normally allow voters, the citizens of this nation to do that.

When Trump defeated Clinton, he claimed his margin of victory was a landslide and unlike any this nation had seen in a very long time, despite the fact President Obama received more electoral votes than Trump in both of his presidential elections. You know, when Obama was elected twice, to a second term, not being a one-term loser. Anyway, Trump received 306 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232.

Do you know what didn’t happen when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton 306 to 232? Hillary Clinton did NOT create conspiracy theories. She did NOT refuse to concede. She did NOT refuse to admit she lost. She did NOT pursue lawsuit after lawsuit. She did NOT challenge the election in multiple states or any state. She did NOT claim there was massive voter fraud. President Obama did NOT refuse to host the president-elect (sic) at the White House. President Obama did NOT refuse to allow a transition for several weeks. Democrats did NOT refuse to congratulate or recognize the president-elect (sic). Nobody hid in a bunker and mean-tweeted other politicians for doing the right thing.

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump 306 to 232, the same outcome in the Trump/Clinton race. In doing so, he flipped FIVE states that went for Trump in 2016. He also won the popular vote which Donald Trump did not win in 2016.

There is no question, no doubt, no uncertainty, no pause, no mystery that Joe Biden won the election, that he is the president-elect, Kamala Harris is the vice-president-elect, and Jill Biden is DR. Jill Biden. There was no massive voter fraud, boats full of ballots, votes being switched from Trump to Biden, or voting machines designed by Hugo Chavez. And all those affidavits are third and fourth hand accounts, as in, “I heard someone say that someone else said that someone somewhere saw something fishy.” That’s what Rudy’s been taking to court as evidence.

Mitch McConnell hates being called “Moscow Mitch.” Oddly enough, he’s OK with “Cocaine Mitch.” But now, he’s less American than Vladimir Putin. He was behind Putin in recognizing that our democratic system works. Mitch is less concerned about appearing un-American and more concerned about pissing off Donald Trump, and having him ruin the two Senate elections in Georgia with a mean tweet, thus making Moscow Mitch, Minority Leader Mitch.

I actually like the sound of that. It’s almost as nice as “Former President (sic) Donald Trump.” To make things easier, let’s just call him “Loser Trump.”

Loser Trump has been mean-tweeting the governor of Georgia since the election. Today, he retweeted a call for his arrest. Will he want Moscow Mitch arrested for referring to Joe Biden as “Mr. President-Elect?’ God, I hope so. Bring on the mean tweets!

As for the rest of the GOP Senate, the House, and other assorted Republicans and fucknuts, follow Putin’s cue. Recognize Joe Biden. Don’t do it for Biden. Do it for the voters because by denying the results of our election is an insult to them and America.

And if you keep denying facts, I think you need to see a doctor of education. I know of one.

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    1. I have to comment on that because…right on. As I walk through my neighborhood and most signs are down, I see a few still up. And since they’re contesting all this, leave those Biden/Harris signs up until the inauguration. If they’re fighting to steal it, we have to keep fighting to keep what we won.

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      1. The few times I’ve been outside and someone’s walked or jogged by, s/he has commented that ‘I LIKE YOUR SIGN AND THAT YOU KEEP IT UP!’ All the other signs have disappeared in our neighborhood, tho. Well, one drumpf sign in an upstairs window that no one probably saw; guy who had a Confederate flag and a drumpf flag now has a half-Confederate/half-American flag up. What a waste of $$$. I objected to the Confederate flag to our neighborhood association, but it’s considered a matter of ‘free speech’. Yeah, and free speech is worth just about what you pay for it. AND the only black person in our entire subdivision, married to a white person, lives across the street from this guy. The irony . . .

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Putin gave his OK!! … “As for the rest of the GOP Senate, the House, and other assorted Republicans and fucknuts, follow Putin’s cue. Recognize Joe Biden. Don’t do it for Biden. Do it for the voters because by denying the results of our election is an insult to them and America.”

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  2. YES! Keep up the Biden sign. On Nov. 30, I drove from the NY border about 175 miles though west-central Pennsylvania. I counted over 200 Trump signs, flags, etc. but only 3 Biden signs. (Thank god for Philly, Pittsburgh, and Erie.) There are a lot of people in this country who are totally clueless or willfully ignorant.

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