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Which is worse? A zombie apocalypse or a Trump apocalypse? What if 70 million of us turned into zombies but the rest of us, the smart ones, were OK? That’s kinda what we have now except they’re not biting us…yet.

Over the weekend, there were several protests against democracy in cities as pro-Trump goons took to the streets in a national display of bellyaching and whining. That’s what these protests are, against democracy. The fact is, Joe Biden won the election. What these protesters want is overturn an election and give the office to the loser. Just in case you are a Republican, that’s NOT how democracy works. And while pro-Trump goons may not be biting us, violence broke out in several cities during these “protests.” Michigan’s capitol building is closed today because of pro-Trump goons. There have been a lot of problems with Trump goons in Michigan…where Biden won.

And, if you think Donald Trump won the election, you’re either stupid or just so dishonest that you would rather rely on fucknut sources, like Donald Trump, Qanon or shit you read on Parler, than actual news sources. Either way, you’re failing. The information is out there but you’re refusing to absorb it…which is a fault shared by many Republicans who hold elected office.

Republicans aren’t just stupid. They’re fucknuttery stupid. Don’t be like them. You may think, I’m good. I know Biden won…but I’m afraid of the coronavirus vaccine. Don’t be and don’t veer off into Conspiracy Crazy Land.

I think it’s fair to question the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. It’s fair to point out that it was rushed and developed in a much shorter time than other vaccines, like the flu, which took about a decade to develop. There have been questions as to why the flu vaccine has about a 50% effectiveness when it’s been around since the 1940s, but testing is showing the vaccine to the coronavirus has about 95% efficacy.

First off, the flu keeps changing so the vaccine is also changed. What they’re shooting in arms today isn’t the same stuff they were using in 1945. Second, there is a 95% efficacy rate for the coronavirus vaccine, but that does not mean only 5 out of 100 who take it will catch the virus…or the vaccine won’t work on them.

Don’t be confused by “effectiveness” and “efficacy.” When you hear someone say the flu only has a 50% effectiveness rate, that’s not the same as “efficacy.” The difference is, “efficacy” is just a measurement made during a clinical trial. “Effectiveness” is how well the vaccine works out in the real world. We don’t know the effectiveness rate for the coronavirus vaccine. So, when people are questioning it, they don’t have the results to question yet.

How the coronavirus vaccine works depends on a lot of factors. One being on how many people take the vaccine. While Republicans talk about “herd immunity” by 70% of the population catching the virus with a lot of us dying from it, the best way to achieve herd immunity is if 70% of the population takes the vaccine. While the entire population won’t take it, hopefully enough do to cease the spread of the virus and eventually stop it. That’s the hope.

It’s reasonable to be cautious and to seek out all the information you can get about the vaccine. Do that. Don’t just take my word for it. Don’t trust my reporting on science. I’m just a cartoonist and I did poorly at science in high school. Read! But, don’t be a fucknut like Ben Garrison. Who?

Ben Garrison is a racist, anti-Semitic conspiracy-believing lunatic who is a propagandist masquerading as a political cartoonist. The guy was invited to Trump’s White House for a bullshit summit on the media, which was a racist wet dream come true for Garrison. Then…his world came crashing down as the White House, racist Donald Trump’s White House where Stephen Miller works and that once employed Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka, disinvited him because of his anti-Semitism. Then, he sued the Anti-Defamation League for labeling one of his cartoons anti-Semitic (no word on how that’s working out yet). And his defense that he’s not anti-Semitic is his claim that…wait for it…Jews are taking over the world. Last week, he did a cartoon with an Asian where he used the term, “Me love you long time.” Him racist long time. But he also drew a cartoon where among the 2,000 labels in it (he uses a lot of labels because he sucks), he claimed the vaccine to the coronavirus will give you cancer, sterilize you, give your kids autism, kill you, make you gay, and plant a tracking device inside of you.

OK. I made up the part about making you gay. If it turns you gay, you’ll be fine. If it turns you into a Trumper, I’m so sorry.

But seriously, this is insanity…and Garrison has over 230,000 followers on Twitter who are just as insane (to be fair, a lot of those followers may be people laughing at him for the wrong reasons). I have a little over 9,000 and I’m a real boy….I mean cartoonist. You can have concerns about the virus while not believing it’ll plant a chip inside you. The most absurd thing is, these people believing in the tracking device probably all have cell phones which do track you. Or at the very least, they’re complaining about tracking devices on social media. If you’re on Twitter, you made tracking easy.

There is a chance the vaccine will hurt you. You may have an adverse reaction if you have an allergy. It may make you sick. It may kill you. Those odds are very low and are about the same as any other vaccination. Do you know what has higher odds of killing you than the vaccine to the coronavirus? The coronavirus.

I may have the antibodies in me already, but I don’t know how long they will last. Science doesn’t know how long they’ll last. I will take the vaccine if it comes my way…which will probably be a while.

There is another way of knowing the vaccine is safe. If Dr. Anthony Fauci says it’s safe, take the damn vaccine. And if fucknuts are screaming it’ll plant a tracking device inside you, then you know it’s safe. Take the damn vaccine. It’s like facemasks and social distancing. The more who do it, the safer all of us will be. Take the damn vaccine.

After the election and Joe Biden’s administration is in charge of distributing the vaccine, I expect Donald Trump to tell you it’s not safe and he’ll retweet Nazis spreading conspiracy theories about it. Then, you will know it’s safe.

Take the damn vaccine.

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  1. Let me get this straight! You are too stupid, to do your own research to know that Bill Gates has every Pharmaceutical company in his hip pocket! So your brain will be to liberal to understand this, but his plan is to have nanochips in EVERY vaccine from EVERY pharmaceutical company in which an app on EVERY phone will know where you are at every hour of every day & who you are with! Bill Gates wants to track every man, woman & child on the planet!! And good luck if you want to have a long life because Bill Gates has killed more people in 3rd world countries with vaccines than anyone! Bet you’ve never heard that! And if you plan to have children, good luck with that! Most likely these vaccine will sterilize people within a few years & within 5 years you could be dead! So good luck taking that vaccine! Go ahead, I won’t be taking it, why? Because, I have done my research thoroughly! Bill Gates unleashed this virus in China knowing they could not control it, to cause a pandemic to eliminate at least 500 million on the planet! He succeeded! Why? Because he thinks, he can save the planet from global warming! Wrong! God will destroy this earth when He is ready & no man can control that! Laugh all you want but I will have an everlasting life after this world is gone? Will you?
    It’s nothing to laugh about, you either are a child of God or at the end of time you cease to exist! Take your pick! Me, I’m planning on eternity!

    So now Bill Gates thinks he can create the vaccine to cure the virus he unleashed! And he has another virus coming, covid-21! We are already hearing of another variation! He’s as evil as they come! Is that you? You want to be like him? Or do you want that everlasting life I talked about? Evil = cease to exist. Christian = everlasting life. Choices! You chose!


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