Cheated By Democracy


A lot of American Venezuelans voted for Donald Trump because they don’t want America to become like Venezuela, you know…where the leader refused to step down and recognize a fair election.

Sorry for the short blog. I woke to a surprise assignment today.

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Watch me draw.


  1. The Orange Clown is The American Chavez , same shit but in English .. is not about right or Left is about A crook in Power . now Bill Bar will be the most dangerous Clown in USA for the next 2.5 months . The amplification of false claims from now on is going to be insane .. Dictators don’t leave with Votes

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  2. Great work. I feel cheated too, that it wasn’t a landslide for Biden. Difficult to believe the amount of people who can support such a corrupt, selfish and hatefilled person.

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