You’re Fired


There’s a line in The 40-Year-Old Virgin that has come to my mind. It is, “Dude, get the fuck out of here.”

The toadies, the followers, the sycophants, the cult, and the MAGAts are screaming and crying that the guy who asked Russia if they were listening in 2016 and asked Ukraine for help in 2019 is now being cheated.

The cult is upset that the bulk of mail-in ballots are heavy in Joe Biden’s favor, forgetting that they didn’t vote early or by mail. They’re forgetting their cultist leader told them not to vote early.

The cult is forgetting that it’s not unique to take days to count ballots. They don’t understand election day ballots were counted first in most locations. Because of this, a come-from-behind victory for Joe Biden in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia look funny. They’re calling fraud. They believe it’s fraud that all ballots are counted and that every vote counts. They blame Democratic Party-run states forgetting that Georgia is controlled by Republicans.

They believe Biden gaining an advantage after they had the lead is fraudulent, except in Arizona.

They forget that President Obama called Hillary Clinton and suggested she concede the election. They forget President Obama was presidential and cooperated with a transfer of power. They forget that President Obama sat through Donald Trump’s inauguration and cringe-worthy American carnage speech.

Now, the crowd who called us “snowflakes” and spent four years “owning the libs” are being a bunch of crybaby snowflakes.

These cultists have proven time and time again they put the cult of personality above policy. They have put Donald Trump before democracy. Their complaints about the vote count is hypocritical, whiny, and stupid. Their only argument is that counting didn’t stop after Trump had the lead. They demand that the counting stop now not realizing that if we did stop counting now, Joe Biden would win.

Like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden won the popular vote. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden also won the Electoral College. When the other candidate gets more votes than you, you have a lousy argument for winning the election. Elections have consequences. You lost. Get over it.

So of course, lousy winners make for lousy losers. Should I care about their feelings during this? Nope. I don’t care.

Now, there are reports that nobody in the White House wants to be the bearer of bad news. Nobody wants to tell Donald Trump he has lost. In that case, I will be glad to go back up to Washington and accept the task of delivering the bad news to Donald Trump because unlike Republicans, I am not afraid of him.

I will be more than happy to look Donald Trump in the eye, this person who’s more a collection of bad personality traits than human who spent four years lying to us from a position he never belonged in, “Dude, get the fuck out of here. Get out of our house.”

You’re fired.

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  1. I want to go with you! PLEASE let me go with you. I’ve waited so long for this chance. Being from NY I have known of the cheeto-faced man since the 60s. I’ve hated him for that long also.
    You know how he claims that he was downtown 2 days after the towers went down? Well, not sure if you have noticed that photo of him in his pretty black suit (bad fit also) and tie walking downtown and not a speck of dust on him. EVERYONE who was outside for the following 2 weeks in that area was covered in dust in minutes. It was everywhere. But on him. ????

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    1. hmmbacon, you have got a decade longer than me for despising 45. I first read about him in the mid-70s when he got hooked up with Roy Cohn and other older despots. 45 reminds me of that movie “The Picture of Dorian Gray,(1945)” always narcissistic, always self-absorbed, always on the make and always on the con. I absolutely despise 45 with every atom of my being.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Hey, hey!! …“Dude, get the fuck out of here. The toadies, the followers, the sycophants, the cult, and the MAGAts are screaming and crying that the guy who asked Russia if they were listening in 2016 and asked Ukraine for help in 2019 is now being cheated.” … gimme a break!!

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    1. Tarred and feathered would be fabulous, but public shaming and fines for taking mail-sorting machines and drop boxes away should be paid for by him and 45.

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      1. I guess you read that there were mail sorting machines in dumpsters that had never even been set up. Our tax dollars at work. You know that Cheeto-face will just declare bankruptcy if he is told he has to pay.

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    1. She has already been elected. She is a Qanon supporter and won the election. She is as dangerous as trump. And if I had a brain at this time of day, after all we have been through, I could tell you her name and the state. But if you have been keeping up you know the woman I mean. This is so very scary. And I so enjoyed listening to your randumbthoughts above. Glad I watched it. You got it all perfectly right. He needs to be made an example of, and it needs to be out in the open. Thank you for that.

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