Diverse Convention


On the first night of the Republican convention, the GOP rolled out minority speakers, you know…whenever a Trump wasn’t speaking.

There was Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, a black guy here, a Cuban there, and a Puerto Rican who is a true Trumpista because she doesn’t know Puerto Rico is a part of the United States. Seriously, Kimberly Guilfoyle, you’re not a “first-generation American” and you’re not an immigrant.

When speaking of the black vote, Republicans’ key word is “plantation.” Isn’t that kinda racist to look at a black person and think “plantation?” They say black Republicans got off the plantation by not voting for the Democratic Party anymore. They scream about being free thinkers while speaking at a convention where the entire platform directive is to worship Trump.

Donald Trump and his campaign say he’s going to improve his black vote from 2016. Well he had better because it doesn’t get much worse than 8 percent which is what he got in 2016. Any bets he does any better? From last night’s convention, despite the showing of non-white support, I’m going to say, “No.”

Why? Because while they had non-whites speaking, they had a hateful message. For example, they brought out the idiot gun-toting couple who was frightened by black people walking down their street. So they went outside with mustard stains on their shirts and screamed at pedestrians who were not on their property, all the while pointing loaded weapons at them. They’re aghast they have been charged with crimes because pointing guns at scary black people should be legal. But their main message was, this could happen anywhere in America.

Yes, the Republican Party is warning that if Joe Biden is elected, in addition to outlawing religion, burning down your church, outlawing free thinking, and implementing a communist agenda throughout the nation, a black person may one day walk past your house.

Donald Trump’s message is even worse. He’s warning that if Joe Biden is elected, a black family might buy the house next door in your suburbs. If they do, say hi.

But this president who praises and retweets Nazis, hires white nationalists, says “send them back,” and tweets “white power” isn’t a racist and will increase his black vote.

If you want to believe Donald Trump isn’t a racist, but want to buy that all those non-white speakers is proof, then I recommend watching the rest of the convention on mute…especially if Don Jr’s girlfriend speaks again. Republicans have yet to figure out that they need more black people in their party than just the ones they put on TV.

And for all the words said at this Republican convention, those you won’t hear are “Jacob Blake” and “black lives matter.”

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  1. Thank you for watching that parade of evil absurdity. I found other things to do last night than stick my head in the Trump cesspool. I preferred to read today’s reports from reasonable, thinking lifeforms who bravely held their noses and exposed their brain cells in the gooey Trumpian display of urgent stupidity.

    If there still exists an undefiled medal of honor, I would present it to you.

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    1. my power was out (they’re taking some from my part of texas and sending it to louisiana periodically to help with energy restoration there), so I had a good reason I couldn’t watch it. I just can’t understand why people want to vote for him. How afraid can you be of folks that don’t look and sound just like you? How many folks do we have that have that problem out there?

      Yeah, we were living a mythology in America til Barack Obama came along as president. Suddenly, all these freaked out folks showed their true colors. They probably didn’t even realize how freaked out they were til it was challenged by an articulate, competent black man in the highest office. I call myself a “recovering recluse” because the universe knows I stink at social interaction, but these freaked-out whites make me seem like a cheerleader on Red Bull, full of hugs and smiles when I have to meet new people. I’ll talk to anyone (making friends is harder), but damn, I just don’t get it.

      I don’t get the fear of “the other.” I’ve read it, and thought that was in the past. Amazing how many folks have clung to that idea instead, and how covert it was for so many decades. I hope we scrub the disease out of this wound soon, because this hatred and fear is going to destroy us all.

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    1. especially after all the coverage about puerto rico the past few years after hurricane michael. You’d think some of that would’ve sunk in at some point. Maybe they oughta take world geography again as a college course. Plenty of american history, but world geography should be a requirement, too.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “If you want to believe Trump isn’t a racist, but want to buy that all those non-white speakers is proof, then I recommend watching the rest of the convention on mute … especially if Don Jr’s girlfriend speaks again. Republicans have yet to figure out that they need more black people in their party than just the ones they put on TV.” … the whole ‘convention’ is an attack on ALL the senses!!

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