Conways Fall Well


When I see arguments between liberals, or even Republicans, and Trump supporters, it’s not even about differences of opinion. It used to be that way and everyone could agree to disagree. The marriage of James Carville and Mary Matalin is one of political opposites as he worked on the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign and she worked in opposition for the George H.W. Bush campaign. They’ve been married since 1993. 

But now in the Trump era, it’s not differences of opinions that’s our problem. It’s a difference of morals, values, and principles. Personally, I refuse to agree to disagree when it comes to morals and ethics, of which Trump supporters have none. I cannot respect opinions based on conspiracy theories and already debunked bullshit.

I hate to analyze someone else’s marriage, but I will wonder out loud. How in the hell do the Conways make it work? Kellyanne Conway works for Donald Trump as a counselor. Before working for Donald Trump, she was against him. Over the past four years, she’s been on the front lines being a Donald Trump bullshit dispenser. If she was a Pez, bullshit would be coming out of her neck. Remember the “alternative facts” line?

George Conway is a Republican too, but he’s against Donald Trump. He’s spent the past four years tweeting at him. He set up a PAC to help defeat him and he’s one of the founders of the Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans working to prevent Donald Trump from having a second term.

Would it be unfair to say George has principles and Kellyanne doesn’t? In one Twitter feud between George and Donald Trump, she took Trump’s side. So, how do their children see this when their mother takes another man’s side, a lying unethical corrupt man, over their father? One threatens to leave home.

The Conways 15-year-old daughter, Claudia, has been posting videos against Trump on TikTok (maybe another reason he wants to ban it). She has announced her wish to seek emancipation from her parents and has claimed “years of childhood trauma and abuse.”

The Conways are both stepping down from their positions, Kellyanne from the White House, and George from the Lincoln Project, to “focus on family.” But, where do they start? With alternative facts? Good luck, Conways.

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, Donald Trump destroys everything he comes close to. He destroys his own marriages. Plural.

I just hope that whatever they do, they don’t call any Republicans for marital or religious advice. While all the Republicans were delivering ominous warnings at last night’s GOP convention on how Democrats would shut down churches and destroy religion (which is very rich coming from Donald Trump Jr), they ignored Trump advocate Jerry Falwell Jr’s current dilemma after it was revealed his wife was having an affair with a pool boy, and according to reports, he liked to watch.

OK. Everybody together now….Eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Falwell stepped down from his position at the ultra-right-wing Liberty University after a photo came out of him with another woman, his wife’s assistant, where they both had their pants unzipped and he was drinking a very dark beverage. Then reports came out that he liked to talk to coworkers about his sex life and share “provocative” photos of his wife.

When you see Falwell and all those speakers at the Republican convention, they remind you of vinyl siding salesmen you can’t get off your porch. At the very least, you would think somebody would have thought of de-greasing Don Jr before he spoke.

I think every speaker last night spoke about religion, God, churches, and none mentioned Falwell. Even the coronavirus was mentioned once or twice. Donald Trump even praised a dictator to the man that dictator held hostage, but he didn’t mention Jerry Falwell Jr. 

But maybe the GOP and Trump, any one of the seven speaking at the convention (it’s seven if you count Jr’s screeching scary girlfriend), can take advantage of the icky Falwell sex thing and while warning suburban white woman that black people might walk down their street or even worse, buy the house next door, that if they reelected Donald Trump that they’ll each get her own pool boy.

If nothing else, you realize why Jerry Falwell Jr doesn’t think it’s a big deal that Donald Trump likes to “grab them by the pussy.” Maybe Falwell is hoping to watch.

Republicans and Trump supporters should follow Kellyanne’s lead. Leave the shitshow before your family becomes a shitshow. Look at the Falwells.

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  1. Great Cartoon! If I was drinking my coffee, I would have spit it out! I gave an out loud laugh, which is not always the case, most times I am horrified by what is goin on. So, was there an agenda in the RNC for 2021-2024…or just scare tactics to make the Democrats look like the devil? I am in Mexico and only caught a few acts from the PTBarnum Circus

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