Kenosha Commotion


With a cult following as stupid, racist, and reactionary as Donald Trump’s, it’s very dangerous when he encourages division and violence. Donald Trump telegraphs his people to incite violence and other times, he’s not saying it clear.

Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man was shot in the back at least seven times by the Kenosha, Wisconsin Police Department. For you Trump cultists out there, it doesn’t matter if he had a criminal history. It doesn’t matter if there was a warrant for his arrest. It doesn’t matter if he resisted arrest. Police do not have the right to use lethal force on unarmed people who aren’t posing a threat. The cops shot him in front of children.

For the past few days, there have been protests in Kenosha. Yes, there has been violence and destruction. Now, inject white gun-toting militia men posing as vigilantes and you have a recipe for a disaster. What does this have to do with Donald Trump? Everything.

Last night during the Trump hate convention, I only heard Jacob Blake’s name once. Melania mentioned unrest in the streets but all she said about that was an acknowledgement of it.

Also from last night, armed militia men took to the streets in Kenosha, killed two people and injured at least one. There is a video of a white man running down the street with an AR-15 type weapon, who stops, turns, and starts shooting at protesters. There are reports that when he ran by cops, he put his arms in the air to surrender, and they cops ignored him and let him go. This is why there are riots.

When police apprehended George Floyd for trying to cash a counterfeit $20 bill, they killed him. When they apprehended Eric Garner for selling loose cigarettes, they killed him. They killed Breonna Taylor while she was in bed and they were looking for someone else. When they captured white shooter Dylann Roof who had just executed nine black people in a church, the cops took him to Burger King. And when they see a white man running down the street right after he had shot into a crowd of black people, they let him keep running.

Can you start to appreciate why there are calls to defund the police? Don’t you see there are different systems of treatment and justice for white and black people?

And yes, Donald Trump approves of this. He instigated what happened last night.

Last April, Donald Trump encouraged armed men to storm the state capitol building in Lansing, Michigan. He tweeted to loyal base of racists, “Liberate Michigan.” He also tried to stir up violence in other states with Democratic governors when he tweeted, “Liberate Minnesota” and “Liberate Virginia.”

During this week’s convention, the hate and fear is widespread. Other than Melania, every speaker has promised doom and gloom if Donald Trump loses the election. They’re lying while warning the nation will erupt in violence in Joe Biden’s America. Why, the cities will burn in Joe Biden’s America…and to argue their case, they use footage from Donald Trump’s America.

During the convention, they brought out the gun-toting Missouri couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who took to their lawn with weapons, she with a pistol and him with an AR-15 type weapon, to point them at black people walking on the sidewalk in front of their home. They claim they were protecting their home from the people walking down the sidewalk. The McCloskeys warned what happened to them could happen to anybody in America… know, any white person in America. 

The Republicans are making heroes out of this couple, currently being charged for pointing guns at people, for pointing guns at innocent and peaceful protesters. In bringing them out and putting them on TV endorsing Donald Trump, the Republican Party is endorsing armed militias to take to the streets.

In addition, Donald Trump is warning if he loses, black people may move into your white suburb.

The armed goons in Kenosha weren’t protecting anything. You don’t protect property by running down the street shooting at people. Many of the armed goons aren’t protecting their homes and businesses because they’re not from Kenosha. These goons saw an opportunity to walk around with guns to overcompensate for their tiny penises, to feel good about being asshole Republicans, and maybe if they’re lucky, get to shoot some black people. And ya’ know, the cops in Kenosha just might let them get away with it. How many black men running down the street with semi-automatic weapons do you think the Kenosha police let go last night? 

What’s going on in Kenosha is a result from a message of hate, fear, racism, destruction, and gun violence.

Donald Trump approves that message. What happened last night happened in Donald Trump’s America.

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  1. I am heartsick. Kenosha was my hometown from 1956 until 2015. I know every street, every building; the school at which I worked for 25 years was vandalized (it’s across Civic Center Park from the courthouse that you see in all the videos). If this was a normal school year and I was still working, I’d be having a birds-eye view of the daytime events.

    I never realized that ‘my’ city was so racist, the cops so angry. Of course, I’m a white woman, so how would *I* have known or experienced any of this? Both Hubby and I worked in schools in what was once called ‘ghetto’ schools (now pc, ‘lower socio-economic areas’) . . . I wonder how many of the peaceful protesters were once our students. Neither of us can say we saw the racism that seems to be so endemic in Kenosha, altho I have to admit, we both retired in 2005, waaaaaay before the Orange Ape took over and his minions crawled out from under rocks, having been given permission to say and do what they long had thought and wished to do.

    However, it’s the outsiders who, as usual, came in to disrupt the peaceful protests and do the damage. These outsiders were interviewed, dressed in all their militia gear, and allowed to roam free . . . I don’t remember Wisconsin being an ‘open carry’ state (it became a ‘concealed carry’ state when rethuglican Scott Walker took over).

    And neither is Wisconsin a ‘Democrat’ state, despite Governor Evers being a Democrat; the legislature – which blocks his every move – is made up of rethuglicans. So you can’t even blame this on Dems, as drumpf is wont to do.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    THIS!! … “The armed goons in Kenosha weren’t protecting anything. You don’t protect property by running down the street shooting at people. Many of the armed goons aren’t protecting their homes and businesses because they’re not from Kenosha. These goons saw an opportunity to walk around with guns to overcompensate for their tiny penises, to feel good about being asshole Republicans, and maybe if they’re lucky, get to shoot some black people.”


  3. Jesse Jackson is (of course) getting into some of the publicity engendered by the murders and chaos in Kenosha, so I managed to find this . . .

    Kenosha Mayor Gene Dorff introduces JJ as ‘Spearchucker’ when AMC/Chrysler closed in 1988.

    We’ve come so far, haven’t we . . . NOT.

    (I was really surprised to find it on youtube; is there ANYthing that isn’t on there??? Back in the day [1988], I read about it, but never saw the actual event. Needless to say, Chrysler left Kenosha anyway, leaving behind a lot of unemployment. [My dad, who worked for AMC/Chrysler from 1960, was manager of the testing track in Yuma, AZ by this time, which was closed a few years later.)

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  4. This cartoon and Clay’s commentary is his most clear statement on the flames of police brutality and outraged citizens fanned into conflagration but chief terrorist Trump, the enemy of domestic tranquillity.

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