Tucker And Trump’s Anti-Troops Tantrums


If you fought in a war for this country, and perhaps was even wounded in combat, have you asked yourself, “have I done enough?” And have you? Have you done enough in the eyes of Tucker?

Tucker Carlson doesn’t believe you have done enough. At least, not if you disagree with Tucker. Even if you lost both legs in combat, you have not earned the right to voice an opinion that’s different from Tucker’s. To people who threaten Tucker’s white privilege, he says, “We have to fight to preserve our nation & heritage.”

Fight? Tucker? Sure. Tucker has never been in combat or even in the military, but he does understand what it’s like to fight to win because he was on “Dancing with the Stars,” thankfully because he didn’t lose both legs in combat. He knows what it’s like to fight because he’s currently in court fighting to win more than the one-dollar his mother left him in her will. How is Tucker supposed to fund his white privilege, heritage and culture on a buck? Tucker knows what it’s like to fight because he was in a verbal exchange with Jon Stewart that left his show, “Crossfire,” in ruins and Tucker jobless.

In Tucker’s defense, he did try to join the Central Intelligence Agency after college, but after determining he was lacking in intelligence and was the kind of worm whose own mother would probably only leave a buck for in her will, he was rejected.

But one thing we know about Tucker is that he loves America. We know this because he says so behind a desk on Fox News. Tucker says Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, who lost both of her legs piloting a helicopter in Iraq, does not love America. Tucker says the female Thai-American, and Somali-born Representative Ilhan Omar (who he once used as an example of what’s wrong with immigration) are threatening his “culture and heritage.”

Tucker doesn’t believe Russia meddled much in our elections. He thinks Mexico meddled more by sending people to the United States to vote. He thinks liberals hate America more than Vladimir Putin. While Tucker is questioning the patriotism of wounded war vets, he’s giving Donald Trump a pass on inviting Russia to meddle in our elections, taking Putin’s side over our intelligence agencies like the CIA, being subservient to Putin, asking Ukraine and China to meddle in the 2020 election, and not pressuring Putin or doing anything about the Russian authoritarian placing a bounty on the killing of American service members in Afghanistan. What Tucker is more upset about is a veteran who is open to a discussion about removing monuments of George Washington.

Duckworth responded to CNN’s Dana Bash after being asked about removing monuments to Washington with, “Well, let me just say that we should start off by having a national dialogue on it at some point. But, right now, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. And our . . . one of our ally . . . one of our . . . countries that are opposed to us, Russia, has put a bounty on American troops’ head.” How dare she want to focus on defending American troops more than statues. Why she must not love America as much as Tucker does.

Personally, I’m not in favor of removing monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. But I’m not afraid of talking about it. Both founding fathers were slave owners. They were complicated. I’m in favor of presenting them as they were, real human beings with flaws and not as mythical figures. But for Tucker, talking about it is a threat to his white privilege, culture, and heritage. Or, is Tucker trying to change the conversation and is really more afraid of talking about Putin placing a bounty on American troops and Donald Trump not doing anything about it?

Over the past few nights, from the comfort of his Fox News show which is almost solely supported by MyPillow after advertisers have bailed on it due to his racist comments toward Black Lives Matter, Tucker has called a war vet a “coward.”

Tucker Carlson, who I should remind you is named “Tucker,” and the closest he’s ever come to being wounded is during his manicures, has called a wounded war veteran a “coward.” Tucker has gone on to call Senator Duckworth a “moron” and a “vandal.” I guess she’s vandalizing his white privilege.

Tucker’s anti-immigrant nationalism resonates with the Trump base as he’s now surpassed Sean Hannity for the top-rated show, despite advertisers fleeing for other programs (except for that MyPillow guy). It’s mostly resonated with Trump himself, who has tweeted video excerpts of Tucker’s attacks on women of color.

Tucker claims people like Senator Tammy Duckworth are threats to his “culture and heritage,” while Thai-American Tammy Duckworth’s culture and heritage includes serving America in combat. In addition to fighting in Iraq for this country, an ancestry search has revealed her relatives fought in the American Revolution and every major war in our nation’s history. In addition to fighting for her country and losing two limbs in the process, Tammy Duckworth is a descendant of someone who literally fought alongside George Washington. So, I think she’s qualified to say let’s have a discussion about monuments to Washington.

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump are both cowards. Tucker could have fought in Desert Storm in 1990/1991. He could have fought in Iraq or Afghanistan in the early 2000s (I could have too but you don’t see me attacking wounded vets and calling them “cowards”). Donald Trump could have served in Vietnam, but his daddy had a doctor claim Donald had bone spurs to avoid the draft. Tucker and Donald are cowards.

Tucker is just like Donald Trump in that they’re tough guys who play arm-chair warriors while attacking people who have served our country. Tucker’s attacks on Senator Duckworth are similar to Donald Trump’s attacks on POW John McCain when he said, “I like people who weren’t captured.” Trump and Tucker attack our vets while they defend Russia’s attacks on our nation. Donald Trump is tearing America apart and Tucker is enabling him. The biggest mystery is why conservatives, who claim to be the most patriotic, and veterans still support these two.

Feel free to argue over politics with a veteran. Feel free to disagree. They fought so you have that freedom. But do NOT question their patriotism or love for the country they fought for and that you sat at home and gave opinions about. Don’t vilify and dehumanize wounded veterans because it suits your politics. And don’t do it to serve a lying coward like Captain Bonespurs Donald Trump. Tucker Carlson complains that he’s not “allowed” to question their patriotism. Guess what, Tucker. You’re not.

Senator Duckworth had the perfect response to coward Tucker’s attacks on her patriotism. She tweeted an invite for him to “walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America.”

Spoiler alert: Tucker doesn’t.

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      1. (My apology, Mike, I just noticed I directed this reply to you instead of to Andrea.)
        And she should not “have to” get used to this kind of abuse. There are laws in the USA, are there not, regarding hate speech? That law is supposed to protect her. If it cannot protect a possible Vice-President of your country, who can it protect. But then, who has it protected of late? Only white people!

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  1. This country has a very large population of people that just don’t care. They are easy to identify today. For one they do not wear masks to protect others from a virus they are carrying. They don’t care if they give you a virus. I walk away from people like that. Keep a lot of distance from them. If they need help it won’t come from me. You are on your own. I didn’t always used to be like this but I have been taught well by Trump and his selfish cult. Tucker Carlson’s day will come. Pay back will be a bitch too! I can wait. Same with trump. I can wait. Patience is a virtue.

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  2. These aren’t “tough guys,” they are privileged little shits who have been hiding behind their money since birth. How any working class schmoe could get behind either of these “snake oil salesman” is mind boggling.

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “Dios los cría y ellos se juntan!” … is a saying in Spanish! God creates them and then they get together! …. Both of them get stuck on my throat and do not go past my tonsils!! Arrgghh!! … “Tucker is just like Trump in that they’re tough guys who play armchair warriors while attacking people who have served our country.”

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