Toast Our Troops

Last June, the United States Senate passed a bill that would provide health care and benefits for millions of veterans injured by exposure to toxins, from Agent Orange in Vietnam to burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan. It had bipartisan support, passing 84-14, but a technical error required another vote. No problem, right? It’s already passed once before so we know the support is there. I mean, Republicans and Democrats both support our troops, right? Nope.

On Thursday, the second vote failed. The final vote was 55-42 (with three senators abstaining), falling short of the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster. What happened? How’d it go from 84 senators supporting it to just 55? The answer is, Republicans.

The bill, known as the PACT Act, no longer would force generations of veterans to prove their illness was caused by toxic exposures suffered in the military in order to get VA coverage. It had been hailed as the largest expansion of care in VA history and was expected to cost $280 billion over a decade. Activists have been fighting for this for over a dozen years. One of its biggest supporters is comedian Jon Stewart.

More than two dozen Republicans switched their votes, claiming that it forced “mandatory” spending. This is bullshit since the bill they voted against Thursday was EXACTLY the same as the bill they voted for in June. Also, who cares if the spending is “mandatory?” Shouldn’t all spending on the health of those who fought for our nation be mandatory?

Outside the Capitol, Stewart said, “They lived up to their oath! These people thought they could finally breathe. You think their trouble ends because the Pact Act passes? All that means is they don’t have to decide between their cancer drugs and their house.”

Democratic Senator Jon Tester said, “My colleagues can make up all sorts of excuses as to why they decided to change their vote for this bill, but the bottom line is, veterans will suffer and die as a result on behalf of these excuses, and that’s why we’ve got to pass this bill.”

Republican Senator Pat Toomey, who led the opposition to the bill, called it a “budgetary gimmick” by the Democrats and said it would create $400 billion in unrelated spending by moving it from the discretionary to mandatory category.

The Republicans who switched their votes are John Barrasso, Marsha Blackburn, Roy Blunt, Mike Braun, Bill Cassidy, John Cornyn, Tom Cotton, Kevin Cramer, Ted Cruz, Joni Ernst, Deb Fischer, Bill Hagerty, Josh Hawley, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Jim Inhofe, Ron Johnson, John Kennedy, Roger Marshall, Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, Ben Sasse, Tim Scott, Rick Scott, Dan Sullivan, and Todd Young. Additionally, Steve Daines and Roger Wicker voted against the bill after not voting in June.

This is just like when they claim to support police and then vote against a commendation for those who fought off the white nationalist Trump terrorists during the January 6 coup attempt.

The bill is named for Heath Robinson, who served near a burn pit during his deployments to Kosovo and Iraq with the Ohio National Guard and died of a rare cancer in 2020. His mother-in-law Susan Zeier said of those senators who voted against the bill, “Every single one has pictures with veterans on their Facebook pages, on their websites. Well, screw that, they don’t support veterans. If you won’t vote on this bill, you do not support veterans.”

Standing around in an airport with a Dr. Pepper after the vote, and probably trying to catch a flight to Cancun, Ted Cruz told TMZ that Jon Stewart was “actually kinda funny” but he opposed the bill because the Democrats are playing a “budgetary trick” by taking “discretionary” spending and moving it to “mandatory.” Jon Stewart had a reply to this.

Stewart described Cruz’s claim as “inaccurate, not true, bullshit”

Stewart said, “Now I’m not a big city, Harvard-educated lawyer,” he said, “but I can read. It’s always been mandatory spending, so the government can’t just cut off their funding at any point. No trick, no gimmick, been there the whole fucking time.”

Ted Cruz is stupid enough to take on Jon Stewart. It’s not a good idea. Don’t these goons remember when Tucker Carlson tried to take him on years ago? What happened then was, Tucker lost his show.

Cruz said he supports the bill even though he voted against it. I’m not big city Harvard-educated lawyer either, but I know that if you support a bill, you vote for it. You don’t vote against it then stand around in an airport drinking Dr. Pepper saying you support it. Ted Cruz, this is why people don’t like you, you sanctimonious piece of shit.

Stewart used his YouTube channel to go after Cruz and the other Republicans where he lambasted them for “praising to the heavens our nation’s fighting men and women” and then played a clip of Cruz “fist-bumping his Senate colleagues after removing those same veterans’ benefits and healthcare for toxic wounds.”

Jon Stewart ended his video by calling Cruz a “motherfucker.”

So, why did Republicans vote for it and then vote against it when the bill hadn’t changed? There isn’t an official reason from the GOP, at least not one that makes sense. They talked about discretionary and mandatory spending along with “budgetary gimmicks.” These same people who never raise concerns or even notice if spending is mandatory or discretionary when they vote for aircraft carriers, nuclear missiles, and tax cuts for asshole billionaire trust-fund babies now pretend to care about spending when it comes to our veterans.


The reason they did this is that they’re upset over Senator Joe Manchin reaching a deal with Chuck Schumer and Democrats on the Build Back Better plan. This is a win for President Biden. So, in protest, the GOP took something bipartisan to punish the Democrats. Instead, they’re punishing our veterans.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said the “charitable explanation” is that Republicans simply changed their minds, with the alternative being that they “are mad that Democrats are on the verge of passing climate change legislation and have decided to take out their anger on vulnerable veterans.”

Republicans are sore losers so they’re going to take something totally unrelated and use wounded veterans as political pawns. They are screwing our veterans over for their politics.

Jon Stewart is right. They’re all motherfuckers.

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Long Weekend


Vice-President Kamala Harris tweeted Saturday, “Enjoy the long weekend.” Immediately, conservatives lost their freaking minds. Why did they lose their minds? Do they hate weekends along with hating Capitol Police and anyone else who fights white nationalist terrorists?

No. They lost their shit because the vice-president didn’t mention Memorial Day in her tweet. Conservatives went after her, trying to lecturing what Memorial Day is about, calling her “stupid,” and “disrespectful.” Former South Carolina governor and ambassador to the United Nation under Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, tweeted that it was “unprofessional” and “unfit.” Uh, Ms. Haley, you served under Donald Trump.

Conservatives have rediscovered their love for veterans and patriotism just like they’ve rediscovered their concern for an expanding federal deficit since Donald Trump left Washington in a hissy. But while running for president in 2016, Donald Trump feuded with Gold Star families, parents who lost children in our wars. Nikki Haley was initially a critic of Donald Trump, laughed along while Marco Rubio told tiny dick jokes about Trump, but after Tiny secured the nomination, she shredded her integrity faster than you can say, “POWs are not war heroes.”

That’s what Donald Trump said about John McCain. Hair Fuhrer first said McCain wasn’t a hero and then said he was only a hero “because he got captured.” To me, that’s unprofessional and unfit…not just for the presidency, but to be a human.

But here’s the thing, kiddos: Your vice-president, Kamala Harris, did tweet about Memorial Day, multiple times. It’s just that she didn’t mention it in that one. I suppose over the “long” weekend, you need to say “support our troops” in every sentence.

What’s you have for breakfast today (support our troops)?

How’s the weather (support our troops)?

I love a good ham sandwich (support our troops).

Why are they making another Fast and Furious movie (support our troops)?

Isn’t Nikki Haley a ridiculous pandering hypocritical idiot (support our troops)?

This is just more gaslighting by Republicans. They spent four years making excuses when they weren’t being silent over Donald Trump’s attacks on veterans, our war dead, and their families. In France, he didn’t want to attend a ceremony for war dead because the weather would mess with the bleached dead skunk that’s an excuse for a toupee. Donald Trump sucked and Republicans were happy to play along just so long as they got what they wanted. Nikki Haley wanted some bullshit to pad her resume and she got it.

Now, Nikki Haley thinks it’s presidential to attack Kamala Harris over a tweet while she spent four years playing along with Donald Trump. What was unfit and unprofessional was criticizing Donald Trump for starting an insurrection…and then backtracking on it, which is exactly what Haley did.

Speaking of Trump, he too released a statement ahead of Memorial Day. He said, “With Memorial Day Weekend coming up, tomorrow people start driving in the biggest automobile days of the year. I’m sorry to say the gasoline prices that you will be confronted with are far higher than they were just a short number of months ago where we had gasoline under $2 a gallon. Remember as you’re watching the meter tick, and your dollars pile up, how great of a job Donald Trump did as President. Soon Russia and the Middle East will be making a fortune on oil, and you will be saying how good it was to have me as your President. Wasn’t it great to be energy independent, but we are energy independent no more. Shame, shame, shame. Other than that, have a great Memorial Day Weekend!”

Just so long as he mentioned Memorial Day, right, fuckers?

If you’re upset the vice-president didn’t mention Memorial Day in one tweet, but are silent over Trump using the holiday to praise himself, attack others, lie his little orange balls off, and basically just shout at pigeons, you might be a hypocrite. If you spent the past four years silent during Donald Trump’s reign of terror, then I suggest your spend the next four with your clap shut as well.

And before I get in trouble, “happy Memorial Day.”

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Tucker And Trump’s Anti-Troops Tantrums


If you fought in a war for this country, and perhaps was even wounded in combat, have you asked yourself, “have I done enough?” And have you? Have you done enough in the eyes of Tucker?

Tucker Carlson doesn’t believe you have done enough. At least, not if you disagree with Tucker. Even if you lost both legs in combat, you have not earned the right to voice an opinion that’s different from Tucker’s. To people who threaten Tucker’s white privilege, he says, “We have to fight to preserve our nation & heritage.”

Fight? Tucker? Sure. Tucker has never been in combat or even in the military, but he does understand what it’s like to fight to win because he was on “Dancing with the Stars,” thankfully because he didn’t lose both legs in combat. He knows what it’s like to fight because he’s currently in court fighting to win more than the one-dollar his mother left him in her will. How is Tucker supposed to fund his white privilege, heritage and culture on a buck? Tucker knows what it’s like to fight because he was in a verbal exchange with Jon Stewart that left his show, “Crossfire,” in ruins and Tucker jobless.

In Tucker’s defense, he did try to join the Central Intelligence Agency after college, but after determining he was lacking in intelligence and was the kind of worm whose own mother would probably only leave a buck for in her will, he was rejected.

But one thing we know about Tucker is that he loves America. We know this because he says so behind a desk on Fox News. Tucker says Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, who lost both of her legs piloting a helicopter in Iraq, does not love America. Tucker says the female Thai-American, and Somali-born Representative Ilhan Omar (who he once used as an example of what’s wrong with immigration) are threatening his “culture and heritage.”

Tucker doesn’t believe Russia meddled much in our elections. He thinks Mexico meddled more by sending people to the United States to vote. He thinks liberals hate America more than Vladimir Putin. While Tucker is questioning the patriotism of wounded war vets, he’s giving Donald Trump a pass on inviting Russia to meddle in our elections, taking Putin’s side over our intelligence agencies like the CIA, being subservient to Putin, asking Ukraine and China to meddle in the 2020 election, and not pressuring Putin or doing anything about the Russian authoritarian placing a bounty on the killing of American service members in Afghanistan. What Tucker is more upset about is a veteran who is open to a discussion about removing monuments of George Washington.

Duckworth responded to CNN’s Dana Bash after being asked about removing monuments to Washington with, “Well, let me just say that we should start off by having a national dialogue on it at some point. But, right now, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. And our . . . one of our ally . . . one of our . . . countries that are opposed to us, Russia, has put a bounty on American troops’ head.” How dare she want to focus on defending American troops more than statues. Why she must not love America as much as Tucker does.

Personally, I’m not in favor of removing monuments to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. But I’m not afraid of talking about it. Both founding fathers were slave owners. They were complicated. I’m in favor of presenting them as they were, real human beings with flaws and not as mythical figures. But for Tucker, talking about it is a threat to his white privilege, culture, and heritage. Or, is Tucker trying to change the conversation and is really more afraid of talking about Putin placing a bounty on American troops and Donald Trump not doing anything about it?

Over the past few nights, from the comfort of his Fox News show which is almost solely supported by MyPillow after advertisers have bailed on it due to his racist comments toward Black Lives Matter, Tucker has called a war vet a “coward.”

Tucker Carlson, who I should remind you is named “Tucker,” and the closest he’s ever come to being wounded is during his manicures, has called a wounded war veteran a “coward.” Tucker has gone on to call Senator Duckworth a “moron” and a “vandal.” I guess she’s vandalizing his white privilege.

Tucker’s anti-immigrant nationalism resonates with the Trump base as he’s now surpassed Sean Hannity for the top-rated show, despite advertisers fleeing for other programs (except for that MyPillow guy). It’s mostly resonated with Trump himself, who has tweeted video excerpts of Tucker’s attacks on women of color.

Tucker claims people like Senator Tammy Duckworth are threats to his “culture and heritage,” while Thai-American Tammy Duckworth’s culture and heritage includes serving America in combat. In addition to fighting in Iraq for this country, an ancestry search has revealed her relatives fought in the American Revolution and every major war in our nation’s history. In addition to fighting for her country and losing two limbs in the process, Tammy Duckworth is a descendant of someone who literally fought alongside George Washington. So, I think she’s qualified to say let’s have a discussion about monuments to Washington.

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump are both cowards. Tucker could have fought in Desert Storm in 1990/1991. He could have fought in Iraq or Afghanistan in the early 2000s (I could have too but you don’t see me attacking wounded vets and calling them “cowards”). Donald Trump could have served in Vietnam, but his daddy had a doctor claim Donald had bone spurs to avoid the draft. Tucker and Donald are cowards.

Tucker is just like Donald Trump in that they’re tough guys who play arm-chair warriors while attacking people who have served our country. Tucker’s attacks on Senator Duckworth are similar to Donald Trump’s attacks on POW John McCain when he said, “I like people who weren’t captured.” Trump and Tucker attack our vets while they defend Russia’s attacks on our nation. Donald Trump is tearing America apart and Tucker is enabling him. The biggest mystery is why conservatives, who claim to be the most patriotic, and veterans still support these two.

Feel free to argue over politics with a veteran. Feel free to disagree. They fought so you have that freedom. But do NOT question their patriotism or love for the country they fought for and that you sat at home and gave opinions about. Don’t vilify and dehumanize wounded veterans because it suits your politics. And don’t do it to serve a lying coward like Captain Bonespurs Donald Trump. Tucker Carlson complains that he’s not “allowed” to question their patriotism. Guess what, Tucker. You’re not.

Senator Duckworth had the perfect response to coward Tucker’s attacks on her patriotism. She tweeted an invite for him to “walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America.”

Spoiler alert: Tucker doesn’t.

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A Junior Sacrifice


A few years ago, a special interest group asked me to draw a series of cartoons for them on climate change. They didn’t specify where they stood on climate change in their initial feeler, but I got the idea they wanted me to provide cartoons denying it. They didn’t even specify what they would do with the cartoons or where they would be published. Before I replied, I did a little digging (in case you’re a Republican, that’s research) and discovered the company was owned by a much larger company famous for pumping millions into Republican candidates, right-wing think tanks, and mostly into efforts fighting climate change legislation.

I declined for two reasons. The first reason is that I believe in climate change. Why did they seek me out? There are plenty of hack cartoonists out there who’d be willing to take their money. The other reason I declined is that working for them would have been unethical. Even though I draw cartoons, I’m still a journalist. I need to retain some independence, credibility, and integrity. This company wanted a series of cartoons and they were offering me a lot of money to do it. Did I make a sacrifice for principles? Sure. But you could also argue that if I did it and took the money, that I would have sacrificed something much costlier.

When I think about veterans, like my father, and those who died and are buried in Arlington National Cemetery (which is just up the road from where I live), I don’t think, “gee…I can relate. I sacrificed too because I turned down a money-making opportunity. I’m awesome.” What kind of ridiculous asshole would even think such a thing to compare losing money to lost lives? Donald Trump Jr. is that kind of ridiculous asshole.

Donald Trump Jr. has written a book. I know. Who knew he would even bother reading a book, less enough write one. It’s only about 300 pages, which someone with an adequate level of literacy could read in one sitting. It’s called, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.” In it, Jr writes, “A victimhood complex has taken root in the American left,” while using all 300 pages to whine about how he, his father, and family have all be victimized.

In one passage from Triggered, Trumpy Jr. compares his “sacrifices” to those who have fought and died for our nation. He recounts a visit to Arlington National Cemetary and as Taps was playing, “In that moment, I also thought of all the attacks we’d already suffered as a family, and about all the sacrifices we’d have to make to help my father succeed — voluntarily giving up a huge chunk of our business and all international deals to avoid the appearance that we were ‘profiting off the office.”

Seriously, Jr? Hearing Taps make you think of lost money and not lost lives? At the very least, hearing Taps should have made you think of all the money you stole from veterans with your fake charity.

Author and Iraq War veteran Matt Gallagher tweeted at Jr., “Imagine going to Arlington … and being moved to think about money. You are a soup sandwich, @DonaldJTrumpJr, and my friends buried there would tell you the same thing.” A soup sandwich indeed.

Jr, you haven’t sacrificed shit. You haven’t even earned what you have less enough sacrificed to get it. You didn’t have to be the best to get into college. You didn’t have to be the best to get a job at your company. You didn’t have to be the best to get your position in that company. You don’t have to give good speeches to get speaking engagements. You don’t have to have any qualifications or accomplishments to go on talk shows. Hell, you didn’t even have to write a good book to get a book deal. Everything you have is because your name is Donald Trump. You have never had to need or want anything in your life. You’ve never had to work or accomplish anything to be where you are today. What the hell do you know about anything? You don’t even know how to be honest as just this week, a court has ordered you and your shithead siblings to attend classes to learn you’re not supposed to steal from charities.

This is the same guy who claimed he could make millions if his name was Hunter Biden. The guy who is currently making millions because he is literally named “Donald Trump.” And even his claim of a sacrifice is a lie because he’s still making foreign business deals. Has Hunter Biden ever stolen from a charity? Has a court ordered him to attend classes to learn that putting money meant for charitable causes into your own pocket is bad?

On top of all that, Jr should stop comparing himself to those who have served and actually sacrificed for our country. His father is a draft dodger. He never served and neither did his brother, Eric, or his brother-in-law, Jared, who are all making money off the presidency. People who served were shot at, Jr. When you go to Africa and shoot big game animals on a reserve, they’re not shooting back.

Obviously, Jr projects a lot. It must run in the family, just like being oblivious. The best example of him projecting and being oblivious is the fact his book is titled “Triggered.”

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Traitors For Trump


This is where you’re supposed to stand up for what’s right.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman is a decorated Iraq war veteran. He’s an expert on Ukraine serving on the National Security Council in the White House. Now, he’s being smeared as a “Never Trumper” and even a traitor. His crime? Speaking out in a sense of duty. Vindman was on the call between Trump and Ukraine’s president and he was so troubled by what he heard, he registered internal objections…twice.

In Vindman’s opening statement which was released to the press, he says, “I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a U.S. citizen, and I was worried about the implications for the U.S. government’s support of Ukraine. I realized that if Ukraine pursued an investigation into the Bidens and Burisma it would likely be interpreted as a partisan play which would undoubtedly result in Ukraine losing the bipartisan support it has thus far maintained.”

Now, people who call themselves patriots are smearing a decorated war veteran to defend a draft dodger. I guess all those years of service to his country doesn’t mean anything if he says something negative about Trump. I guess screaming “lock her up” at a Trump rally is greater service than fighting for your country.

This is where you need to stand up. Don’t let them do this. I realize you can’t defend Trump on the charges, but you don’t have to slander a veteran. To attack a veteran for being alarmed over Trump’s behavior is putting cult worship before your country. At this point, what are you good for?

We’re America. We honor our veterans. We’re better than this. If you’re still supporting Trump, you’re not better.

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Don’t Mock Vets


If you told me yesterday that today I’d be drawing a cartoon about Pete Davidson, I would have said, “who what now?”

A friend of mine messaged me on Facebook a Fox News story about the brouhaha over Pete Davidson’s tasteless joke on Saturday Night Live. I hadn’t heard of it yet, and she was hoping I could explain the context of why Davidson was wearing what looked like a prison jump suit. I couldn’t help her out there any more than I could explain why the guy had silverish/aqua colored hair. Seriously, did someone tell him that looks good? Anyway….

Davidson did a sketch on Weekend Update where he gave his “first impressions” of some of the midterm candidates, which he started out by describing as “gross.” He started off easily enough by picking on Florida’s Rick Scott by saying he “looks like someone tried to whittle Bruce Willis out of a penis.” He said New York Congressman Peter King looks like a “cigar came to life.” He said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo looks like “a guy who sleeps with your mom, stays over, and eats breakfast with you in his boxers.” He said Greg Pence, Mike’s bro, “looks like a Ken Doll that spent a year in a river.” Then, he picked on Texas Republican Congressional candidate, Dan Crenshaw.

Crenshaw isn’t off-limits but the comedian went after his eye patch and said, “He looks like a hit man in a porno.” Crenshaw lost his eye while fighting in Iraq. Davidson said Crenshaw looked “kinda cool” but followed up his joke with, “m sorry; I know he lost his eye in war, or whatever.”

I’m not easily offended and I wasn’t by this, but I didn’t find it funny. In fact, I thought the entire sketch fell flat except for the Cuomo joke, which was oddly specific.

Davidson is facing pressure to apologize, and he hasn’t yet. Democratic Senator, Tammy Duckworth said, “This is absolutely appalling.” Duckworth is an Iraq war vet who lost both of her legs. Other critics even pointed out Davidson’s breakup with pop star Ariana Grande, which is something I have no real knowledge over. I’m getting to that age where I don’t know famous young people anymore.

Crenshaw said he won’t ask for an apology. Davidson lost his father in 9/11 and once said, “I like making things of a dark, awkward — weird things that you don’t really find funny, funny. There’s nothing I won’t joke about, and I think it’s because of what happened to me.”

That doesn’t give you clearance to make fun of patriots who were wounded during service. Granted, the Republicans who are outraged by this sit silently while their president mocks war heroes and Gold Star Families, but this isn’t about whataboutism (I just wanted to point that out).

Fellow SNL cast member Kenan Thompson said the joke “missed the mark.”

Crenshaw tweeted, “Good rule in life: I try hard not to offend; I try harder not to be offended. That being said, I hope @nbcsnl recognizes that vets don’t deserve to see their wounds used as punchlines for bad jokes.” That’s good to hear from a Republican since they’ve actually created an industry of white, conservative, Christian males who are always offended over any slight while calling other people “snowflakes” for getting upset over the president’s racism.

Crenshaw also said, “I want us to get away from this culture where we demand apologies every time someone misspeaks.” That’s a great idea I wish more Republicans would take. Crenshaw also suggested that Davidson and the rest of SNL pool some money together and donate it to a veterans charity.  Let’s just hope that it’s actually donated and not like one of those Donald Trump deals, where he says he’s donating it but doesn’t and he goes out with the money he raised and buys a painting of himself.

For Davidson’s part, he also made fun of himself and said he looks like someone “who makes vape juice in a bathtub.”

I started the day not knowing about Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, or even who is Pete Davidson, and now I gotta Google vape juice.

Be Complicit
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Bleeding Our Vets


Thousands of Army National Guard members are facing the burden of returning money promised to them by their recruiters.

Thousands of veterans from California, and many in others states, are being punished for the mistakes made by their superiors who gave them enlistment bonuses. Now the Pentagon is saying those bonuses weren’t authorized and the Guard members must pay the military back.

If the military made the screw up then they’re the ones who need to eat it. Many members of Congress, Democrat and Republican, agree.

Very few of us serve our nation in the military. It’s unfair to ask so much of our service men and women and then demand more when they return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I sent this cartoon to my clients just as I was starting this post and I’ve already heard from one my California editors thanking me for it.

I know I probably messed up something in the uniforms here, especially the guy on the right. I wanted to throw in a little honor for my father in this cartoon so the patch is from the division he served in while he fought in Vietnam, 1st Armored Division, nicknamed “Old Ironsides.” I’m sure Guard members are not in that division but I’m using a bit of creative license here.

Military people are very specific and I’m sure I’ll be hearing from more than one of them, including my son. Go ahead and give it to me. It never hurts to learn something.

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