A Junior Sacrifice


A few years ago, a special interest group asked me to draw a series of cartoons for them on climate change. They didn’t specify where they stood on climate change in their initial feeler, but I got the idea they wanted me to provide cartoons denying it. They didn’t even specify what they would do with the cartoons or where they would be published. Before I replied, I did a little digging (in case you’re a Republican, that’s research) and discovered the company was owned by a much larger company famous for pumping millions into Republican candidates, right-wing think tanks, and mostly into efforts fighting climate change legislation.

I declined for two reasons. The first reason is that I believe in climate change. Why did they seek me out? There are plenty of hack cartoonists out there who’d be willing to take their money. The other reason I declined is that working for them would have been unethical. Even though I draw cartoons, I’m still a journalist. I need to retain some independence, credibility, and integrity. This company wanted a series of cartoons and they were offering me a lot of money to do it. Did I make a sacrifice for principles? Sure. But you could also argue that if I did it and took the money, that I would have sacrificed something much costlier.

When I think about veterans, like my father, and those who died and are buried in Arlington National Cemetery (which is just up the road from where I live), I don’t think, “gee…I can relate. I sacrificed too because I turned down a money-making opportunity. I’m awesome.” What kind of ridiculous asshole would even think such a thing to compare losing money to lost lives? Donald Trump Jr. is that kind of ridiculous asshole.

Donald Trump Jr. has written a book. I know. Who knew he would even bother reading a book, less enough write one. It’s only about 300 pages, which someone with an adequate level of literacy could read in one sitting. It’s called, “Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us.” In it, Jr writes, “A victimhood complex has taken root in the American left,” while using all 300 pages to whine about how he, his father, and family have all be victimized.

In one passage from Triggered, Trumpy Jr. compares his “sacrifices” to those who have fought and died for our nation. He recounts a visit to Arlington National Cemetary and as Taps was playing, “In that moment, I also thought of all the attacks we’d already suffered as a family, and about all the sacrifices we’d have to make to help my father succeed — voluntarily giving up a huge chunk of our business and all international deals to avoid the appearance that we were ‘profiting off the office.”

Seriously, Jr? Hearing Taps make you think of lost money and not lost lives? At the very least, hearing Taps should have made you think of all the money you stole from veterans with your fake charity.

Author and Iraq War veteran Matt Gallagher tweeted at Jr., “Imagine going to Arlington … and being moved to think about money. You are a soup sandwich, @DonaldJTrumpJr, and my friends buried there would tell you the same thing.” A soup sandwich indeed.

Jr, you haven’t sacrificed shit. You haven’t even earned what you have less enough sacrificed to get it. You didn’t have to be the best to get into college. You didn’t have to be the best to get a job at your company. You didn’t have to be the best to get your position in that company. You don’t have to give good speeches to get speaking engagements. You don’t have to have any qualifications or accomplishments to go on talk shows. Hell, you didn’t even have to write a good book to get a book deal. Everything you have is because your name is Donald Trump. You have never had to need or want anything in your life. You’ve never had to work or accomplish anything to be where you are today. What the hell do you know about anything? You don’t even know how to be honest as just this week, a court has ordered you and your shithead siblings to attend classes to learn you’re not supposed to steal from charities.

This is the same guy who claimed he could make millions if his name was Hunter Biden. The guy who is currently making millions because he is literally named “Donald Trump.” And even his claim of a sacrifice is a lie because he’s still making foreign business deals. Has Hunter Biden ever stolen from a charity? Has a court ordered him to attend classes to learn that putting money meant for charitable causes into your own pocket is bad?

On top of all that, Jr should stop comparing himself to those who have served and actually sacrificed for our country. His father is a draft dodger. He never served and neither did his brother, Eric, or his brother-in-law, Jared, who are all making money off the presidency. People who served were shot at, Jr. When you go to Africa and shoot big game animals on a reserve, they’re not shooting back.

Obviously, Jr projects a lot. It must run in the family, just like being oblivious. The best example of him projecting and being oblivious is the fact his book is titled “Triggered.”

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  1. The Trumps are the epitome of echo chambers. They have no ability to recognize irony and hypocricy, because nobody is brave enough to roll their eyes around them, let alone slap the stupid out.

    I served and have multiple combat tours. Let this fake ass jerk come whine to me.

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  2. I watched clips of “The View” with junior and his current gold digger main squeeze. Between that and your blog and cartoon here I have had my fill of Trump updates. I continue to visualize a future when the Trumps are gone, forgotten, and sanity returns to a wayward nation currently in political turmoil. I am a veteran and I have been to Arlington. Every time I think of the trumps walking on that hallowed ground, desecrating it by their mere presence, I am sickened but confident that in 2020 voting blue will correct the travesty of 2016. In 2021 I hope the Trump family is hunted down and prosecuted to the full extent of the law once law returns to the land of the free.

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  3. “ Before I replied, I did a little digging (in case you’re a Republican, that’s research)”

    In case you’re a Republican, ‘research’ is the process of finding True Facts (as opposed to Fake Facts), understanding them, and accepting them.

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  4. In my experience, Ann Telnaes usually only replies to comments to answer a direct question about her work.


    16 hours ago

    Clay Jones nails it on Junior:



    15 hours ago

    Thank you.  That was well worth reading.  For what it’s worth, my father served in the Pacific.  He didn’t come from big money and he never sought big money.  As a civil engineer, he turned down big money because he wanted to work for the Forest Service and do good for the country. 


    8 hours ago

    If you don’t follow Clay Jones’ work, please do.  He’s one of our most provocative and prolific cartoonists.


  5. In case you weren’t able to access the WaPo behind its paywall yesterday, the comic was on her website today . . .

    You’re welcome.

    (PS. I loathe paywalls; I understand why they exist, but I loathe ’em anyway. Just thought I’d toss that opinion in there.)

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    1. Yeah, I was always looking for ways to sneak around them, until 2016 when 45* started blabbing about “The Failing Washington Post”…

      And that’s when I started my Annual Subscription to WaPo, and I never regretted it (except maybe a little when Hooey Hooey , Marc Thiessen, and the other MAGAT Idiots that WaPo, for some strange reason, feels obligated to carry, rear their Ugly Heads on WaPo’s otherwise pristine site).

      I am confident that Paid Readership for WaPo, The NY Times, the New Yorker, and other great publications skyrocketed in 2016 when 45* was elected’.

      BTW I Never click any links for HH, MT, and the other Asshats on WaPo, because, rightly or wrongly, I believe that they are paid by the click.


      1. Well, you know how there are those encouraging Bloomberg to BUY FAUX NEWS, rather than run for president, ’cause it’d be doing the USA a much better favor? *I* think Bezos should make WaPo FREE for as long as drumpf is in office, just to annoy drumpf even more than he & WaPo already do.

        I mean, I think Bezos could afford it, don’t you? And wouldn’t that money be better spent than on a sports team??

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      2. If I had not joined WaPo, I might not have found Clay. Soon after I subscribed, I found a link to Claytoonz in a WaPo Comments Page and followed it.

        I was hooked.

        And then I said to myself “Hey, Dumbass, if you are sending the Big Bucks to Jeff Bezos every year, how about a few crumbs for Clay!!”
        So I sent Clay $45.00 (he was only asking for $40.00, but I thought that $45.00 was more appropriate – if you’re a Republican, 45*!!!)

        Clay is like NPR, he gives us this stuff for free. (Except, Thank G-d, no Pledge Drives!) So it’s only fair that we, like NPR listeners, should send him some money every year.
        (Even though he lives in Virginia, I don’t think he accepts chickens or hogs.) 😉

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