Roughing It, Volume 20

I drew a LOT of roughs for last Sunday’s CNN Opinion newsletter. The newsletter covers several subjects in the news. It’s often looking toward the week ahead. The lead is the first subject and we aim to have my cartoon covering that. I start by throwing ideas at them but usually, we’re not sure what the lead will be at that point. We start on Thursdays and we may not know what our lead is until Friday, which often puts everything I’ve drawn on Thursday into the garbage. Last week, I started off drawing dogs and some of the ideas really were dogs.


This was my first idea and it was just OK.


I was on a poodle roll. This blog’s proofreader, Andrea, doesn’t like my harsh treatment of poodles, like when I refer to Trump’s cult as “buttpoodles.”


This was my favorite of the poodle ideas. And then…speaking of Andrea…she sent me an email asking if I like the work of political cartoonist Ann Telnaes. I do like Ann’s work. She’s one of the best in the business and a good friend. But in the email Andrea sent me, she included Ann’s cartoon from that day which was of Trump placing a medal on a poodle. I hadn’t seen it yet but my ideas were too close to hers. I wrote to CNN that we had to rule them all out. I don’t think that was a problem for my editors as I don’t think they actually liked any of them.

There is one more dog idea that I’m saving, so I’m not going to post it here. It doesn’t include a poodle.


This was an idea I had a few days earlier. I’m not sure it totally works.


We didn’t know what our lead was at this point, so I was shooting them ideas on several subjects. I eventually did a Facebook cartoon for my newspaper clients. I drew a couple more FB ideas for CNN.




They’re not very good.


I knew this would be too gross for CNN. It’s too gross for me. Bleagh!!!!


This was kind of a stretch.


When I was showing the girlfriend some of the day’s ideas, she laughed out loud at this one. I did it for my newspapers. It made me laugh too.


I kinda like this one but just kinda.


All the other ideas were drawn on Thursday. This one was drawn on Friday after we decided to do something on Trump moving to Florida. Those other round things are supposed to be oranges which I had to tell my editors because they couldn’t tell either.


I wasn’t in love with this one but my editor kinda liked it. For some reason, I really don’t like drawing Disney characters. I’m just not into them.


I was thinking of the whole “Florida Man” theme, but this just didn’t work.


I had to explain this one too which means it didn’t work.


I was getting closer.


We finally went with this one. At this point, after drawing so many roughs, I couldn’t tell if it was a good cartoon or not. But the final version got at least 700 shares on Facebook so I think my editor selected the right one. The official cartoon doesn’t look much like it.



This was the final cartoon I sent before my editor told me “we have a winner.”

I started with poodles and ended with Florida Man. Which cartoon was your favorite?

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  1. I was on a poodle roll. This blog’s proofreader, Andrea, doesn’t like my harsh treatment of poodles, like when I refer to Trump’s cult as “buttpoodles.”

    Personally, I would prefer that you use Chihuahuas (they are more like lapdogs than poodles are) instead of Poodles, but I guess “Buttchihuahuas” just doesn’t cut it.

    Liked by 1 person

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