Dying On Tulsa Time


Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 20, 2020. Come for the Trump hate. Leave with the Trump virus. Either way, you’re one infected sycophantic Kool-Aid goose-stepping troglodyte.

Donald Trump does not care about his supporters. If you’re one of them, he does not care about you. The proof of this is him holding a rally today that he admits will infect some people. That’s probably why everyone attending today’s hate rally has to sign a waiver clearing Donald Trump of legal liability if they catch the coronavirus. How stupid do you have to be? Oh yeah. You’re a Trump supporter. You’re pretty damn stupid.

The rally, which was originally scheduled for yesterday but moved by Trump after being pressured to not to be so obviously racist by holding it on Juneteenth, will be a cesspool for the virus. If you ask any health expert if they would attend, the answer is always no. Sometimes, it’s “Hell fucking no.”

The best health advice for attending today’s hate rally in Tulsa is don’t.

There will be 19,000 people jam-packed into the arena. Social distancing will be impossible. It will be indoors where everyone is shouting. Most won’t wear masks because Donald Trump doesn’t and they all believe it’s a conspiracy. Donald Trump believes people only wear masks to stick it to him which surprised me to learn that my wearing a mask had anything to do with Donald Trump. White House Spokesgoon Kaleigh McEnany said she won’t wear a mask out of “personal reasons.” Those reasons being, she’s afraid of upsetting Trump.

And before you say, “But Black Lives Matter protesters gathered in large numbers,” let me tell you the difference with that. They were outside. They were constantly moving (ask my feet). And, from my experience, most were wearing masks.

The site of the rally is a stupid choice. Cases of coronavirus are rising in the state despite Mike Pence and Donald Trump lying and claiming they were going down. Oklahoma is ranked 46th when it comes to health. But the virus being spread by the Trump hate rally won’t just stay in Oklahoma. Dumbass Trump lovers have traveled far and wide to come to this shit. They’ve been in line for the past week to hear Donald Trump praise himself and tell lies.

Scientists, who Dr. Nuke-a-Hurricane-Drink-some-Bleach-Windmill-Cancer doesn’t listen to, believe at least 800 to 1,000 people will contract covid-19 at this hate rally. They’ll take the virus home and back to their communities and share it with everyone they come into contact with. Donald Trump does not care.

And the really bad thing about this is Donald Trump does not need this rally to help his election. He’s not in any danger of losing Oklahoma, or other nearby states like Arkansas and Nebraska, to Joe Biden. This is purely for Donald Trump’s ego. Donald Trump loves your hate and he will risk your life to hear you express it. He will risk your life for applause.

You’re not just risking your life when you attend this rally. You’re threatening your nation by bringing this virus back…which actually hasn’t left yet. Good job, patriots.

Donald Trump is partly responsible for the number of deaths in this nation from this virus. He doesn’t feel any guilt about that because he is a selfish asshole and is willing to risk lives today. Everyone in line is in line to die for Donald Trump. How racist do you have to be to die for a racist?

Donald Trump, because he is an idiot, is also risking his own life. Elderly people have a more difficult time with the coronavirus and in case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump is a geezer. He’s not even a healthy geezer because he thinks humans are like batteries and exercise depletes our energy. Again, hater of science. So this Big-Mac-Eating codger is willing to let 19,000 people shout their germs all over him while they’re all together in a covered petri dish.

In two weeks, you’re going to hear about new cases of coronavirus that was caught at this rally. And for what? Donald Trump is going to lose this election. He’ll be on a golf course hate tweeting while a lot of supporters will be in graves.

You want to die for Donald Trump who’s not worth dying for? Fine. But don’t risk my life too because I don’t think Donald Trump’s worth dying for…and neither are you.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    STUPID TROGLODYTES … you are!! … “In two weeks, you’re going to hear about new cases of coronavirus that was caught at this rally. And for what? Trump is going to lose this election. He’ll be on a golf course hate tweeting while a lot of supporters will be in graves.”

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  2. All on point – except the choir that really needs to read this is in Tulsa. What’s interesting is: This rally will not drum-up any more Trump voters – so – like what’s the reason? Oh shucks. You already nailed it: “…to hear Donald Trump praise himself and tell lies.” But still….. Why?

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  3. “He’ll be on a golf course hate tweeting . . .”

    My HOPE is that once he’s been voted/dragged out of the WH, his twitter, instagram and whatever else account he could access, would all be SHUT DOWN. Then, he would no longer have an audience (and maybe the news media would stop covering him, too), and we can try to rectify the damage he’s manage to do to our country and our society.

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  4. American holocaust. Continued.
    That is trump’s real purpose.
    Because trump and his “administration” and his supporters are all fascists.

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  5. Claytoonz, you probably marched with the ANTIFA and thought being all crowded together just meant you were immune from disease. At least we who are at the Tulsa Rally know God is on our side, and so are the guns. Mostly Democrats have died from Covid. Have you noticed?


    1. I didn’t march with Antifa. I marched with Black Lives Matter. I know more about this than you since I was there and you were on a couch.
      You don’t have guns at the rally. You don’t even have God. Hey, good luck finding a seat at the rally…oh wait. I’m watching TV and I see that’s not a problem.

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