Classified Lies


You can’t say Donald Trump isn’t qualified for the presidency because a lot of people wrote books about how awful he is. Every president has had that. But no president has been criticized as much or as harshly as Donald Trump has been by people who worked for him.

While Donald Trump can call them all sorts of names and question their credibility, they’re his people. The guy who promised he’d hire the best people chose them. These are not Democrats.

You might look at Omarosa and think, “Yeah, she’s nuts” But what do you think when Anthony Scaramucci goes after him? What about Rex Tillerson, who called him a “fucking moron?” How about the generals, James Mattis and John Kelly? Are they all wrong?

Now, John Bolton’s book is about to hit the shelves and the media has already read it. The Trump administration has attempted to block it in court by claiming it’s full of classified information…that are lies. If John Bolton is lying, then why do you want it classified? Does that make sense? In case you’re a Republican, it does not.

John Bolton is not perfect. He’s their guy. He is a war hawk who should have voluntarily testified during the impeachment. Instead, he wanted all his juicy bombshells saved for his book so he’d have a nice payday.

Yes, it’s a patriotic thing exposing Donald Trump and the dangers he presents to this nation. No, it’s not patriotic to hang onto the information so you can profit.

The one big takeaway from the book that is not new is Donald Trump isn’t qualified to be president and he’s a terrible person only focused on himself. He loves dictators. He lies. He doesn’t know anything. He’s extremely stupid. That’s all in the book and none of it’s a surprise. What is new are the details. Some of them show he’s dumber than we thought…and more dangerous.

In the book, Bolton claims Donald Trump “pleaded” with Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, to buy more American farm products to help his chances of reelection. You could think that’s a lie except we have him on record asking other nations to help his reelection. This also exposes that Donald Trump doesn’t care about farmers. Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

The book shows he’s stupid. He asked if Finland was a part of Russia. Spoiler alert for Republicans: It’s not. He was also surprised the United Kingdom is a nuclear power. In case you’re a Republican, it is. Could these be lies? Donald Trump has already revealed how little he knows about…stuff. He doesn’t understand the differences between the United Kingdon, Britain, and England. He’s opened his mouth and proven that.

Bolton claims Trump was eager to intervene in Justice Department investigations to help foreign corporations in dictator-led nations like Turkey. Bolton said for Trump, “obstruction of justice was a way of life.”

President Xi told Donald Trump he’d owe him a “favor,” (there’s that word again) if he could lighten penalties and sanctions against a Chinese company. It worked, the penalties were lightened and a ban on buying American products for the company was lifted.

The book is more proof Donald Trump is stupidly dangerous. And you know, I’m not a fan of Bolton. He did the unpatriotic thing by refusing to testify unless subpoenaed. But if you’re still supporting Donald Trump despite all this evidence of how bad he is for the nation, then you’re less of a patriot than John Bolton.

There are two truths here: John Bolton knows a lot more about government, diplomacy, and foreign relations than Donald Trump. We may not like Bolton’s positions as he wants to invade everyone, but he knows his shit. Donald Trump doesn’t know anything except how to get pornstars to sign non-disclosure agreements and how to bankrupt casinos.

The other truth is, John Bolton is not known to be a liar. Sure, his judgment sucks. He did work for Fox News and George W. Bush. But he’s not a liar, at least not on any public record I’ve seen. On the other hand, Donald Trump is a huge liar. All Donald Trump does is lie. So when Trump says we can’t trust Bolton…yeah.

There’s another book on the way I’m sure will be presidential (sic) tweet-worthy. Donald Trump’s niece, Mary is writing a book on what a horrible person her uncle is. But I’m more excited about a potential book by Rex Tillerson.

I would gladly pay $25 for a book on Donald Trump titled, “Fucking Moron.”

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  1. Great Op Ed! So insightful and right on re the orange gasbag occupying OUR WHITE HOUSE. Im absolutely certain, if he smoked, he’d have burned it to the ground by now… I’ll keep on keeping on….. however…. IF ONLY… the FAR RIGHT wing looney tunes would retain their ability to be mesmerized in the ZOMBIE ZONE and Lope right over the Edge Of Our Flat Earth…..dragging his lazy overfed more than adequate Ass with them… We’d All be able to take a deep breath and try to bring our America The Beautiful back to it’s glorious place on the 🌎 planet.


  2. “I’m more excited about a potential book by Rex Tillerson.” “I would gladly pay $25 for a book on Donald Trump, titled, “Fucking Moron.” You got that right baby! Brilliant blog Clay Jones!


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