Covid Darwin Winners


Do you know when the Confederate flag definitely isn’t about heritage? When it’s in Michigan. I stole that from somewhere I can’t remember.

A bunch of Michigan yokels gathered tightly together to protest Governor Grethen Whitmer’s coronavirus restrictions. Call me a cynic, but I think it’s less to do with public safety and personal liberty and has more to do with partisan fucknut politics. You’re not using science or even economic indicators when you’re flying Confederate flags and MAGA signs. Or in a lot of cases, when they’re carrying semi-automatic rifles.

In case you’re a Republican, Michigan is in the northern United States and fought FOR the United States AGAINST the Confederacy. These Covidiots have more in common with Jefferson Davis than Abraham Lincoln.

There were also protests in North Carolina. While a lot of these people are wearing masks, they’re not social distancing. Forget whether they’re breaking laws. They’re endangering, not just themselves, but all of society. There were several children present at these protests. While people are arguing over whether or not to open schools, taking your kid to a MAGA rally is definitely a bad idea. To be fair, that’s a bad idea even when there’s not a pandemic.

The protests in Michigan started in cars but participants soon got out and began chants of  “lock her up” and “we will not comply.” In the process, they blocked traffic, including an ambulance. They proudly named their ambulance-blocking protest “Operation Gridlock.” Here’s a free tip: Good guys don’t block ambulances or expose their children to a virus that’s killed over 33,000 people.

Michigan has been hit hard by the coronavirus. They’ve had over 28,000 cases, third-worst in the nation.

These protests are being encouraged by Fox News and other right-wing outlets that cater to shitweasels and MAGAts. While protesters are waving Trump signs and downplaying the seriousness of the pandemic, they’re ignoring that Donald Trump has acknowledged the pandemic is serious and real…after initially calling it a hoax himself. Maybe they think Donald Trump is winking at them as he keeps arguing about opening the country. I think he is too.

These protesters and other conservatives don’t care about lives lost. They are willing to kill you for their dogma and political agenda. Hell, they’re risking their children’s lives for their bullshit. Will Donald Trump attend their child’s funeral?

Take Knutt Wittkowski, a doctor who has argued against stay-at-home orders or any intervention with the coronavirus. He’s the fucknut brigade’s newest champion. He argues that we should have just ignored the virus and let it kill people. That way we’d develop what’s called “herd immunity” and the virus wouldn’t have had a prolonged duration. He said only the elderly should have been isolated as the virus doesn’t affect children or young adults that bad.

Remember, his name is “nut.” We have prolonged the duration of the virus. We did that because cycling it through our system quickly would have overwhelmed our medical community and it would have killed a lot more people. That right there tells you conservatives will kill you for their agenda. Knutt originally predicted only 10,000 people would die in the United States from the virus. He and other conservatives believe 10,000 deaths is an acceptable price to pay for the economy and oh yeah…he was wrong.

Knutt said WITHOUT stay-at-home orders or any intervention there would only be 10,000 deaths. So far with the stay-at-home orders, we’ve had over 33,000. Remember, back in February and even early March, these idiots were comparing it to the flu and arguing that H1N1 was worse as that virus killed over 12,000 people. You don’t hear them making that argument anymore. H1N1 killed 12,000 people in the United States in the span of a year. In three months, coronavirus has killed over 33,000. And, we’re still in the first wave.

Here’s a free tip: Don’t take medical advice from Republicans. Don’t listen to people who have been wrong this entire time. People like Sean Hannity or anyone else on Fox News. People like the president (sic) of the United States who called it a hoax and is now hawking medicine most doctors say will kill you.

Since Donald Trump calls this a war and likes to sign shit, he should be required to hand-write a letter for each family who has lost someone to this virus. I’d accept that the letters wouldn’t be legible and written in crayon, but at least it’d be some effort from him.

Nobody likes these stay-at-home orders. We all agree they suck. We all want to go outside and frolic. But conservatives are making it worse. Governor Whitmer said, “The sad irony here is that the protest was that they don’t like being in this stay-at-home order, and they may have just created a need to lengthen it, which is something we’re trying to avoid at all costs.”

Exactly. They’ll keep spinning around in circles and breathing on each other until they each win a Darwin Award. I’d be fine if they only took each other out. Unfortunately, we’re sharing a planet and environment with them. They shop at the same grocery stores we do (OK, we all don’t go to Walmart). Their kids go to school with your kids. They’re not good at logic or at putting two and two together. If you want these stay-at-home orders to end, then stay at home.

Not only are they endangering our nation but so are the people and right-wing conspiracy outlets egging them on. Will Donald Trump issue a public statement telling his followers to stop? If he was responsible, he would have already done it.

It just comes down to the ugly truth that Republicans will kill you for their agenda. Stay home and do what most Trump supporters do. Bitch and spread bullshit and conspiracy theories on the internet.

Watch: Did you know chemtrails created the coronavirus?

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  1. I was on a medication run today (for my dogs and myself), out for the first time since 12 March. The f*cknut in our neighborhood (NOT a trashy neighborhood – houses are half a million and up) who’s been flying a confederate flag (and I’ve protested this, to no avail) is now flying a trump2020 flag; he was out there saluting it this a.m. But MY Biden2020 yard sign has been delayed, due to COVID19. Maybe this was drumpf’s plan all along?? Far as I know, his stuff is made in China. May they both contract COVID19.

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  2. There are 7.5 billion people in the world and some of them are not worth risking your life to help. I saw a bunch of them on the news in Michigan yesterday. They are the risk to your life. Healthcare workers practice Nonjudgmental Acceptance. That is bullshit. Protect yourself. Let the idiots fend for themselves and WHEN they get sick ,,, they are on their own. Only help those that are willing to help themselves otherwise healthcare workers are wasting their time and put themselves and their families at greater risk than ever need be.

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  3. The clouds at the bottom are either: a) noxious gases emitted by the MAGA crowd; or b) these adorable wannabe patriots are DEAD (as indicated by St. Peter, I gather).

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yep … I saw this with my very own eyes!! Dimwits, inbred FIDIOTS!! … “A bunch of Michigan yokels gathered tightly together to protest Governor Grethen Whitmer’s coronavirus restrictions. Call me a cynic, but I think it’s less to do with public safety and personal liberty and has more to do with partisan fucknut politics. You’re not using science or even economic indicators when you’re flying Confederate flags and MAGA signs. Or in a lot of cases, when they’re carrying semi-automatic rifles.”

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  5. Funny how you only go after white guys. When non-whites were in the streets here in California doing donuts surrounded by crowds you were silent. just like you criticized the Covington boys and were silent about the racist black Isrealites and then later on in the year that same racist group shot up Jewish people in New York and you were silent once again. you fucking dickless lefty loser.


  6. Dear Mr. Hermes (I presume),
    I would like to suggest you go back to your cave, but I think it’s actually living in the trees. Saying your parents were Neanderthals is giving you too much credit. The world has moved on without you. Someday the future is going to hit you smack in the face. Hopefully you will notice when it does.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You want centralized government telling everyone how to live, you are a fascist. You believe in treating people differently due to their skin color, you are a fascist. You want your political opponents locked away, you raw, are the fascist.


    1. You nonstop dehumanize your political rivals, that’s fascist shit. You provide no arguments, only hatred, that’s what fascist do. You pretend some future exists where the people you want dead are all gone and only your chosen people are alive in some utopia, that’s exactly what fascists say and believe.


      1. If we want our political opponents locked away, why are you the ones screaming “lock her up?” You support the candidate who says “send them back” about dark-skinned women born in the United States and said a judge was unfit to preside over his trial because he was “Mexican.” what you’re doing is projecting yourself onto others.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. You are not my political rival. I am not even American. No, I don’t like Trump, he is a lying asshole who is destroying my world as well as yours. But I wii survive another 4 years of him if he gets re-elected, just like I am surviving this 4.
        What I do not like are people who believe a liar, people who praise him for being an arrogant fool. He cares about no one but himself, and how much money he can extort from the US treasury. I really dislike people who are too cowardly to open their eyes to see the man for what he is.
        The world used to be a decent place–not a paradise, but not hell on earth either. Now it is becoming a shithole, and we have people like you to thank for that.
        So, thank you, Mr. Hermes. Well done.

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      3. Well then, you’re completely ignorant to the situation raw. What’s your nationality and where do you live?


    1. Well Hillary Clinton actually was reckless with classified information, which is a crime, no matter intent.
      The send her back thing was more about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Somali national who uses race to divide and has seemed to not appreciate the U.S.
      The judge, Gonzalo P. Curiel, is a judge here in San Diego and is actually a member of the San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association. “La Raza” means “the race”, so it would seem to be a conflict of interest for a judge that subscribes to being part of “the race” to hear cases about border issues.

      You fucking disingenuous piece of shit.


    2. And Bernie Sanders was the legitimate candidate in 2016 and no one was calling for his arrest. “Super” delegates definitely fascist type shit.


  7. For some reason, many “urban” people listen to that deep-state MAGA bullshit that has been cleverly “urbanized” to appeal to an uneducated urban class.
    So white MAGAS now also have their black and brown counterparts in the big cities like NYC.
    Stunningly. Stupid.

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  8. When all else fails – and you have nothing left to argue with – throw out ‘fascism’ and ‘nazis’ and ‘hitler’ . . . signalling to all and sundry that you’ve given up your talking points.

    Liked by 1 person

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