Flailing In Flint


I have been intending to draw on this issue for over a week. I admit, I have drawn less important issues while putting this on the back burner, but the less important stuff was just more fun. More fun until I drew tentacle boy here. He kinda has a Bill The Cat vibe going there. Tentacles are almost as much fun to draw as sharks. Nothing is more fun than sharks.

If anyone deserves to be flailed and tossed around on mutant tentacles it’s Michigan governor Rick Snyder.

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Football Loyalty


Jim Harbaugh, who just resigned as coach of the San Francisco 49ers, isn’t the worst but he joins a long line of coaches who constantly leave a job for greener pasture after making promises to recruits.

When a college coach recruits a player he’s asking for a four (sometimes five) year commitment. After the player commits under promises sold by the coach the coach may leave for a better job.

Bobby Petrino left Louisville in 2006, coached the Atlanta Falcons for less than a year before he quit to return to college coaching at Arkansas. After a couple of seasons he was fired after wrecking a motorcycle with his girlfriend (he was also married at the time), sat around for a while then coached Western Kentucky for a year before returning to coach at Louisville, again.

During Petrino’s first year as head coach of Louisville he secretly interviewed for the head coaching job of Auburn (before Auburn’s coach was fired). When he left the Atlanta Falcons, before his first year was over, he left a four-sentence laminated note on each players’ locker informing them he was leaving.

How does a guy like this convince a high school student to trust him?

Petrino is just an example. There are a lot of coaches who jump ship year after year (those who aren’t fired) and with each new job asking players for commitments.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the coaches doing the recruiting could make the same commitment?