Hissy Fit Over Fauci Facts


The worst thing a member of the Trump administration can do in the eyes of Donald Trump and his cult is to tell a fact. The real crime is contradicting Donald Trump and pointing out he’s wrong, but since everything he says is a lie, telling any fact contradicts Donald Trump.

Whatever Donald Trump believes, his cult follows. Since Donald Trump believes he’s infallible, his cult takes it personally when someone points out he’s wrong. Donald Trump may say something in direct opposition to a previous statement he made, but he and his cult will never admit it.

These are people who used to defend our nation. After Trump says it’s OK, they’re fine with Russia attacking our democratic process. They used to stand for family values but now they’re kneeling before a guy who has had five kids with three different women, boasting about grabbing pussy and barging in on teenage girls’ dressing rooms. They don’t care about someone stealing from charity. They don’t care about emoluments. They don’t care about government spending. They don’t even care when Donald Trump starts a tariff war with China, then bails out farmers with money he borrowed from China. They scream that socialism will turn us into Venezuela, then cash government checks approved by Donald Trump.

Remember when they were for states’ rights? Now, they want a king in Donald Trump. In fact, many of them dream of a Trump dynasty where he’s followed every eight years, when they can do the math, by another Trump.

They even make science partisan. If Donald Trump tells them to drink Clorox straight out of the bottle, they will scream at the fake news liberal media for pointing out drinking bleach will kill you.

A friend told me this morning that she’s given up trying to understand why for conservatives, adherence to a totalitarian leader is more important than saving the country. I’m still trying to understand why all this praise, fawning, appeasement, cultlike worship, and willful subjugation is for a reality TV host. It’s like selling your soul, not for fame, fortune, love, or sex…but for a Cheez-it (if a Cheez-it could be racist and this stupid).

It’s so bad, that when basically every doctor in the nation says “Don’t take chlorine to fight covid-19,” that the cult wants to follow the opposite advice because it came from their reality TV host. Some of them have even consumed chemicals made to clean fish tanks because it has chlorine in it.

He’s still hosting a daily reality TV show except the cult isn’t accepting the reality. While they’re still trying to sell the idea that we don’t need to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously, that it’s all fake news, and the two hours of Donald Trump talking about himself is gospel, the reality is over 1,000 people are going to die today. The reality is, Donald Trump says he’s not responsible.

So, after Dr. Anthony Fauci went on CNN and answered a question honestly, that we could have saved lives if we had acted sooner, there were calls from the cult to fire Fauci. They even got a hashtag trending. They even got a retweet from the Dear Leader.

Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the most prominent and credible public health official on the White House’s coronavirus task force. It’s the credibility that’s a problem because Donald Trump doesn’t have any, at least not in reality. And on Sunday night, Donald Trump retweeted a former congressional candidate’s tweet calling for Fauci’s firing. It even included the hashtag #FireFauci.

Here’s the best part: After the #FireFauci tweet from Donald Trump, Donald Trump is blaming the “media” for the speculation he created over firing Fauci. It’s like the time he talked about his tiny penis at a debate, then wondered why everyone was talking about his tiny penis.

The reality is, the reality TV host used the hashtag #FireFauci, not the media.

It’s also in reality that Dr. Fauci has an approval rating over 80%, which is double that of Donald Trump’s. Trump joked that Fauci was so popular, he would beat Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez in her New York district. Donald, looking at these numbers, AOC will be OK, but Fauci would beat you.

While #FireFauci is trending, so is #FireTrumpNotFauci.

Dr. Fauci has been a part of every administration since Ronald Reagan. I’m hoping he’s still in the White House after November…and Donald Trump isn’t. I would rather follow a an accomplished doctor than a reality TV host when it comes to dealing with a pandemic.

Fire Trump. Not Fauci. The reality is, only one of them is qualified for his job.

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  1. Some people (trump cult) can not take responsibility for themselves. They are unable to think for themselves. They are followers. They need someone to tell them everything. I find that fact hard to digest sometimes but damn it, it is a fact of life today. I myself couldn’t be that way. I am too much of a shit disturber. I prefer to swim against the current. I like to think for myself. When I make a mistake (and I make a lot of them) to learn from them and improve. There are people out there (and sadly enough they are permitted to vote) that simply aren’t wired like that and need constant supervision (even if the supervision comes from a lying thieving con man like trump). Once that fact was permanently etched in the old hard drive it becomes easy to understand why a trumper would drink Clorox. I am comfortably at that place in life where if an asshole wants to believe an asshole who tells them drinking chlorox is okay … well by golly … asshole … go for it. Do what you gotta do! Bah-Bye. (There are 7.5 billion people in the world. A few less Chlorox drinking willfully ignorant followers won’t be missed!)
    As for me, I will ignore our oval office asshole-in-chief, I will continue to think for myself, be responsible for myself, and keep my pitchfork sharp and ready when I need it. Maybe even draw a cartoon or two with a trump Clorox drinker in a body bag and expect the angry calls from my trumpanzee family members calling me a libtard and a hater. Ahhhh, just another corona virus quarantine day.

    Enjoyed the Fauci cartoon Clay. Excellent blog.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Hissy fit? It’s way beyond that!! … ‘While #FireFauci is trending, so is #FireTrumpNotFauci.
    ‘Dr. Fauci has been a part of every administration since Ronald Reagan. I’m hoping he’s still in the White House after November … and Trump isn’t. I would rather follow a an accomplished doctor than a reality TV host when it comes to dealing with a pandemic.’

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