People Who Should Stay Home


We went over some of this last week, but let’s hit a few points again.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis refused to issue a stay-at-home order. Hell, he even refused to shut down the state’s beaches. Now, there are reports of over spring breakers with covid-19 who spread out across the nation to inflict it upon others. Good job, Governor Dumbass.

Just one state up, Georgia’s idiot Governor, Brian Kemp, who claimed he just found out asymptomatic people could share the coronavirus, issued a stay-at-home order but has kept that state’s beaches open. Governor Kemp, you need EVERYONE to stay home. Pretend everyone’s black and it’s election day.

After finally issuing a stay-at-home order, Florida’s stupid governor declared that churches are “essential” businesses. Hey, if they’re businesses does that mean we can tax them now? Several other states are also allowing people to attend church services. So, just to be safe, until this pandemic is over I suggest that if you have to hang out with other people, make sure they’re atheists. For that matter, atheists without suntans.

Churchgoers, stay home. Beachgoers, stay home. Jared Kushner, stay the fuck at home.

Seriously, the guy who married Donald Trump’s daughter should have received a stay-at-home order back in January 2017. For that matter, Ivanka should have received one too. But as soon as Donald Trump stole the election, Ivanka and that twerpy little guy she’s breeding with declared they wanted to go to Washington and play government too. They never fail to miss an international trip so they can hobnob with foreign diplomats and make them go, “what the fuck?”.

Can you name one thing either of them has accomplished since coming to Washington three years ago? I’ll simplify it. Can you state one intelligent thing either of them has said?

Jared has been put in charge of peace in the Middle East. Guess how that’s going. He’s been put in charge of illegal brown people. For all we know, he’s also in charge of taping Trump’s hair to his head. But one thing is for sure, he’s involved with the coronavirus response. Why?

It’s been said that Jared has only been successful at three things in life: Being born rich, marrying rich, and convincing his stupid father-in-law to do stupid shit.

Here’s the thing, kids: What qualifications does Jared have in regards to anything to do with anything? His biggest qualification for working on Middle East peace is that he’s Jewish. In fact, Donald Trump cited that. What’s his qualification with immigration? Did he go slumming one night and visit a Taco Bell? Finally, what’s his qualification for handling the coronavirus or even responding to it? He’s not a doctor.

While speaking to the press about the pandemic, Jared complained that governors were asking for more than they needed and said, “The notion of the federal stockpile (of ventilators) is it’s supposed to be our stockpile, it’s not supposed to be states’ stockpile that they then use.”

Except, the federal stockpile IS supposed to be used for the states. The website for the Department of Health and Human Services said that…until the Trump administration changed it to reflect the shit that came out of Jared’s mouth.

But, Jared…who is “our?” Your wife’s father and oggler wins the presidency and that makes the property of the government your property? Who the fuck are you other than the guy boinking the prez’s daughter (assuming you’re that guy) to tell us what is and isn’t in Washington? Here’s a charming little factoid for you, Jared. The United States is comprised of…wait for it..FUCKING STATES!

Jared probably wasn’t even qualified to get into Harvard as his criminal-father made a $2.5 million donation before he was accepted. Jared bought a newspaper and now it doesn’t print on paper anymore. I wouldn’t take his advice on journalism. Jared inherited his family’s real estate empire and has run it into the ground, so don’t take any real estate advice from him.

And when it comes to a pandemic, don’t listen to Jared. It’s ridiculous Donald Trump throws him out there and expects people to accept it. Donald Trump doesn’t understand that having the name “Trump” doesn’t make you qualified for anything except maybe grifting. Neither does marrying a Trump.

Jared sought a back channel with Russia after Trump won the election? Why? He had to lie on his security clearance application MULITPLE times until Donald Trump just had to give up and give him a security clearance. He did successfully figure out how to download and use WhatsApp so he can talk to murderous Saudi dictators in secret.

There are way too many people in jobs in the Trump administration who aren’t qualified for their jobs, starting with Donald Trump. Did he think there was an idiot shortage in the White House so he had to bring in Ivanka and Mr. Ivanka?

Jared isn’t qualified to wear big-boy pants, less enough have anything to do with anything in the White House. At least Ivanka only plays government and doesn’t actually do anything.

It only takes one international crisis to prove Donald Trump never belonged in the White House. Even people who aren’t Trumps appear to get dumber after being associated with him. While all the Trumps are idiots, Jared actually chose to become one of them.

Jared is attempting to swim in the deep end without floaties on his arms. He’s out of his depth and needs to go back to the kiddie pool. The most ridiculous thing is how obnoxious Jared has to be to talk to the press as if he actually has any qualifications other than who he’s married to. Does he really believe journalists leave the room thinking, “We gotta believe what Jared said because he’s Jared”?

This pandemic is serious and we need serious people. Jared, you’re not qualified and you’re endangering lives. Go home. Stay home and take the blonde bimbo with you. While you’re at it, take Ivanka too.

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