Roughing It, Volume 39

Last week, I only drew nine roughs and only two of those grew up to be real boys, er, cartoons.


I had been meaning to do something on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


This is what I gave CNN. I wanted to add “Fat Tuesday” and directly underneath it, “Fat Chicks,” but I thought that might get me in too much trouble.


I really liked this one.


It got a lot of comments. On YouTube, I explained that I gave the poodle Rand Paul’s hair. Only difference is, the poodle doesn’t choose to look like that.


This was OK and Larry David probably did it better. Funny thing, the only place where I ever saw people (other than on TV) wearing MAGA hats or shirts was at a MAGA rally.


I started to draw this but they took it out of the stimulus. A rare unusual move by Republicans (forced by Democrats) because it was wise.


I got this idea around the time Trump was talking about opening the country back up at Easter.


The Donald Trump team was suing to remove ads that quoted Donald Trump.


Ya’ know, I still haven’t received one of those. Does the Trump administration want me to die?


I didn’t know if people would get this. You know, ‘Grandma got run over by a reindeer.” Proofreader Laura said they would but it didn’t matter because I liked the Grandma going for a ride idea better anyway.


I really liked this but too many cartoonists had drawn Trump in a bunny suit already. But, I did get to put Trump in a bunny suit in the Trump video, which you should have seen by now unless your only explanation is that you suck. Even for the rough I had to make the suit pink because it had to be pink.

Do you have a favorite? If so, comment here or tweet or Facebook it to me.

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  1. The cartoon with the hats and social distancing gave me a good laugh. I have had customers come in to where I work wearing MAGA hats and Trump tees. I’ve also driven by a house with a HUUGE Trump flag. These things make me have bad thoughts of a rude and or violent nature about the people possessing them.
    I haven’t received one of those guideline ads or if I did I just sent it right into the bin. I have been following all this closely and already knew about the guidelines WEEKS AGO. Sorry, all take care.

    Liked by 1 person

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