Screw you, Iowa.

It’s not like you didn’t have time to prepare. Nothing snuck up on you because you’ve had the distinction of being the first state to vote since 1972. And you decided to use an app you had more difficulty navigating than an elderly man ordering Uber Eats.

The vote was Monday. It’s now Wednesday and we’re still not sure Pete Buttigieg is the winner. And, with your system, you don’t have to have the most votes to win the most delegates. So my question is: Can we be done with Iowa now?

Sure, let Iowa have caucuses or primaries or however they want to mess things up, but let’s stop allowing them to be the first in the nation.

We should remove this distinction because it’s a misrepresentation. It’s not a fair vote. A lot of people don’t have time to caucus. With a 90% white majority population, the state isn’t just non-representative of the Democratic Party, but also of the nation. I mean, with 90% white, they’re perfect to be the first GOP primary/caucus, but c’mon. And the candidates put all this focus, times, money, and so does the media, into something that doesn’t reflect most Americans.  Most of the state is rural so unless you own a tractor, it doesn’t reflect you. And on top of all that, it’s a Trump state that’s given us Steve King. Even the second state isn’t representative, as it’s 94% white.

I get that you want the first vote to be in a small state, so how about Maryland or Delaware? Or better yet, make the third state the first and let’s do it in South Carolina.

No candidate is going to make a case to move the first primaries from Iowa and New Hampshire because then they’ll definitely lose those primaries…which would take us a week to find out because nobody in Iowa can count votes.

Maybe the biggest argument to stop with Iowa is that allowing them to muck everything up is a horrible way to start a presidential race. It even allows the Republicans, who rigged their primary for Trump, claim the Democrats can’t run a primary.

So let’s have a vote to remove the first votes from Iowa…but let’s count those votes somewhere else.

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  1. “His work ranged from
    westerns to epic dramas
    to romances, but he once
    said his proudest
    professional achievement
    was helping to end
    the Hollywood blacklist.”

    How ironic that one of
    the Heroes who fought
    the Hollywood Blacklist
    (one of the Streams of
    Toxic Bile exuded by
    Senator Joseph McCarthy,
    the Second Most
    Dangerous Populist in
    our Nation’s History),
    should die on the same
    day that Democracy May
    Have Died at the hands
    of the GOPOCRITE
    who Excreted the
    King i45* The First, the
    MOST Dangerous Populist
    in our Nation’s History
    and Future.

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