Ripping Trump A New One


Last night, Donald Trump delivered the most partisan, hateful, and divisive State of the Union since the one he delivered last year.

If you didn’t watch the speech, you probably haven’t heard anyone cite anything specific he said. If you did watch the speech, you probably haven’t talked about anything he said. Instead, you’ve talked about the dis.

Before the speech, Trump pretended not to see Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stick out her hand, and he dissed her by refusing to shake it. She dissed him in her introduction but excluding the traditional “the high privilege and distinct honor” of introducing the president. After the speech, she ripped in half her advance copy of Trump’s speech.

Liberals are applauding while conservatives are upset, which is a bit surreal. How can you cry about disrespect when you support Donald Trump, a man who’s feuded with veterans, Gold Star families, women, and children. You’re really upset Nancy Pelosi disrespected the State of the Union after Donald Trump turned it into a game show? Personally, I think Pelosi gave that speech all the respect it deserved.

It was full of lies. Donald Trump tried to claim all the credit for an economy that’s been on the upswing for 11 years. He claimed he rescued the nation from an economic disaster. He lied about the number of factories he’s brought to this nation. He claimed he’s built 100 miles of his racist wall on our border with Mexico when he hasn’t built 100 feet (and no mention of Mexico paying for it). He lied about the number of jobs the new trade deal with Mexico and Canada will replace. He claimed the U.S. became the world’s number one producer of natural gas and oil during his administration, which actually occurred in 2009.

But his biggest lie was the claim of protecting preexisting conditions. At this very moment, his administration is in court trying to take that away.

In addition to the lies, Trump made it hateful. Extremely hateful. He demonized sanctuary cities and immigrants. But then, he made a game show moment of having Melania place the Presidential Medal of Freedom around the neck of Rush Limbaugh.

Trump played to his base and threw out red meat for his 2020 reelection campaign. The GOP actually chanted “four more years” at one point. And yet, Nancy was disrespectful.

Pelosi later tweeted, “The manifesto of mistruths presented in page after page of the address tonight should be a call to action for everyone who expects truth from the President and policies worthy of his office and the American people.”

When asked why she ripped the speech immediately after Trump stopped talking and in clear view of the cameras, she said, “It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative.”

With all the alternative things in my imagination she could have done to that speech, she did the courteous thing.

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    1. No real American people think your a real piece of shit like the dumb people that want communism instead of a free America . Free America doesn’t mean everything is free, if people want the government to say what you eat ,when to sleep,what to wear (face masks) go to north North Korea or china and then tell everyone how your free life is .


  1. I loved watching Nancy Pelosi rip his lying manifesto in pieces. The show 45 put on was pathetic especially Melanie putting the Presidental Medal of Freedom on another despotic pile of dung like Rush Limbaugh. A cow pie deserved it more. The lies about health care were vomitous. The bright spots, a young girl getting a scholarship and a veteran coming home. If 45 doesn’t take that all back. The Dems better get their game on, get down and dirty because of 45, “The Showman” and “Grand Booba of Lies and Shiny Objects.”

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