Impeach The Galoot


Late Sunday night, The New York Times reported that President (sic) Donald Trump told his national security adviser last August that he wanted to freeze nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine until that government agreed to investigate Democrats, including the Bidens. These are details leaked from John Bolton’s upcoming book titled, How I Survived Working For a Racist, Narcissistic Idiot.” No, that’s not the title. It was too long.

Democrats have been wanting former national security adviser Bolton to testify about what he knows, what the president knows and when did he know it. Republicans have been resisting. Funny thing, Republicans have accused Democrats of rushing the impeachment while Senate Majority Leader says he doesn’t want witnesses as that’ll prolong the Senate trial. But not being consistent is par for the course for Republicans.

These idiots trotted out Ken Starr to argue against the “age of impeachment,” Pam Bondi to argue against nepotism and corruption, and Alan Dershowitz to argue against every position he’s held previously. The rest of Trump’s legal goons argued that Democrats were mean and we shouldn’t trust liars. Seriously. How can you argue that Trump didn’t do anything wrong while resisting testimony from people who witnessed him doing nothing wrong?

A draft of the book was submitted to the White House on December 30 for a review before publishing, which is standard for current and former officials. The White House is the main culprit as the leaker of the book or someone inside who doesn’t like Trump, which means it could be anyone.

Mitch McConnell told his Republican colleagues not to panic over the details and to “take a deep breath,” which is usually not recommended to people with their heads up their own asses. We also learned that the White House has been sitting on the draft without EVER informing Republicans in the Senate. I guess Trump never heard the expression “help me help you.”

According to the book, Trump withheld taxpayer money to Ukraine contingent on them doing him a personal favor. And, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged to Bolton there was no basis to claims by Trump’s personal goon, Rudy Giuliani that our ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch was corrupt, and believed Rudy may have been acting on behalf of his other clients. It also links other officials to the corruption, including Attorney General William Barr and Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

The main thing this does, for now, is put pressure on Senate Republicans to vote for witnesses. Rushing the trial without them will now look like they’re engaging in the coverup, which they are but they don’t want that appearance.

Donald Trump tweeted that Bolton was lying to sell books. If anything, Bolton has been resisting testifying or even doing media interviews so he can hang onto his information to sell books. Hey, wanna find out how corrupt Trump is? Pay John Bolton $24.95 (or however much those books go for).

A Facebook friend of mine who’s a real pro-Trump troglodyte posted that John Bolton was lying. He didn’t base it on anything except that it must be a lie…because Trump is so honest. Remember when Donald Trump didn’t know about hush payments to porn stars and Playmates? Remember when Donald Trump didn’t know Lev Parnas? Donald Trump was found to be the liar in a he said/she said with Omarosa. It doesn’t matter whose word it is against Donald Trump’s, always bet against Trump. This is a guy who has told over 16,000 lies since he became president.

As revenge against Bolton, the White House could use the pre-publication review process, which has no set time frame, to delay or even kill the book’s publication or omit key passages. Though, like it is with executive privilege, it’ll be hard to argue for conversations to be omitted that Donald Trump himself has talked about. But delaying or killing the book will only happen if Trump is a vengeful person.

The one good thing Trump has going for him is that his cult will never discover the corrupt details Bolton’s revealing about him…because they’re in a book.

Testifying before the Senate, if it comes to that, may hurt Bolton’s book just as much as a delay in publishing. After eight hours on the stand, there may not be any bombshells left to tell. What sort of pomade does that mustache require anyway? I got nothing.

There are a few things I’m sure are in the book that we already know, like Donald Trump is a national security risk, is guilty, and should be removed from office as soon as possible.

I would be more than happy to witness the orange galoot’s eviction.

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  1. I’m gonna BRONZE this Clay: “Mitch McConnell told his Republican colleagues not to panic over the details and to “take a deep breath,” which is usually not recommended to people with their heads up their own asses.”

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