A Credible Fox


The new argument on Fox News is that Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton can’t be trusted because he’s trying to sell a book.

A leak emerged from the White House that in a draft of Bolton’s upcoming book, Donald Trump told him firsthand that he was withholding military aid from Ukraine until they announced an investigation into the Bidens. The leak of the manuscript is interesting because it probably came from someone who works for Donald Trump and hates him. And honestly, no president has feuded with as many former staffers as Donald Trump has.

Yes, John Bolton wants to sell books. Here’s a fun fact: Everyone who has ever published a book wants to sell books. Here’s another fun fact: All those Fox News fucknuts arguing that you can’t trust John Bolton because he wants to sell books…have all written books!

Here’s the thing, kids. Regarding testifying, it doesn’t matter if Bolton has credibility. You ask that question after he testifies. You weigh his credibility along with his testimony. It doesn’t matter if John Bolton is a drug-dealing pimp. If he’s a witness, you let him testify. And, even if he was a drug-dealing pimp, he’d still have more credibility than Donald Trump.

But, I have questions for Fox News. If John Bolton isn’t credible, then why didn’t you point that out when he was advocating invading Iraq? Why didn’t you ask that when George W. Bush made him ambassador to the United Nations? Why didn’t you ask that when Donald Trump hired him to be his national security adviser? Or better yet, why didn’t you ask that question when YOU, Fox News, hired him as one of your conservative gaslighting experts? And, you could have asked that question at any point during the eleven freaking years he worked for you.

But then again, if you’re arguing he doesn’t have credibility and is a liar because he worked for Fox News, you might have a point.

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    1. “ Am I in the Twilight Zone?”

      No, you are stuck in the i45* Zone with the rest of us…
      Where anything can happen at any time, and the exact opposite thing can happen the next day.
      Where Up is Down, Left is Right, In is Out, Good is Bad, Love is Hate, and so on, and so on…
      Where Today’s Truth is Tomorrow’s Lie, and Today’s Lie is Tomorrow’s Truth.
      Where the worst possible waste of sub-human DNA (the worst possible nightmare of the Constitution’s Framers) can be made President by less than half of the nation’s voters who actually voted in 2016.
      Where this waste of DNA is Loved/Feared/Worshiped/Supported/Protected by a Rogue Political Party (the next-to-worst possible nightmare of the Constitution’s Framers) hell-bent on destroying our Democracy.
      Where… where… where… sorry, I can’t do this anymore.

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  1. Trump can take the worst of humanity, and make them good again. And I can only wait until he fires Moscow Mitch, to see what MM will say then. (Well, maybe not fire him, but throw him out of the GOP.)

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  2. Clay whoever does the ads on your website are seriously screwing with us. Normally is nearly soft-core porn clothing. Today it’s the NRA!! Talk about not knowing your market. I’m figuring they are all nefarious-viral carrying-let’s crash your computer or hold it for ransom-ick.

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