Pope Slap


While greeting the faithful around the Nativity at the Vatican on New Year’s Eve, one overly-enthusiastic worshipper grabbed Pope Francis and wouldn’t let go. To break free, the Pope slapped the woman’s hand twice and stormed away afterward visibly upset. Anyone who’s ever attended Catholic school recognized the short slaps delivered with quick precision. They also recognized the expression on the Pope’s face. It’s one Catholic students never wanted to see in a nun.

He was trying to greet children and the woman grabbed him with both hands while he was walking away, yanked him back, and made the 83-year-old Pope lose his balance. He was caught by surprise so maybe his reaction is understandable. But Francis is the Pope so naturally, he later apologized.

In his traditional Wednesday remarks, the Pope said, “Many times we lose our patience. I do, too, and I’m sorry for yesterday’s bad example.” The people who really rejoiced, while pretending to be upset, at the Pope’s initial reaction were conservatives, who aren’t big fans of his (while ignoring that Donald Trump grabs “pussy”).

Republicans believe they own religion or at least the right religions. Evangelical support for Donald Trump is off the charts which boggles the mind of anyone who clearly sees the hypocrisy and double standard. But, most of that support is white support.

A Pew Research Center survey from 2017 looks inside the numbers and finds that most religious support for Republicans is white.

While only 18% of white evangelicals identify as Democrats, 77% are Republican. It narrows with white Protestants as 53% identify as GOP with 41% going Democratic. Black Protestants support Democrats with 87%.

Support is basically tied when you factor in all American Catholics with the GOP at 46% and Dems at 47%. But, it gets wider when you factor in race. White Catholics support Republicans at 54% and Democrats with 40%. Hispanic Catholics vote Democratic at 64% and Republican at 27%.

Despite Republican pandering, Trump claiming he’s the “chosen one,” that he’s done more for Israel than any president before him, and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital, Jewish voters strongly favor Democrats over the GOP 67% to 31%. And Mormon voters…do you really have to ask? It’s in the 70% range.

If you’re not religious at all, then you’re probably going to vote Democratic (because people who aren’t religious tend to be more educated and deal with issues on a factual basis). Godless heathens, like myself, support Democrats at 68%.

Republicans continue to claim they’re the party for people who worship. The truth is, they’re the party for white worshippers. That’s as confusing as people who support the military and consider themselves patriotic supporting Donald Trump, or people who claim they want family values, or a cohesive and consistent foreign policy, or people who think.

But as we’ve seen from white evangelicals, they’re hypocrites who sell out their principles to get what they want. As I wrote recently, they’ll support Trump to force us to obey the principles and ethics they pretend to have.

What you need to do if you’re a religious person who supports Donald Trump and the Republican Party is to be like the Pope. Slap that tiny orange hand away. Don’t let the tiny orange fingers pull you in deeper into a hole you’ll never be able to crawl out of.

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  1. No difference that I can see between white evangelicals and sharia law proponents. (From the POV of an Agnostic [if you’re a rethuglican, that means I admit I don’t know if a deity exists and, as Kurt Vonnegut once stated, ‘Doesn’t much matter anyway’, or something to that effect].)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. “ Don’t let the tiny orange fingers pull you in deeper into a hole you’ll never be able to crawl out of.”

    Problem is, those idiots are so scared of the rest of us that they feel safe and comfortable in that hole and they don’t want to leave it.

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  3. Welcome to the REAL Planet of the Apes.
    There is no saving us. The end will not be nice.
    All of that mercury we’ve been exposed to since industrialization began has us all mad as a hatter.
    I am sorry to say, but it is the truth.
    Or you can go with what giuliani said, truth is not truth and we can try and survive on that.


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