Run, Run, Rudolph


I don’t understand gun obsession or why anyone feels they need an automatic weapon to make themselves feel like a man. I can only assume they’re overcompensating for something very tiny in their lives. So if I can’t understand gun worship, I’m never going to get why some feel the need to kill something just to kill it…and the rarer the creature the better. But then again, anyone who needs to kill something beautiful just to kill it is an asshole.

This brings us to the Trump boys. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric love to shoot and kill things. The bigger the better. The rarer the better. Typically, their “hunts” involve shooting creatures on preserves where they’re lead by a guide. Basically, you’re shooting an animal in a fence. In the past, they’ve posted photos of buffalo, elephants, and leopards they killed. In one pic, DJTJ is holding the tail he cut off an elephant he killed. How macho.

Recently, Donald Trump Jr. shot an argali sheep in Mongolia. The argali sheep is extremely rare and shooting and killing them is controversial in Mongolia. To legally kill one, you have to be rich and politically connected.  It helps if you’re a trust-fund baby.

Funny thing about DJTJ killing this animal: He did so BEFORE he acquired a permit allowing him to kill it. After killing it, he got a meeting with the president. The permit was granted AFTER DJTJ had left the nation.

Now, an animal-protection group and a government watchdog group have filed separate requests asking four government agencies to investigate and produce documents regarding Trump Jr.’s Mongolian hunting excursion.

The Center for Biological Diversity sent a two-page letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday, alerting the agency that Trump Jr. may have violated Mongolian laws by reportedly killing a rare argali sheep without a permit.

Tanya Sanerib, the Center’s international legal director and an attorney, wrote, “If Mongolian law was violated when the argali was killed, then U.S. officials must ensure the poor animal doesn’t end up in the U.S. as a Trump wall hanging.”

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington requested records from the Department of Homeland Security, State Department, and Department of the Interior seeking information on the cost of the trip to taxpayers, communication between Trump Jr. and Mongolian officials and documents Trump Jr. may have filed to import the big-game trophy, including its massive corkscrew horns.

I’m sure each of these departments will get right on that.

As it turns out, Mongolia’s ambassador to the U.S. and its foreign minister were hanging out at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort during Easter weekend, at the same time Trump Jr. was there. But don’t worry because Donald Trump made a big deal about “pay-for-play” regarding the Clinton Foundation, so I’m sure none of that was transpiring during Easter weekend or ever with his extremely ethical family.

If Santa was planning to land his endangered reindeer on the Trump’s roof, the only thing that’d stop the Trump boys from killing them would be if they couldn’t get a guide to hold their hands. You know they’re too wimpy to climb up there on their own.

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