Mean Girl Hurts Trump


I have a few “friends” on Facebook who are in the Trump cult. I make sure not to actually follow any of them because seeing their hate on my timeline is depressing, but we’re still technically friends. They serve a purpose. Occasionally, I’ll go to one or more of their pages to see what the daily gripe is or how they’re reacting to something. It keeps me from clicking over to Fox News for a minute. It’s like Googling “stupid conservative faux-outrage and lies of the moment.” I get instant results.

As I said, I don’t follow them because the constant reminder that there’s a huge part of America that’s ugly, vile, and just stupid is really depressing. I only see their pages when I need to research. I did so yesterday and ugh. I needed a shower.

Naturally, as I scrolled through, they were outraged that a liberal mentioned Barron Trump’s name while making a point they didn’t get. And as predicted, they’re all aboard on bullying Greta Thunberg. Now though, you get to read their defense and justification for bullying Greta. I love it when Trump supporters explain why they’re assholes.

One of my friends justified the bullying of Greta and not Barron by the fact she has inserted herself into a debate and Barron has not. That’s a very fair point, but it doesn’t excuse adults to bully a 16-year-old with Asperger Syndrome.

They’re right in that Greta Thunberg has inserted herself in an argument. They’re also right in that no one should be bullying Barron, and thankfully, nobody actually did. But they’re wrong in that Greta’s argument should be partisan and tribal. They’re wrong in attacking her and not the argument. If you have an issue with what Greta is saying, then have a counterpoint. Have a debate. If you have an issue with Greta, with her caring about the future of this planet, then you’re just an asshole and an immature one at that. Can anyone disagree with Greta and admire her at the same time? I guarantee you if she was skipping school demanding more access to guns, none of these conservative jerks would be attacking her.

One of my other conservative “friends” justified attacking and bullying Greta because she has “threatened world leaders with murder.” What? When? I missed this. So, I read the article the accusation accompanied. Of course, Greta hasn’t threatened to murder anyone. Greta said, “We will put world leaders against the wall.” That expression is an idiom. In case you’re a Republican, an idiom is a group of words having a meaning that they wouldn’t have individually. If I say something will cost you an “arm and a leg,” I’m using an idiom that something is expensive and it probably won’t actually rip your limbs off. Greta was talking about pressuring world leaders, not killing them with a firing squad.

And really, Mr. red-meat-eating, monster-truck-driving, Gun Nut is afraid 16-year-old Swedish Greta with Aspergers is coming for you? Will you be OK?

The funny thing about thing with this one: Greta didn’t mention death, firing squad, or any world leaders by name, but somehow she’s threatening murder. But since Donald Trump never said “quid pro quo, “bribery,” or “extortion” in his phone call with Ukraine’s president, then he couldn’t have meant any of that. In case you’re a Republican, that means you’re a hypocritical dillhole.

If you’re one of these dillholes attacking Greta and defending Trump’s bullying of her, let me point something out to you: Donald Trump is not attacking her argument. He’s not responding to something she said about him. He’s only attacking her, not her message. He’s attacking her because she got something he wanted. Something that he’s received before.

We should stop being surprised by how low Republicans will debase themselves. They continued to support Donald Trump after he attacked veterans, POWs, Gold Star families, immigrants, the handicapped, women, and now children. They have continued to support him after he’s proven to be a spoiled, butthurt baby time and time again while telling us what a great leader he is.

Donald Trump and his campaign tweeted an image of him as Thanos, a mass murderer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe defeated by Captain America. Seriously, this is how you want to present yourself? At least it’s accurate in that Trump is the bad guy fighting against America.

Greta is one of the good guys. And if you’re supporting Donald Trump, a bad guy bullying a child, you’re one of the bad guys fighting against America and the rest of the planet too.

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  1. People have mentioned Greta is only taking her climate crisis awareness to countries that make improvements and she completely let’s countries like China and India of the hook. My biggest problem is with those that fill the young minds with such anxiety all the while the political masters buy beach front property. What did Trump do? Asked her to chill and go watch a movie with her friends. The problem with Greta is: she unquestioning accepts the premise from those that refuse to debate the science. No one is afraid of good ol’Greta, the machine hiding behind her is the coward.


  2. Off Topic, but…..

    Copied from the WaPo
    Comments Section for
    “Supreme Court will
    take up Trump’s broad
    claims of protection
    from investigation”: 


    17 hours ago

    because it needs sharing


    I know most Political
    Cartoonists don’t like
    to use other people’s
    ideas, but I would
    LOVE to see Clay do a
    cartoon of 45* frantically
    flushing a toilet with
    the “Tip of a Fecal
    Iceberg” sticking out
    of the bowl.

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  3. ALSO Off Topic, but…..

    FYI for the Real People who follow (and hopefully support) Claytoonz:

    I do not feed Russian Troll Bots like Herpes FootDisease, even if they pretend that they are now “behaving” themselves.

    They might temporarily fool Real People by changing their name, but eventually they will slip up and revert to the despicable behavior that they are programmed for.

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  4. We have sunk so low as a country, I fear we will not rise above the filth this administration has put before us. It is so much worse than Watergate. I was in Iran when Nixon resigned, and escaped the Revolution there. I was so proud to come home to a country that had done the right thing. How far we have fallen in an historically short time!
    Bishop Ruth Moderhak

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