Creepy White Female


Nobody ever asks me anymore, “What are you going to draw now that Donald Trump isn’t president (sic)?” Just like there will always be cops because there will always be crime, I will always have material because there will always be right-wing troglodyte abhorrent bullshit.

I had a lot of days where Donald Trump made satire hard. How do you make drinking bleach even more ridiculous? Even with Donald Trump barricaded in his Nazi compound in Nazi Florida, I’m still having days like that thanks to right-wing troglodytes like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Does it bother you there are people in Congress who are not as smart as you? Does it bother you they’re not just as smart as you…but they’re knuckle-dragging morons who should be put in baby-proofed rooms for their own protection so they don’t stick forks into electrical outlets? There’s a meme on social media that the reason there’s so much ignorance in this country today is because high schools had their football coaches teach civics. That must be true because Alabama senator and former football coach Tommy Tuberville believes World War II was fought to save Europe from socialism and the three branches of our government are the House, Senate, and White House, and that one party isn’t supposed to control all three (despite all three being controlled by Republicans for two years of the Trump administration. Look it up).

Sure, a lot of these fuckers gaslight, like that Andrew Clyde idiot from Georgia who believes terrorists are tourists…even though he helped blockade a door to keep them from barging in. Be careful! They want keychains!

But some of these Republicans aren’t just gaslighting…some of them are downright stupid. And when you add other horrible traits to stupid, like bullying, stalking, pushing conspiracy theories, and advocating murder, you have a raving lunatic on your hands. And that’s what we have in Marjorie Taylor Greene, a representative from Georgia. Seriously, Georgia?

Before Marjorie Taylor Greene was elected to Congress by the most moronic, stupid, right-wing district in the nation, she was just your average everyday qanon conspiracy pushing fucknut.

This lunatic that Donald Trump said is a “future Republican star” and is “strong on everything” believes that school shootings are “false flag operations.” She believes the California wildfires were started by Jewish space lasers. She called the qanon leader who started the conspiracy theory that the government is being controlled by Satan-worshipping pedophiles a “patriot.”

Do you think Greene doesn’t believe in the Qshit? There’s a video of her stating, “There’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles out, and I think we have the president to do it.” This person is in Congress. Seriously.

Greene posted in a blog for dumbasses a link about Pizzagate, the debunked belief Hillary Clinton ran a sex slave operation out of a Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant. She wrote, “Shockingly, the website tells about information that was only whispered about and called conspiracy theories.” She believes this shit.

Greene believes in “Frazzledrip.” Oh, you haven’t heard of that? I hadn’t either until just now. Sit down for this one…and put down the coffee. It’s a belief there’s a video (nobody’s seen) that was found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop of Hillary Clinton and aide Huma Abedin sexually assaulting a child before slicing off her face and wearing it as a mask. She wrote, “Most people honestly don’t know so much. The msm disinformation warfare has won for too long!” Again, this person is in Congress. Also, what does Clinton and Abedin do with the mask after wearing it? Does it become a pizza topping?

She has questioned whether 9/11 actually happened. You would think that one would piss of conservatives, right? Wrong.

Before Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, Greene pushed a belief she had already died and was replaced by a body double.

And of course, she believes Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election. What’s scarier is that the majority of the Republican Party shares that one. Do you really want to share conspiracy theories with a lunatic? But then again, the GOP is comprised of lunatics.

Before she was elected, she videotaped herself stalking David Hogg, a Parkland school shooting survivor. She even made a video (that she later tried to delete), before she was elected, where she’s outside the office of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, crouched down to scream through the mail slot, demanding that she come out, stop pushing socialism, accusing her of wearing a diaper, and that she pays her salary.

Oddly enough, I’m now paying Marjorie Taylor Greene’s salary and she doesn’t even serve on any committees.

While AOC was leaving a congressional hearing last week (something Greene won’t be doing because she doesn’t serve on any committees), she was accosted by Greene who was shouting at her about her “radical socialism” and accusing her of supporting terrorists. Greene and the bulk of the Republican Party literally support terrorists. Her Georgia colleague, Andrew Clyde, defends them as “tourists.”

AOC said Greene was “deeply unwell” and she used to throw people like her out of her bar back when she was a bartender. MTG wants to debate AOC, but there is no winning a debate with a mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger. I can’t see Ocasio-Cortez being able to get a word in during such a debate. If Greene really wants to debate issues, perhaps she shouldn’t have done stupid shit, like calling for the execution of congressional colleagues, that got her kicked off committees.

While leaving the House floor this week, Democratic representative Eric Swalwell was screamed at by one of Greene’s aides (shockingly, she hasn’t hired very good people), who demanded he take off his face mask. This is deeply ironic because conservatives are all over social media demanding that nobody question whether or not they’ve been vaccinated and leave them alone while they skulk around unmasked…yet they’re totally triggered anytime they see someone wearing a face mask.

When you see someone outside your bedroom window with binoculars, they’ll probably be unmasked.

Swalwell said he’d had enough of the “marauding goons in the Marjorie Taylor Greene crowd who go around trying to terrorize my colleagues.” According to reports, Swalwell cursed at Greene’s aides, but I one for believe cursing at someone is acceptable when that someone is a right-wing mouth-breathing troglodyte motherfucker working for a creepy icky stalking sea hag sonofabitch.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others are calling for an investigation of Greene by the House Ethics Committee. It’s very unethical to bully and stalk your colleagues. The bad thing is, Greene has time since she doesn’t serve on any committees, not like she would have done any actual work if she was still on them anyway.

This bullying, stalking, and being as vile as possible works for Greene. Republicans love it. These are the same people who are defending baby jails and MAGA terrorists. Greene has raised millions of dollars by pointing out how vile and disgusting she is.

Congress needs to expel Greene. If her voters don’t like it, then maybe stop sending maniacs to Congress. The rest of Congress, Democrats and Republicans, deserve a safe working environment. But then again, most of the Republicans support terrorists.

While shouting through AOC’s mail slot, Greene said she’s a woman and proud to be an American woman. I’m not sure she’s a woman because first, she would have to be human.

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Secretary Spanky


Mary Louise Kelly, the reporter for National Public Radio who Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is currently having a temper tantrum over, wrote a column for The New York Times that explains how she’s bothered by something more than our nation’s top diplomat calling her a liar.

Kelly wrote, “Journalists don’t sit down with senior government officials in the service of scoring political points. We do it in the service of asking tough questions, on behalf of our fellow citizens. And then sharing the answers — or lack thereof — with the world.”

It was the lack thereof she got from our Secretary of State.

When asked how we would prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, Pompeo’s answer was, “We’ll stop them.” In case you’re a Republican, that’s not an answer to her question. But what really ticked Pompeo off were her questions regarding Ukraine and the State Department’s treatment of our former ambassador to that nation, Marie Yovanovitch.

In case you’re just tuning in (you know, if you’re a Republican), Donald Trump sent his goon, Rudy Giuliani, who engaged his own goons into a campaign to discredit and destroy Yovanovitch. We’ve learned since that the goons may have even stalked Yovanovitch and put her life in danger. Pompeo, the man responsible for the safety of our ambassadors, did nothing.

For over a year, Trump’s goons went after Yovanovitch. When asked if he owed her an apology, Pompeo replied to Kelly that he’s defended all our ambassadors. Again, not answering her question. And that’s ultimately what pissed Pompeo, who is now officially a Trump goon, off.

Pompeo told Kelly that “nobody in America cares about Ukraine” and then challenged her to find that nation on an unmarked map. She did. He screamed and cursed at her, which she reported. While not denying her account, he went public with a snowflake tirade that she lied to him, twice, and that their exchange was to be off the record and she promised to only ask questions about Iran. Kelly released emails she exchanged with Pompeo’s staff which don’t just back her up but prove Pompeo is a liar.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Pompeo is a liar because he works for Donald Trump. It also shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s bullying women (a journalist and an ambassador) and demonstrating just how thin-skinned he is by banning NPR from his plane on an upcoming trip to Ukraine. And it also shouldn’t be a surprise that Donald Trump praised Pompeo for the “job” he did on her.

Donald Trump, who was caught on a recording to “take her out” in regards to Yovanovitch and who told the president of Ukraine that “things were going to happen to her,” compliment Pompeo for his riff with the NPR reporter.

During a photo-op with another corrupt leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said to Pompeo, “That’s impressive. That was very impressive. That reporter couldn’t have done too good a job on you yesterday. I think you did a good job on her, actually.” Naturally, Trump is ignoring the fact Pompeo was caught lying and was internationally embarrassed. But you know how it is with Trump’s minions. They’re only performing for an audience of one. All that matters to them is that a mean girl asked mean questions. Does anyone need a hug?

Freedom of the press is guaranteed in our Constitution. It’s so important, it comes before that right to own guns thing. Our president and secretary of state should be championing all of our freedoms, not just the selective ones that appeal to their racist fucknut base. As it turns out, Kelly has more trouble with our top diplomat than she did with Iran’s who she also interviewed just a few days before.

Instead of championing that freedom, our State Department is telling the world they’ll shut up journalists who challenge them. We’ll shut them up by banning them from coverage. We’ll shut them up by defunding NPR. Nations like Turkey, who imprisons journalists, and Saudi Arabia, who murders journalists, is paying attention.

Cruelty and being vile to people is what Trump and his supporters consider humorous in this era. The entire room, except for the press who were present, laughed at Trump’s comments and praise for Pompeo’s bullying. I don’t see the humor in it. Where was the punchline?

Everyone in that room, including Trump and Pompeo should read Kelly’s column today. They should especially take note of this passage: “There is a reason that freedom of the press is enshrined in the Constitution. There is a reason it matters that people in positions of power — people charged with steering the foreign policy of entire nations — be held to account. The stakes are too high for their impulses and decisions not to be examined in as thoughtful and rigorous an interview as is possible.”

They should read it twice. Three times if they have to. Trump and Pompeo could read it a hundred times and still not understand that they are to be held accountable.

Donald Trump’s He-Man Women Hater Club may not like it, but girls are allowed to ask them questions.

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Mean Girl Hurts Trump


I have a few “friends” on Facebook who are in the Trump cult. I make sure not to actually follow any of them because seeing their hate on my timeline is depressing, but we’re still technically friends. They serve a purpose. Occasionally, I’ll go to one or more of their pages to see what the daily gripe is or how they’re reacting to something. It keeps me from clicking over to Fox News for a minute. It’s like Googling “stupid conservative faux-outrage and lies of the moment.” I get instant results.

As I said, I don’t follow them because the constant reminder that there’s a huge part of America that’s ugly, vile, and just stupid is really depressing. I only see their pages when I need to research. I did so yesterday and ugh. I needed a shower.

Naturally, as I scrolled through, they were outraged that a liberal mentioned Barron Trump’s name while making a point they didn’t get. And as predicted, they’re all aboard on bullying Greta Thunberg. Now though, you get to read their defense and justification for bullying Greta. I love it when Trump supporters explain why they’re assholes.

One of my friends justified the bullying of Greta and not Barron by the fact she has inserted herself into a debate and Barron has not. That’s a very fair point, but it doesn’t excuse adults to bully a 16-year-old with Asperger Syndrome.

They’re right in that Greta Thunberg has inserted herself in an argument. They’re also right in that no one should be bullying Barron, and thankfully, nobody actually did. But they’re wrong in that Greta’s argument should be partisan and tribal. They’re wrong in attacking her and not the argument. If you have an issue with what Greta is saying, then have a counterpoint. Have a debate. If you have an issue with Greta, with her caring about the future of this planet, then you’re just an asshole and an immature one at that. Can anyone disagree with Greta and admire her at the same time? I guarantee you if she was skipping school demanding more access to guns, none of these conservative jerks would be attacking her.

One of my other conservative “friends” justified attacking and bullying Greta because she has “threatened world leaders with murder.” What? When? I missed this. So, I read the article the accusation accompanied. Of course, Greta hasn’t threatened to murder anyone. Greta said, “We will put world leaders against the wall.” That expression is an idiom. In case you’re a Republican, an idiom is a group of words having a meaning that they wouldn’t have individually. If I say something will cost you an “arm and a leg,” I’m using an idiom that something is expensive and it probably won’t actually rip your limbs off. Greta was talking about pressuring world leaders, not killing them with a firing squad.

And really, Mr. red-meat-eating, monster-truck-driving, Gun Nut is afraid 16-year-old Swedish Greta with Aspergers is coming for you? Will you be OK?

The funny thing about thing with this one: Greta didn’t mention death, firing squad, or any world leaders by name, but somehow she’s threatening murder. But since Donald Trump never said “quid pro quo, “bribery,” or “extortion” in his phone call with Ukraine’s president, then he couldn’t have meant any of that. In case you’re a Republican, that means you’re a hypocritical dillhole.

If you’re one of these dillholes attacking Greta and defending Trump’s bullying of her, let me point something out to you: Donald Trump is not attacking her argument. He’s not responding to something she said about him. He’s only attacking her, not her message. He’s attacking her because she got something he wanted. Something that he’s received before.

We should stop being surprised by how low Republicans will debase themselves. They continued to support Donald Trump after he attacked veterans, POWs, Gold Star families, immigrants, the handicapped, women, and now children. They have continued to support him after he’s proven to be a spoiled, butthurt baby time and time again while telling us what a great leader he is.

Donald Trump and his campaign tweeted an image of him as Thanos, a mass murderer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe defeated by Captain America. Seriously, this is how you want to present yourself? At least it’s accurate in that Trump is the bad guy fighting against America.

Greta is one of the good guys. And if you’re supporting Donald Trump, a bad guy bullying a child, you’re one of the bad guys fighting against America and the rest of the planet too.

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Bully Of A Good Time


There has been much debate back and forth for who is to blame for the confrontation this weekend at the nation’s capital between Native Americans, students from Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School, and Hebrew Israelites.

Initially, the majority of angry comments were directed at the Catholic students wearing MAGA hats. After viewing several videos of the incident, the blame lands squarely on them, but also on the Hebrew Israelites.

It’s clear from the video that Nathan Phillips, a Vietnam veteran taking part in an Indigenous Peoples March, attempted to defuse the tension between the two groups. He was walking between the students toward the top of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when he came face to face with Nick Sandmann, a MAGA hat-wearing student from the Catholic school. Sandmann refused to move and Phillips wouldn’t walk around him.

Sandmann argues that his group didn’t do anything racist or to provoke the Native Americans. In the video, you can hear the students chanting. Sandmann says they received permission from their chaperones to sing “school spirits chants.”

Did those chaperones give them permission to do the tomahawk chop? Did they give one of the students permission to strip to his underwear and jump around like a primate? Do their school chants sound eerily similar to the chants Mr. Phillips was singing? What is his excuse for not stepping aside for an elderly man? While not casting all the blame on his group, I’m not buying Sandmann’s excuse. Just like Donald Trump, he’s a liar. Sandmann is upset that he’s coming off as a creepy little bastard for staring and smiling in Mr. Phillips’ face. Maybe in the future, he shouldn’t act like a creepy little bastard.

Donald Trump, and his “Make America Great Again,” campaign is to blame for this atmosphere. It’s to blame for his followers’ public displays of racism.

Trump has repeatedly exhibited racism by calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas.” Last weekend, probably out of sheer boredom, he invoked Wounded Knee and Bighorn in another attack on the senator.

Trump is a bully. His specialty is bullying women and minorities. Just like most bullies, he’s a coward. These students are learning from Trump, as they cowardly bullied Mr. Phillips and the other Native Americans while they were in a large group.

MAGA is about making America worse. MAGA represents bullying, racism, hypocrisy, and lies. MAGA bullies get upset over commercials that encourage an end to bullying. MAGA bullies find bullying hilarious. MAGA bullies breed and make little bullies who then go on to national monuments to bully minorities. MAGA bullies chant Trump’s name at minorities because he is such a racist, his name has now become a racist slur.

Kids, the future of this nation, bullying minorities in a racist fashion is not making America great again. The Parkland survivors are the youth who will make America great again. The Covington kids will be another ugly chapter of the Trump era in future history books.

You can analyze the videos all you want to find the bullies, but as soon as someone puts on a MAGA hat, they’ve joined the club.

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