Ruffin’ Fur Rudy


Donald Trump says, “I don’t know those gentlemen,” when asked about Rudy Giuliani’s two associates who were just arrested for campaign finance violations while trying to flee the country. That’s too bad because he’ll probably need some friends to show him around once in prison.

Despite not knowing the two men, Trump said there are probably photos of him with them because he takes photos with everybody. I guess he also has “everybody” over at the White House and engages in conversations with. But, if he’s still not sure, he can ask idiot son number one, Don Jr, who they are as he’s in a photo having lunch with them.

Also, despite not knowing them, they were working on his behalf in chasing down conspiracy theories and connecting Giuliani with people in Ukraine. Yes, this is connected to Trump’s impeachment. They, along with Giuliani, campaigned for Trump to remove our ambassador to Ukraine because she wasn’t cooperating with their conspiracy schemes. The two men, Lev Parnas and, I’m not making this up, IGOR Fruman, are charged with funneling illegal campaign contributions to the United States while enlisting public officials in their moneymaking and political efforts in Ukraine. This will not shock you but all the money went to Republican candidates.

Lev and IGOR gave sketchy money to a pro-Trump super PAC, another PAC for Florida governor Ron DeSantis (the guy who racists think is a racist), and then another super PAC for a West Virginia attorney general candidate. There are additional reports they may have funneled money to a Texas congressman, two candidates in Nevada, and House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy. That last one’s probably true since McCarthy says he’s giving the money back.

Here’s a fun fact: The Federal Election Commission can’t launch any new investigations into illicit campaign contributions from foreign nationals at this time. Why? Because, at this time, the agency is without the minimum of four commissioners necessary to make high-level decisions. Last August, Matthew Petersen, a Republican, resigned without giving a reason. Trump has only made one nomination for the FEC, but after two years, the Republican-controlled Senate still hasn’t given him one confirmation hearing. There are two more vacancies and Trump hasn’t moved on those either. I wonder why.

Even though Trump doesn’t know Rudy’s two friends, they argued they wouldn’t testify before Congress, where they were to appear this week, on the basis of attorney-client privilege since they’re working for Trump’s lawyer on his behalf. Ya know, Nixon didn’t know the Watergate burglars either.

Lev and IGOR were at Dulles International Airport in the first-class lounge when FBI agents arrested them. They were attempting to leave the country after, get this, purchasing one-way tickets to Germany. Before they headed to the airport, they were dining (guess where!) at Trump’s Washington hotel with (guess who!) Rudy Giuliani.

Lev, a Ukrainian-American, has a trail of debt and lawsuits and was trying to get a natural gas deal in Ukraine. If Trump’s still trying to root out corruption in Ukraine, maybe he should call President Zelensky again and ask him to investigate this gas deal. With IGOR, a Belarusian-American, Lez incorporated a company called Global Energy Producers. Associates of these two men said Lez told them they’ve paid Giuliani hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One question I have is; Who’s paying the tab for Rudy’s work and travels in Ukraine and other nations? He claims he’s working for Trump, and other times he says he’s working for the State Department. So, who’s paying Rudy? I hope a reporter asks him that question soon in addition to, “What sort of hobbies will you pursue once you’re in prison?”

While professing he doesn’t know these two guys, Trump said, “Maybe they were clients of Rudy.” Yes, Donald. They were/are clients of Rudy and they’re going to prison. Hey, aren’t you a client of Rudy’s?

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  1. There’s probably a picture of Donnie Junk Truck with his nose stuck up his exhaust pipe, but he doesn’t know his exhaust pipe, except in the biblical way.


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