Rudy Chaos


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This week, my editor tentatively decided on a cartoon of Sean Spicer and UFOs. Yeah, I worked those two subjects into one cartoon. We did that Thursday night and decided to make the final call the next morning (if you’re a Republican, the next morning was a Friday).

Thursday night, I watched Chris Cuomo attempt to get answers from Trump’s private lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. Rudy spent the entire time screaming about conspiracy theories involving Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and Ukraine. And then, Rudy admitted asking Ukraine to investigate Biden after initially denying it 30 seconds earlier.

The next morning, my editor said he still liked the Spicer/UFO cartoon but maybe could go with something on Rudy. I had already drawn about 15 roughs, but I wanted to do Rudy. I asked for a couple more hours and it was granted. I have such cool editors. And, they picked the cartoon you’re now seeing. I felt this was a win because he was hesitant about doing something on the whistleblower controversy as the story kept updating about every 20 minutes. But, I think we were safe with this Rudy cartoon.

If you’re a Republican, the whistleblower controversy is over Trump asking Ukraine to investigate Biden to help his re-election effort and possibly withholding money from them that has already been approved by Congress to help them fight militants in their country loyal to Russia. In case you’re a Republican, that is extortion and is illegal.

I read that Rudy is afraid he’ll be remembered for lying for Donald Trump. People will forget he was ever considered “America’s mayor” and remember him covering for a lying, racist, stupid president while engaging in conspiracy theories. He may also want to start worrying about going to prison as what he did in regards to Ukraine may be illegal.

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  1. So a few days ago I started reading the book, The Plaza: the secret life of America’s most famous hotel, thinking it would be a nice ‘fluff’ piece about New York history and take my mind off of today’s chaos, at least for a few hours.

    Deep within the book (written in 2019) are chapters about: Rudy Giuliani, DJTrump, whose FIRST bankruptcy (out of six) was the Plaza hotel, the Saudis and the Russians and their connections to DJT through the Plaza . . . is there NO PLACE to get away from all this??

    Seriously, I found it interesting that these interconnections go so far back, AND that he is no different now than he was then. His bravado, his speech patterns, his lack of negotiation skills . . . they were all there for all to see. I particularly like the scene where he was angry at something or other and ran thru the lobby of the Plaza, pointing at every employee and yelling, “You’re FIRED! YOU’re fired! YOU ARE FIRED!”

    I highly recommend this book, not just for the DJT chapters, but for the history that it tells. Which reminds me . . . Barron Hilton, the son of Conrad Hilton, who also owned the Plaza, died yesterday. I wonder if a certain (taller than his supposed father) son was named after him, or after Conrad Hilton’s first wife, whose last name was Barron.

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  2. Not so much humour in this one, Clay, as your usual ‘toon. But I hope you can make something really funny and greatly sarcastic of Pence’s 8 vehicle motocade on Makinac Island. A real slap in the face to citizens of Makinac Island. (Sorry is my spelling is wrong.)

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    1. If Michigan is one of the key states, Pence just may have ruined drumpf’s chances of winning it in 2020; sometimes what seems to be a ‘little thing’ can turn out to have severe consequences. I’ve been on Mackinac Island, and I think sentiment is very strong about this transgression. (Which again makes me ask: What is WRONG with these people??? Did the other Rethuglicans bring along cars, or did they use the horse-drawn buggies, as is traditional?)

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  3. Watch the movie ‘An American Werewolf in London.” 1981
    The wolf is metaphor for white supremacist terrorism and the undead are the victims of that terrorism. The villagers denying the werewolf’s existence are trump’s supporters.

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