Face-Melting Diplomacy


National security adviser John Bolton is a war hawk. Even though he personally refused to fight in Vietnam and admitted he joined the Maryland National Guard to avoid fighting, he’s advocated for sending American troops to die in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Yemen, Venezuela, and North Korea. Like most Republican war hawks, he thinks it’s a great idea for other people to fight wars as long as he doesn’t have to.  So, it pains me that I have to actually agree with John Bolton on something. North Korea violated UN Sanctions when it fired off several ballistic missiles in early May.

In 2006, while Bolton was U.S. ambassador to the UN, sanctions were levied upon North Korea stating that the DPRK “not conduct any further nuclear test or launch of a ballistic missile.” These sanctions were expanded in 2009. While the missiles they tested this month were short-range, they were ballistic missiles.

Shortly after the test, the American president, ugh, Donald Trump told Politico, “these were short-range missiles and very standard stuff. Very standard.” The American president was defending a dictator’s violation of a United Nations resolution. But hey, defending tyrants and Nazis for Trump is “very standard stuff.”

Last weekend between golf, eating burnt steak with ketchup, and watching obese men grapple in diapers, Trump furthered his defense of the North Korean tyrant in a tweet stating, “North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me.” He expressed confidence that Kim Jong Un will keep his “promise” to him to denuclearize, even though there’s no commitment on paper.

But, why should Kim denuclearize when Trump is giving him a pass? Trump earlier stated he wouldn’t tolerate any more missile tests because it was he who got Kim to stop firing missiles. Now that Kim has fired off some missiles, Trump is backtracking on principles faster than Mitch McConnell. Trump was much more interested in Kim’s insults toward his most feared political rival, Joe Biden.

What Trump is teaching dictators is that if they pander to his ego and narcissism, throw him an occasional parade, give him a sword dance, put his face on outside jumbotrons, mimic his talking points, and attack his political opponents, then they can do whatever they want, from attacking our elections, murdering journalists, to firing ballistic missiles in violations of UN sanctions.

Bolton is correct that North Korea violated a UN sanction. Trump is ignoring his national security adviser and American intelligence by demonstrating he doesn’t possess any intelligence of his own.

Trump criticized former American presidents for accepting promises from Kim and later allowing him to break them. Now, when Kim breaks his promises to him, Trump denies it’s happening. His ego and narcissism is a threat to the lives of Americans and our allies.

When his cultists’ faces are melting from a nuclear blast, will they finally accept that Trump is a disaster?

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  1. “Trump is backtracking on principles faster than Mitch McConnell….”

    AS IF 10KTrump had any principles to backtrack on!

    Oh, and the proper term for Mr. Bolton & his ilk is “chicken-hawk.”

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  2. What can be said about this walking pile of shit that hasn’t already be said? He’s the epitome of dumbfuckery? Already said. He’s the asshole’s asshole? So stated. He’s a shit stain on the vomit of America? I just made that one up so I’m wrong. There are new things to be said about Trumputinovshitforbrains.

    On a different note, I still haven’t received a response to the statement I posted to the dotard’s Twitter account shortly after Easter: @realDonaldTrump WTF do you know about Easter? You are the most ignorant fuck to ever walk the WH lawn. May you die a slow and painful death from snorting Adderall and butt fucking your mistress, Lindsey Graham.

    I did however get suspended from Twitter for making inappropriate suggestions that the FIC ( Fake In Chief, Fuckhead In Chief, Fucktard In Chief) take your pick. I was told to apologize. Hahahah. For what?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. “I was told to apologize. Hahahah. For what?”

      Now, dear, you know you can’t speak the truth to Herr Drumf! It’s blasphemy of the new religious order (or, as some call it, the First Order; those people are geeks; like myself 🤓 ). 😉

      Liked by 4 people

      1. I refused to apologize and suggested they also block Drumph as he has incited more violence with his tweets than anyone in history and that my humble wish for his slow, painful death was nothing more than an Ambien induced fantasy. Furthermore, it is no secret in NYC and DC that Drumpf would fuck a snake if you held it still, so boinking Lindsey is not a stretch.

        Liked by 4 people

      2. I’m right there with you. In my opinion, you have nothing for which to apologize.

        Unfortunately, all companies & people must take threats of violence or those desirous of the death of a political figure seriously. Demanding you apologize, however, seems a little “drank the Kool-Aid”-y to me.

        If they weren’t playing favorites (or the CEO wasn’t worried about getting his butt reamed out in the Oval office again by the Emperor), they would demand Drumpf apologize for… everything he tweets. 🙄

        Liked by 3 people

    2. You are hilarious! There isn’t a derogatory name or wish that I haven’t thought for 45 myself. A wish isn’t a threat, but as mentioned elsewhere any “appearance” of a threat to a president is taken seriously, especially a white president; President Obama was fair game. The bovine droppings, LIES, divisive rhetoric, the implied physical violence that comes out of 45’s mouth and tweets are okey-dokey with Twitter, because money. The presidency is sewage and Twitter and others just love reaping the rewards.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I know exactly what you mean by the difference between threats and wishes. I’ll see my right-wing colleagues cry about a death threat, and I’ll point out that a “fuck off and die” isn’t an “I’m going to kill you.” There is a difference. I’ve received way more death wishes than threats and I don’t think anything of them beyond amusement.

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