Low IQ Dotard


While in Japan, Donald Trump reminded us of two of the many reasons he doesn’t have the character required of an American president.

First, he engaged in politics against a political rival on foreign soil. That’s always been a no-no in American politics. You don’t go on foreign soil and attack Americans. When you go on a trip, you leave your dirty laundry at home. It’s petty, but then again, Trump is a petty human being.

This week, North Korea’s state-run media (something Trump dreams of having in the U.S. other than just Fox News), attacked Joe Biden and said he was a “fool of low IQ.” The DPRK was upset that Biden referred to Kim Jong Un as a tyrant, something Trump refuses to acknowledge anymore about a dictator who starves his own people, runs gulags, murders those he considers disloyal like his own brother, and shoots anyone who makes a run for the border. Instead of agreeing with Joe Biden that Kim is a tyrant, Trump agreed with the tyrant that Biden has a low IQ.

It took Trump two tweets because he couldn’t figure out how to spell “Biden,” but he eventually agreed with Kim that “Swampman Joe Biden has a low IQ.” He also questioned if Kim was sending him a signal. What sort of signal is he talking about? An endorsement from a dictator? Hey, it wouldn’t be his first.

For all the partisan politics of his time, Ronald Reagan never sided with Leonid Brezhnev over Walter Mondale.

While playing petty politics and yukking it up with a dictator over a political opponent is crass and pathetic, it’s not as horrifying as the second reason he gave us that he doesn’t have the temperament, brains, or loyalty required to be president. It involves a much more serious issue in which he took Kim’s word over his own national intelligence.

Last week, North Korea fired off a few ballistic missiles, an act that violates United Nations’ resolutions and even a promise Kim made to Trump. Trump’s own National Security Adviser, Captain Mustache John Bolton said he had no doubts North Korea violated UN resolutions with the missile launches. Trump didn’t just disagree with  Bolton on the violations, he disagreed that Kim fired ballistic missiles. Trump, the 10,000-liar, is claiming something didn’t happen that happened.

For months, Trump has said everything was cool between him and Kim as long as he didn’t fire any missiles or test nukes. Now that Kim is firing missiles again, the narcissism in Trump can’t admit he was wrong or that he made a mistake in trusting Kim. He would rather gaslight his own nation, disagrees with his own national intelligence, and U.S. allies just to protect his ego.

In the same tweet that attacked Biden, Trump said, “North Korea fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me.” In the same sentence, he went from Kim firing off missiles to attacking Joe Biden. Trump was more interested in attacking a political opponent than protecting American interests.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders went to Japan with Trump. While not winning the Sumo trophy, she did go on Meet the Press to defend Trump’s disloyalty to his nation, our allies, and even to his own intelligence. She said, “The president’s focus in all of this process is on continuing the very good relationship that he has with Chairman Kim. And he feels good that the chairman will stay firm with the commitment that he made to the president and move towards denuclearization.

This is more gaslighting as North Korea has not made a commitment of any sort to denuclearize. The one agreement they signed doesn’t have any specifics.

Sanders argued against criticism that both summits Trump had with Kim weren’t fruitless. She said, “For a significant period of time there was no missile testing. We got hostages back home to the United States and remains of American war heroes. I don’t know how you can say that that’s nothing.” Eleven prisoners were released by North Korea during the Obama presidency without bullshit summits or ransom payments, unlike how Trump got three prisoners released. And in case Sanders hasn’t noticed, they’re firing missiles again. That would be like defending the Nazis by arguing for a significant period of time, they didn’t invade Poland.

Trump often agrees with enemies of the United States and starts to use their language and arguments. He and Vladimir Putin have the same “no collusion” stance. They both use the term “fake news.” Recently, Trump repeated Russian state propaganda that they had the right to invade Afghanistan because of terrorist attacks (which isn’t true).

Kim was testing Trump by firing ballistic missiles. Trump’s reaction tells Kim that he can do anything he wants. Why would he denuclearize if the American president won’t hold him accountable or even acknowledge his transgressions? Trump went from calling Kim “Rocket Man” to being unable to acknowledge there are any rockets.

Trump loves tyrants and dictators. He hopes to become one himself someday. Even before his kissy summit with Kim, he referred to him as a “smart cookie” for his ability to threaten and murder people to gain and retain power. He believes we should listen to Kim’s wisdom when he insults Joe Biden. He probably wants us to forget, and if you’re a Trump cultist then you have forgotten, that Kim once referred to Donald Trump as a “dotard.” That does not mean “stable genius.”

What Donald Trump did in Japan was remind us that no dotard should be president of the United States.

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  1. I’m sitting here trying to come up with words to describe this situation, and I just can’t. Reagan was bad, and Baby Bush was worse, but this idiot just defies description. At this rate the next GOP president will be a potted plant. And not one of the more intelligent ones.

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  2. Once again Sarah Phuckabee tells the world a bag of shit is a bag of gold – and the Trump followers say,”Yep, sure smells like gold to us.”

    Liked by 2 people

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